Networks and Signal Distribution

DA2DVI-Pro, Lightware's 4-in-1 Distribution Amp

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Lightwave 4-in-1

A handy device for system integrators, rental technicians and AV professionals, this small box from Lightwave Visual Engineering includes an EDID Emulator, a Cable Extender, a 1 input / 2 output Single Link DVI Distribution Amplifier and a DVI Signal Reclocker.

This EDID Manager stores and emulates 100 EDID including the EDID of the last attached monitor. 50 memory slots are factory preset, covering the most common display resolutions and refresh rates. If you can't find the resolution you are looking for, then you can use 50 user programmable memory slots. You can either connect a display device and learn its EDID or you can edit and upload a custom EDID from your PC using Lightware Matrix Controller software and Advanced EDID Editor.

A built-in cable equalizer circuit on DVI input automatically compensates for up to 60 meters of DVI copper cable so it can also be used as a stand-alone Cable Extender.

DA2DVI-Pro also features Lightware's Pixel Accurate Reclocking Technology, which eliminates the worst enemies of long distance digital transmission: intra-pair skew, inter-pair skew and jitter. After passing the DA2DVI-Pro, the signal can be transmitted to another 60 meters or more. This feature, combined with a one input / two output distribution amplifier, mean the DA2DVI-Pro is well-suited for digital signage applications.

Two options are available for controlling the DA2DVI-Pro: front/rear panel manual control or software control via USB port using Lightware Matrix Controller.