Grassfish First at Digital Signage Awards 2016

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Grassfish Version 10

The new Grassfish software Version 10 (a completely revised user interface for the CMS, using the change-over from Flash to HTML5) comes out on the back of other good news for this Austrian software developer.

Grassfish again was able to collect the top honour in the software category at this year’s invidis Digital Signage Awards, presented at Digital Signage Summit Europe 2016.

Alexander Korte, CFO and COO at Grassfish, was there to receive the award and said, “This is a confirmation for us that we have chosen the right way to go in terms of company strategy.”

Both Grassfish and the Digital Signage Summit had a common reason to celebrate: both had 10th anniversaries. In the past ten years, Grassfish has developed from a small digital signage software company to a DACH market leader.

At DSS Europe 2016-- together with NEC-- Grassfish presented an interactive installation which revolved around the dynamic use of large, daylight-suitable screens in shopping windows. The installation was based on various sensors, which are all controlled via the Leaf Engine platform and the Grassfish CMS. Content can be displayed or triggered in one of three different ways: standard content is being played in a regular way. If a customer approaches the screen up to 1,5 metres, the capacity proximity sensors recognize him/her and trigger a new content. In addition, there are tactile sensors, the pressing of which triggers yet a third content.

Also at DSS Europe 2016, Grassfish, as part of an Intel workshop, presented the Project Orange Belgium, which detailed the transformation of 150 country-wide telecom stores. Customer experience was the main focus, with regular stores being turned into an interactive, informative world of customer experience via screens, virtual shelves, electronic price tags, appropriate software and analytics features.

The new Grassfish V10 comes with a whole series of decisive improvements relating to efficiency and usability. By introducing HTML5 a marked improvement in the performance of the entire system was achieved. This is apparent above all in the case of very large networks with lots of screens and spots.

However, HTML5 is not only a focal point of the user interface; it is also becoming the new standard for the media used. The HTML Wizard expands the functional scope of V10 by a framework that also enables users without any HTML knowledge to edit HTML spots and interactive HTML applications, to exchange media and texts and to change the properties of HTML applications.

Also new is the use of a player technology, which thanks to its multi-platform base offers better performance, picture quality and transitions, and in Microsoft Windows and Linux the same functional scope of the Grassfish player.

Go Grassfish V10 Has Arrived