Custom Content Creation Services, in a SKU Form

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Kevin Prewett

Ingram Micro announces Digital Signage Content Creation Services for their channel partners in USA and Canada.

"Ingram Micro's new Content Creation Services enable us to deliver an integrated soup-to-nuts digital signage solution to our channel partners that is affordable, customizable and scalable," says Kevin Prewett, VP Vendor Management, Ingram Micro U.S. "These new, high-value services will help fill in the gaps where a solution provider or managed service provider might not have the knowledge or expertise on staff to offer a complete digital signage solution."

The ability to extend a digital signage sale into an ongoing recurring revenue model by adding customizable content creation for customers enables Ingram Micro channel partners to market and sell digital signage solutions with an ongoing service, explains Prewett. Prewett emphasized that they are not simply offering SKUs of canned content however.

"It is custom content creation services, which they can buy in a SKU form," he said. "We can also offer repurposed content, or on-demand type services."

The idea is to be able to offer content creation that caters to all levels of digital signage expertise among solution providers.

"It's that ability to get it all in one place that we think will be attractive," he said.

Ingram Micro will working closely with key manufacturer partners including NEC, LG and Sharp to offer targeted education, training, content creation software, and support that will help resellers tackle creation and management of content and offer a wider array of digital signage solutions.

Prewett said that adding customizable content creation to a digital signage sale turns a solution into an ongoing recurring revenue model through the resulting advertising dollars.

"Demand for this is coming from many verticals, from all directions -- transportation, retail, health care, higher ed, and education generally, churches," he says.

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X2O Media NITRO-powered TwitterCube

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TwittercubeIt wasn’t the first showing of their NITRO-powered Twitter Cube, but you couldn’t find a better image for X2O Media to symbolize their unveiling of its Xpresenter Integrated Conference Experience (ICE) solution, a networked system that enhances boardroom presentations by allowing users who are not in attendance to participate remotely.

The solution allows users take PowerPoint presentations to a new level by adding broadcast-quality effects and transitions, 3D logos and animations, real-time data, and live camera feeds and incorporate inputs from other conference room systems, such as interactive white boards from Smart Technologies, and combine them with PowerPoint presentations in a dynamic, broadcast-style output.


More Content Faster: Flypaper Adds "Stickiness"

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Real flypaper The last generation remembers "flypaper" as a paper coated with an extremely sticky substance that traps flying insects when they land upon it.

Today, especially in this industry, a newer Flypaper will more likely be remembered for digital content with an extremely catchy substance (creativity) that holds readers when they land on a web page or watch digital signage.

CONTENT is the whole crux to the AV business, the foundation that holds up the sale of displays, the projection business, the digital signage industry… the mortar that holds together the bricks of our AV vertical markets (education, hospitality, church, stage, museum and more).

We all recognize Content is King and yet no matter how easy it is to say "content," it always proves difficult to achieve good content, the type that makes users want to stick with a web site, a TV show, a display…or even stay tuned to signage in a retail store.


AVI-SPL Launches Digital Media as a Service

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AVI-SPL, the US-based integrator who put more than 571 square metres of Barco LED screens in the Dubai Mall, launches a new suite of cloud-based services focused on digital media packaged as a subscription.

Their Digital Media as a Service (DMaaS) will enable customers to leverage capabilities and features by plugging into a centralized shared infrastructure. The first DMaaS services to be offered will focus on digital signage.

AVI-SPL Doug Carnell, VP Business Video Group, says, “…during the recent economic downturn, some of our customers have been asking us how we can help them deploy digital signage without having to invest significant capital for the centralized hardware. Since our customers have had success in using other services in the cloud like and Google Office, we believe they will quickly adopt Digital Media as a Service as well. DMaaS will help our customers easily leverage the very latest in digital media technology without the huge up-front investment.”


The Ultimate Attraction via Digital Signage

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The only better promotion for retail would be if they could hang a full-length mirror down the full side of the Empire State Building…

This New York retailer drives buyers into the store by offering outside a giant display of the customer's photo in a very public place in a very powerful display.

OK, it's over the top. But customers are lovin' it.

Clothing retailer American Eagle Outfitters opened a 25,000-square-foot flagship in New York's Times Square with a "15 Seconds of Fame" as an attraction.15 Seconds of Ame, retail attraction via Digital Signage
Visual elements inside this store (such as 15-foot ceilings and a 13-foot video wall) pale compared to the outdoor where a 25-floor tall display hangs above the storefront in domination. That screen appeals to one of the great human motivations for social networks: how to make ones' self "famous."


X2O Media Wins Two at the Digital Signage Expo 2010 1st Annual Awards Dinner.

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X2O Media won two awards at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2010 First Annual Awards Dinner.
In the Corporate & Government category, X2O won an Apex Award for the development of an innovative digital signage solution for Unisys Belgium NV.

In addition, X2O received a Content Award for its data-driven, interactive solution designed specifically for hotel and conference facilities.