Display and Projection

Digital Projection Unveils 4K Laser Illumination Combo

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Calling it “World’s First 10,000 & 12,000 Lumen Solid State Laser Projector,” Digital Projection International’s new INSIGHT LASER 4K projector is a 20,000-hours, no-lamp laser projector.

Aimed at simulation, visualization, entertainment, house of worship and large-screen applications, DPI says the INSIGHT LASER 4K has been developed with a ‘Set it and Forget it’ directive, delivering a simpler user experience. And, by bypassing regular lamp replacement cycles, nearly all lifetime costs for the INSIGHT are incurred at time of purchase.


Daktronics Partners with Ocean

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Ocean and Newcastle

Daktronics partners with Ocean to provide the first digital roadside screen installed in Newcastle located in the city's highest traffic area. It is also the first installation of an outdoor fully-encapsulated surface mount diode (SMD) video display, featuring 3-in-1 LED technology, in the UK.

Mark Bracey, Development Director at Ocean says, "As a 10 mm encapsulated screen, this latest addition to our portfolio was the first of its kind in the UK and was the perfect fit for expanding our iconic digital footprint across the UK. Both I and our Operations Director, John Kilfeather, visited the factory at Brookings, and were impressed with the operation which helped secure our decision to use this outstanding screen."


Salford Council: £5m Win on Advertising Arch over M602 Motorway

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Salford Arch

Britain's first motorway arch purpose-built for digital advertising will earn the local city council of Salford £5m, paid over ten years. The struggling town, which this year is making £25m worth of cuts and shedding 300 jobs, will be paid by JCDecaux as the structure is going up on council owned land. And the city is enthusiastically referring to the advertising sign as “a landmark.”

To be completed in spring 2015, the £2m archway will go up over the M602 motorway where it be seen by more than 80,000 drivers zipping by every day.

The arch spans 37 metres across the motorway and will be double-sides of 18 metres wide and five metres tall.


JCDecaux’s Tesco SmartScreen Channel Goes Live

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Tesco SmartScreen

JCDecaux’s new Tesco SmartScreen channel is now live across 400 Tesco stores nationwide.

Defined as an intelligent screen powered by “Dunnhumby” insight (the supermarket's data division is an entity called Dunnhumby), SmartScreen is an insight-driven digital network of screens that JCDecaux predicts will transform the future of digital Outdoor advertising.

In a series of media firsts, SmartScreen will enable optimised scheduling based on audience behaviour/sales and introduce ratings as its new currency.

Backed by CAPTAIn, JCDecaux’s new scheduling system, SmartScreen will optimise the delivery of a brand’s campaign across the network by automatically increasing or reducing the frequency of display, targeting customers according to their shopping behaviour. CAPTAIn accesses audience insight to display creatives at the optimal time for each individual campaign.


PixelFLEX Intros FLEXLite LED Screen

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LED screen manufacturer PixelFLEX introduces the FLEXLite LED screen. Available in both indoor and outdoor options, FLEXLite aims for for clients who need an economical solution for permanent installations and lightweight event screens.

The indoor version comes in pitches of 3.0, 5.2, 6.9 and 7.8 mm and is targeting tradeshows, events and signage. Where FLEXLite really outdistances the competition, says the maker, is its ability to translate for televised and filmed events where (because of its extremely high refresh rate) FLEXLite is camera-friendly.

In outdoor situations like advertising and large music or sporting events, the company says FLEXLite is bright enough to compete with sunlight. A dedicated outdoor product that comes in both blowthrough and non-blowthrough designs allows the customer to have even more creative control. It is manufactured in pitches of 6.25, 8.9 and 12.0 mm with brightness of 5,000 nits.


AUO Shows Ultra HD Curved Panels

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AUO’s Curves

AUO demonstrates a lineup of 42”- to 65” Ultra HD curved LCD TV displays with wide color gamut at the China Information Technology Expo & China Optoelectronics Display Expo 2014 show in Shenzhen, China.

AUO says the curved panels feature over 100% NTSC color saturation and super narrow bezel. The company believes the curved design fits viewing habits of human eyes, creating a concave screen that offers a wider viewing angle and immersive viewing experience.

Regarding professional monitor displays, AUO will debut 27” and 32” curved LCD panels featuring high contrast, wide viewing angle AMVA technology, and super narrow bezel design.


Unilumin Ultra HD LED Enters Control Room Market

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Unilumin Ultra HD LED display

DLP and LCD video walls have monopolized control room market for long time. Now, says Unilumin, Ultra HD LED display have come to capture this market, leveraging on LED’s features (seamless images, bezel-free, low maintenance cost and long lifespan).

Recently Unilumin deployed its UTV1.9 ultra HD LED display at the traffic monitor and command center in Shandong Province, China. The company sees this as an example of the LED video wall entering control room market.

Before this project, Unilumin executed more than 20 projects in control room applications in China and abroad, including railway dispatch center, military command center, police monitor and command center, utility assets monitor center, etc.


Christie MicroTiles Wall Installed at L’Oréal

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L’Oréal Paris

Christie announces a significant installation of MicroTiles at the Paris headquarters of L’Oréal, the world's largest cosmetics and beauty company.

Having worked with Wilmotte & associés on the design for the renovation of their headquarters, L’Oréal were looking to create a display environment that reflected the group’s vision and its level of excellence for their new entrance lobby which now joins their two main buildings together.

Aurelien Grocq, project manager at Labeyrie & associés, was responsible for the technical design and the management of the wall project. He said, “Before the project went out to tender, we worked with L’Oréal to test prototypes of screens and tiles. One of the reasons that they finally selected Christie MicroTiles was that they provided better picture quality – richer colours and truer levels of black. In addition, the tiles were only 26 cms in depth so they fitted perfectly in the architectural design of the hall.”


Madrid Stock Exchange Partners with Wavetec

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One of Spain’s oldest financial institutions, Madrid Stock Exchange recently installed state of the art LED display solutions to display information such as the rates, prices, shares, companies, news, videos, greeting messages and other market statistical data.

This project collaboration including Wavtec, BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles), Telefónica and InfoBolsa took less than two months for production, delivery, installation and commissioning.

The solution consist of 19 meters Full Color Ticker and the use of Wavetec’s Information Display Solution integrated with Madrid´s own data feed to show information such as the rates, prices, shares, companies, news and other market statistical data.

BME with over 20 subsidiaries is one of the most prominent operators of all stock markets and financial institutions in Spain namely Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia. InfoBolsa being a subsidiary of BME partnered in offering their services in data feed and design followed by Wavetec who supplied complete hardware and software solution and helped Telefónica in installing and integrating the LED ticker.