Router, Wifi, Firewall, 4G LTE Failover in One Device

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Datto DNA

Lose your internet connectivity and you lose access to business-critical applications, communication and services—and that means losing money, time and customers. When your customer’s business-critical internet connection goes down, they need a solution that can get them re-connected and get back in business, fast.

While the cost of redundant ISP connections may be prohibitively expensive for some small businesses, there is a solution coming in Q4: the Datto DNA.

When your customer’s primary ISP connection becomes unavailable or is intermittently offline, the Datto DNA detects the disruption and automatically fails-over to either a secondary ISP connection or the 4G LTE data network–included right out of the box–with no additional contracts to sign, or overages to pay.

And the best news: it’s built for service providers. This is an easy, attractive product to add in your product offering to customers.

DNA can easily be managed from the cloud. AV service providers can monitor their fleet of DNA devices at various customer locations from a single portal, and then manage and service any individual DNA remotely from the convenience of an easy-to-use web interface. This decreases downtime and provides a better experience for end users with immediate troubleshooting instead of needing to schedule a technician to be onsite, while also saving hours of service time.

DNA has a built-in 32GB industrial grade compact flash storage for fast infrastructure for OS and firmware support.

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