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Driving the Porsche Touch Wall

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Porsche Touchwall

As the original media technology provider at the Porsche Museum, the Stuttgart-based consulting and engineering firm macom was called in to manage the planning and design of the upgrade project (and take care of RFPs and construction supervision).

The Porsche Museum offers a comprehensive overview of Porsche brand know-how, past and present. More than 80 vehicles and countless small exhibits have been on display at the museum since 2007. After 7 years of operation, the decision was made to expand media technology, adding value to the final stages of the exhibition.

This has been achieved with new AV installations which let visitors immerse themselves interactively in the Porsche brand, adding value for more visitor enjoyment.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the new installations is the Porsche Touchwall, a 12-meter wide video screen with a resolution of no less than 41 megapixels. The wall allows visitors to swipe through 3000+ photos, illustrations, posters, and advertising campaigns, some going back as far as 1931. The archive includes a comprehensive selection of images, including technical data on almost all road vehicles and racing cars that have proudly sported the Porsche logo. The installation is linked directly to a database which houses the unique Porsche archives. New content is automatically imported and displayed every day.

The touchwall works by using a tracking system (based on cameras and a touch overlay) to respond to visitors’ movements. The instant visitors walk past the touchwall, the sensors pick up their image and a virtual curtain comes up, giving access to the world of Porsche images. To navigate their way through the images, visitors use a touch frame. This offers various parallel options for swiping through content by making intuitive multi-touch hand movements. The setup has 20 seamless full HD LCDs, each measuring 55 inches. These are controlled by 5 graphics PCs using 3D real-time software that even allows for functions such as pictures sliding along the entire length of the touchwall.

Porsche in the Mix

The other highlight at the museum is an interactive sound installation called Porsche in the Mix. This installation allows visitors to browse through a touchscreen and pick a favorite from 7 possible car models. The choice ranges from a Porsche 356 to a Porsche 911 or Porsche 918, and the car they choose is then shown on the huge 9-square-meter LED display, which immediately comes to life with the distinctive sound of its engine. Each car model also comes with its own musical accompaniment.

Visitors can use the touchscreen to select up to 8 sounds from a car, ranging from indicators clicking to doors closing, and these can be integrated into the musical backing with the sound of the engine. All sound bites are based on original Porsche vehicle noises and they can also be illustrated on the LED video wall with movie clips and kinetic animations. The installation has 12 LED sound level indicators hovering in the air to the right and left of the video screen and these move up and down depending on the actual vehicle noise and the volume. Once they have finished, visitors can send their self-composed music track to themselves via email.

The concept behind the unique multimedia installation was developed by the customer experience agency Liganova GmbH from Stuttgart. The project was closely coordinated between macom, the agency, and Porsche to ensure that the challenging concept was realized not only within schedule but also within budget.

The installation also includes two “sound showers” along the side. The feature is called Start your Engine and it invites visitors to play the original engine starting noises of a Porsche RS Spyder, a Porsche Panamera, or a standard Porsche diesel tractor.

There is an “acceleration shower” for visitors to bask in the experience of shooting off in a Porsche 911 2.0 Coupé, a Porsche 935, or a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Inside the shower, there are original driving pedals and rev counters from the cars. Stepping on the gas produces the corresponding engine noise and an important aspect of this sound is the authenticity of the audio effect, so the software carefully matches individual sound levels to how the user revs on the pedal.

To get this right, the technical experts at the Porsche development center in Weissach were asked to record all of the original engine sounds at different driving speeds and rpm levels. Each sound bite is controlled by the software, which also does an amazing job emulating the real sound of engines for PC games.

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Absen and Clear Channel Partnership Takes Off at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

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Absen Helsinki-Vantaa

Clear Channel Finland updates their Business Panorama digital network at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport with the installation of two 8.7sqm state-of-the-art Absen N4 LED screens to deliver advertising campaigns from some of the world’s best known brands.

Chosen by Clear Channel International as a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest airports, Absen is  emerging as a product specialist in the airport vertical.

Completed in 2016, the installation marked another milestone in the relationship between Clear Channel and Absen, with the companies collaborating together for more than three years on projects and product innovations - such as the Absen N Series, developed with airport and retail environments in mind.

Features such as front installation and service, an ultra slim panel (less than 6cm), noiseless advanced monitoring, image quality, and the uniformity and consistency of the image all set the N4 apart and make it perfectly suited to the modern airport environment. Helsinki joins international airports in Italy (Rome, Venice), Australia (Sydney, Brisbane), New Zealand (Auckland), Norway (Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim) and tens of locations in the US which all now boast Absen solutions.

The professional relationship between Clear Channel Finland and the airport’s operator, Finavia, has been strong for the past 20 years. The two companies have worked closely together on several development projects. This relationship has paved the way for Clear Channel Finland to bring new ideas to the table which work not only for their customers, but also for Finavia’s – as well as travellers using Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport.

Clear Channel Finland Sales Director, Ville Bergman, says, “The idea was to increase digital formats in Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, replacing the ageing 4x4 digital advertising video wall with new modern advertisement screens.”

Working closely with Finavia’s engineers, Clear Channel and Absen were able to determine the best possible solution, with size, weight and load all needing due consideration.

Two N4 displays, 4.32m w x 2.016m h, 8.71 sqm each, were used, and prime for fast and simple installation, the units were suspended from the ceiling on a tubular steel frame.

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Christie Q-Series Projectors at the Heart of Arup

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Heart of Arup

A quartet of Christie Q Series projectors enable a “talking” sculpture—the winning design at global engineering firm Arup’s contest that required AV as a dynamic element.

Heart of Arup by DaeWha Kang Design is the 2016 winner of the annual No.8@Arup competition— it’s a unique multimedia structure which incorporates Arup's digital social network stream in a creative audio-visual installation.

From their 90 offices in 38 countries, Arup’s 11,000 planners, designers, engineers and consultants deliver innovative projects across the world that are at the heart of many of the world's most prominent projects in the built environment and across industry.

Arup's "No.8@Arup" is an annual competition that shines a spotlight on innovative installations and sculptures from talented designers and architectural practices. The idea is a simple one: Arup encourages emerging architectural practices by providing an opportunity to showcase their creativity in Arup’s London office.

Designers were asked to consider the technological changes in the industry and-- by using digital optimisation, parametric modelling or coding—to design a stairway “to generate delight.”

17 practices entered the competition and seven were shortlisted.

"DaeWha Kang's installation Heart of Arup for this year's No8@Arup series transcends the physical constraints of the atrium and the brief. This sculpture not only evokes physical connections made possible by inserting a stair in the atrium, it's live-feed multichannel projections also reveal the minute by minute interpersonal connectedness of all Arup staff. The internet enabled communication of 13,000 Arup people, sharing their thoughts, expertise and insight for the benefit of our clients via invisible social media digital networks, may very well be the beating heart of Arup," says Nigel Tonks, Buildings London Leader, Arup.

The sculpture now hangs within the atrium space of Arup's No.8 Fitzroy Street office in central London. Christie's Q-Series projectors project multiple social media posts from Arup's Yammer stream onto cable-suspended acrylic 'leaves' of the sculpture. This concept takes the digital thoughts, expertise and insights of Arup employees from the virtual world and brings them into a visible reality.

The installation can be seen from an array of public spaces and working areas within the building, and it reflects the many daily interactions taking place between the company's offices around the world in an engaging and accessible format.

Christie's Q Series

Christie's Q Series projectors tackle the atrium's challenging environment-- a light, spacious and airy space. Calling it "the industry's highest quality dual-lamp 1DLP projection solution," Christie says the Q Series combines the “versatility, affordability and performance” ideals for this application. The ultra-quiet operation, low profile design and reliability also ensure the focus remains solely on the installation's appealing aesthetic.

"We loved everything about this project. From the way the winning idea incorporated AV to make a 'talking sculpture' to the collaboration between so many parties involved in design and installation. In fact, the whole way this project developed was a great example of that and a rewarding process. The Heart of Arup gave us the challenge of projecting onto hanging pieces of acrylic in a central well flooded with daylight so we needed projection that was very bright, with good image quality that would run continuously for extended periods of time." Says James Belso, Senior Sales Manager, Christie, UK & Nordics.

The design further encourages employees to engage via the company's Yammer platform, and this interactive audio-visual element captured the imagination during the judging phase for the competition. The dynamic sculpture was delivered by a multidisciplinary team at Arup, led by Laura Sims, with materials and additional expertise from Base Structures, MEC, Aalco and White Light.

It will now remain in situ over the coming months, and it has already become a major talking point among staff and visitors alike. The installation has been designed with the potential to be incorporated into a more permanent feature stair within the atrium, envisioning a fully integrated digital and physical space,

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Helicopter Projected Video: Giant Flying Screen

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Branding by Air and MTV

We don’t usually write about events in US, but sometimes there is something so ambitious, so spectacular, we make an exception. This is one of those stories...

You really will want to watch the video link we've listed at the bottom…

To promote the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, a pair of helicopters cruised over nighttime New York City.

One copter towed a 250-foot-wide banner through the air, and a second flew alongside projecting 4K onto the flying fabric as it flapped along.

Branding by Air, an “aerial marketing company" says this stunt was the first of its kind-- and Guinness World Record agrees: it is listing it for the largest-ever aerial projection screen.


The First Costa Coffee Digital Menu Boards

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 Costa Coffee Menu Boards

BrightSign and Mood Media undertake the first roll-out of digital menu boards in Costa Coffee with an installation in more than 50 stores in Dubai. Costa Coffee is one of the top two coffeehouse chains globally and these stores operate under franchise by Emirates Leisure Retail.

Mood Media is installing digital menu boards driven by BrightSign players in Costa Coffees across the UAE. Each board consists of three 49” horizontal screens driven by BrightSign XD232 players supplied by Digital Communications LLC, the BrightSign distributor in Dubai.

[Photo caption: BrightSign players are driving digital menu boards in over 50 Costa Coffee stores installed by Mood Media in Dubai.]

The central screen features dynamic video content provided by Costa Coffee and/ or created by Mood GCC locally in Dubai. The screens to either side offer up to date menus and pricing, but can now also feature dynamic content such as moving images. Content is managed by Mood Media GCC and hosted using the BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition

Emirates Leisure Retail selected Mood Media to provide the menu boards after a detailed trial phase. Mood Media already manages the audio experience in its Costa Coffee stores, providing background music.

Shemaine Jones, Head of Marketing, Emirates Leisure Retail says, “We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. We spent six months evaluating digital menu board formats and content offline to create a formula that fully reflects our brand values and the store context. Only then did we move ahead with a pilot.”

The new digital menu boards were approved not only by Emirates Leisure Retail management locally but also by global Costa Coffee brand management in London before being piloted in a local store. The pilot was successful and an immediate decision was taken to roll digital menu boards across Costa Coffee stores in The UAE. Digital menu boards are introduced as each store becomes due for refurbishment. Around half are complete at this point. Mood Media is now in talks to extend the boards to other Costa Coffee stores in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) territories.

The complete roll-out calls for hundreds of BrightSign XD232 players. The XD232 offers an advanced video decoding engine with superior scaling technology that is capable of decoding two 1080p60 videos simultaneously. It is network-enabled and equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE+). The players are attached to the rear of each screen for convenience as well as neatness.

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