Thin Client Maker Enters Digital Signage

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Ilumineye DS Suite

VXL enters the digital signage market with Ilumineye DS Suite a software and media-player package to make high-quality digital signage available to everyone at a more affordable price.

Headquartered in India (with offices in EMEA that sprouted up during 40 years in the IT business), VXL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thin-client hardware. Their thin client background lead them into digital signage.

VXL’s VP for Worldwide Sales, Frank Noon, says the cost of current digital signage solutions puts it out of reach to many businesses. “We believe,” says Noon, “that the potential market size could actually be far larger if the technology was opened up to a wider customer demographic. That’s what we aim to do with Illumineye DS Suite.”

Illumineye combines a Windows-based software suite – Illumineye DS Suite – and dedicated media player – the Illumineye IQ-L Player, sold as a bundle at a one-off price.

The Illumineye software handles the creation of campaigns – building from supplied templates – as well as the deployment of campaigns locally (over a LAN or over the Internet). Digital campaigns can be created quickly, incorporating text, images, tickers, video, audio and much more. They can also be interactive, as Illumineye supports touchscreen displays.

The Illumineye IQ-L Player is a thin client, based on an Intel processor. With no moving parts, it’s built to be reliable and run at a low cost. It’s small and can be mounted on the rear of most screens using the inclusive VESA bracket.

The whole package is, according to Noon, designed to be incredibly simple to use. “We’ve built Illumineye DS Suite so that it can be used by everyone,” says Noon, “not just design professionals. It’s ideal for organisations of any size – from one person upwards, as Illumineye’s software can manage and schedule content on any number of displays.”

“Our software and media player stands – in terms of features – at least shoulder-to-shoulder with leading solutions. But we want to create a ‘desktop publishing revolution’ in digital signage, where organisations of any size can access the kind of power previously only available to professionals. It’s a complete package – customers just add their own display.”

Illumineye is available from VXL’s worldwide partner network. The bundle has a recommended retail price of US$399 / €363 / £305 for single units, with discounts available for larger volumes. (Prices are based on exchange rates as on 1st July 2016 and could change depending on currency fluctuations.)

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