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Paradigm AV Brings Tidebreak to Europe

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Greg Jeffreys

Greg Jeffreys, CEO of Paradigm AV Ltd. lives a dual life. He has one foot in manufacturing and the other in distribution. He has one foot in AV and the other in IT. He has one foot in UK and the other in Europe. He even has one foot in hardware and the other in software.

All that duality puts him straddling the industry’s leading edge and made Paradigm one of the more interesting stands at ISE 2013.

Tidebreak signed a European distribution deal with Paradigm AV just in time for ISE and Paradigm featured their TeamSpot collaboration software on the stand at ISE 2013.

The software lets your customers have a room where you can connect one or more main displays to 10 devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Participants download the client software from the local network and then can move their own cursors from personal screens onto the displays in the room.


Visix APPOINT: Digital Signage Power Point

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Visix's new APPOINT isn't “like PowerPoint for Digital Signage.” It is PowerPoint for digital signage

APPOINT is software that is essentially a plug-in to MS PowerPoint, which allows you to use PowerPoint to build and schedule digital signage displays. APPOINT adds templates and graphics widgets to PowerPoint itself and then APPOINT adds in a software-based media player that turns the PC running PowerPoint into the DS player -- oh, and you can still use the PC for other applications at the same time.

APPOINT is perfect for small digital signage applications in schools (e.g., menus in cafeterias, weather and information for students and faculty), doctor’s offices, retail, menus and small office DS applications. These won’t put you to sleep.


ClearOne Launches SaaS Cloud-hosted Software Platform

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 MagicBox WebSuite

ClearOne launches the MagicBox WebSuite digital signage software platform that allows users to control their entire signage network from any web browser at any location. And it’s available as a cloud-hosted SaaS model.

"We're making digital signage more affordable and more manageable by leveraging the efficiency of platform maintenance and security in the cloud," says Tom Searcy, VP Digital Signage Business.

"With easy to use web based software applications, you can upload and access your content while managing your signage network from a single centralized location or multiple remote locations. As organizations grow, the SaaS model provides the most affordable and secure way to scale their signage network with a powerful web-based software solution."

The MagicBox WebSuite incorporates several new applications, including content creation and asset management inside of the browser for a comprehensive design to verification experience. With the new applications, multiple users can simultaneously create and edit multiple projects.

The WebSuite digital signage software is designed to work with MagicBox digital signage media players.

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IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.0

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IntuiLab comes out with IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.0.3. IntuiFace Presentation creates rich multi-touch and sensor-enabled presentations as it automatically converts all of your content (images, documents, videos, maps, etc) into interactive assets you can orchestrate into presentations for Windows 7 and Windows 8-based tablets, tabletops, kiosks, digital signs and touchscreen walls.

Version 3.0.3 has new features, including Remote Actions. For the first time, presentations can communicate with one another, either on the same machine or over a network.

You call all IntuiFace Presentation actions remotely by specifying the action trigger in your host presentation and details about the target presentation. You can even use the communication syntax in third-party applications to trigger presentation actions over a network. The official release of Remote Actions will include a host of new actions that you don’t have today.


Software Makes Video Walls More Affordable

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Hiperwall’s high-performance low-cost video wall software system hopes to eliminate the need for complex hardware, making large scale visualization solutions available to a much broader range of companies and government agencies.

The Hiperwall software system will display still images up to 1GB resolution or larger, HD videos, live HD video streams and PC applications, turning a bank of monitors into an ultra-high resolution video wall.

Multiple feeds can be displayed on the wall simultaneously and users can reposition and resize each feed (as easily as moving and resizing windows on a PC desktop). Each feed can be scaled up for viewing on several monitors or the entire wall instantly depending upon the user’s discretion.

Hiperwall’s unique approach to digital signage not only addresses the management of content but also the acquisition and distribution of real time data from multiple sources.