AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display Replaces Gallery Cards

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AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display

The AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display in USA is an editable, real-time in-gallery digital label developed on electronic paper to replace existing gallery cards.

The AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display is the digital replacement to existing paper gallery cards, it runs on electronic paper display technology powered by Visionect, and has been built by museums, specifically for museums.

Through the use of existing Wi-Fi networks and a customized CMS platform designed from the ground up, AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display allows museums to manage and display gallery and exhibition object content in real-time, without the cost of printing paper labels. This is a significant concern: Of a group of museums recently surveyed, 66% print 200 plus labels per year; 33% exceed 500 plus labels per year. All report an average cost of $70-$100 per label.

With a screen that adapts to the ambient light of its surroundings and an energy consumption 99% lower than traditional LCD screens, the AMLABEL is completely cordless,with little to no effect on the integrity of the gallery space. In addition, AMLABEL’s interactive touchscreen allows for complete language and font customization.

The importance of the AMLABEL Digital Gallery Display has not been lost on the industry. The museum label has just received the 2016 Thought-Leadership Award for its use of green technology and peer development.

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