NEC's Interactive Displays with up to 12 Touch Points

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NEC ShadowSense

NEC Display Solutions Europe advances its ShadowSense technology display range by adding true multi-touch support for up to 12 simultaneous touch points.

The additional points make touch technology experiences much more responsive, adding scope for greater productivity and collaboration. The new touch line-up includes NEC’s MultiSync E series, P series and Ultra High Definition (XUHD) large format displays in sizes from 40-inch up to 98-inch.

The additional real-time touch points benefit mainly industries that rely on displays for creative, intuitive and collaborative working. These displays with ShadowSense touch technology have the ability to track 10 or 12 touch points and understand each different point of interaction, providing unparalleled performance and accuracy.

Daniela Dexheimer, Product Manager Solutions at NEC Display Solutions Europe comments: “We know that interaction with displays and information has increasingly become touch focused, whether in a retail, education or business environment. This trend is the driving force behind innovation and intelligence in touch technology, ensuring these experiences are seamless and add the productivity benefits that users and businesses seek. By adding more real-touch points the displays are more responsive than ever.”

Depending on the size these displays can be used in scenarios such as interactive retail signage and infotainment, way-finding and self-service kiosk applications. In corporate and learning environments, they can be used effectively with groups, for example as interactive whiteboards.

The displays’ intuitive behavior automatically detects and switches between interactions like finger swipes, stylus writing and erasing, while working with multi-touch applications. Plus, the displays filter out misleading interactions, avoiding ghost touches even in high ambient light operations.

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