AV Stumpfl Resurrects Norway’s Olympic Highlights

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Panorama by Jørgen Damskau

The Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer (opened by H.M Queen of Norway in early 2016) is a showcase filled with adventurous video installations, curated exhibits of cultural and historic artefacts and Olympic memorabilia. It’s worth a look at the video listed at bottom of this article.

The Museum centerpiece is a large-scale circular raised-platform interactive model measuring 3.5 meters in diameter, representing the Olympic “jump hills” or Lysgaardsbakkene.

Local systems integrator Bright Norway (thank them for the photos you see here) achieved a true-to-life interactive presentation using AV Stumpfl Wings Engine Raw uncompressed 4K media servers and Wings VIOSO calibration software to manage and warp native video content across 4 edge-blended projectors.

Wings Engine Raw

Bright Norway was also responsible for multimedia and presentation equipment for large-scale video projections throughout the Museum. All multimedia content was created by Centre Screen, London and all exhibit areas designed by Mather & Co.

“Lysgaardsbakkene is the centre piece that visitors experience as they move through to the core of the Museum,” says Børre Linberg, Head of Installations at Bright Norway. “It was a challenging space to programme because first and foremost it’s a functional space and a unusual circular shape with two giant jump hills that descend from the ceiling. Visitors usually spend considerable time watching the video elements during their visit.”

Elsewhere in the Museum, a large-scale 5.5-meter wide by 1.5 meter high AV wall display shows 2D animations of the Ancient Games.

opening ceremonies

And a 6.8-meter wide by 1.5 meter high panoramic wall celebrates the opening ceremonies, and one of the celebrated showcases from the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the spectacular Inside the Race, is projected onto a curved wall surface measuring 14.5-meters wide by 2.7 meters high.

Wings VIOSO software was used to blend and align all projectors.

Watch the Video that Shows the AV Installations in the Norwegian Olympic Museum

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