Tempest Launches 4th Generation Projector Enclosures

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Does your customer need salt fog filtering for its projectors? That got your attention.

Seven years of technological evolution culminates in Tempest’s fourth generation of projector enclosures that safeguard valuable projectors from environment. And salt fog filtering can be found as a standard on one enclosure model in the range (probably because the California based Tempest has experienced what the seaside can do to projectors, just like other experiences the company has accumulated.)

To be unveiled at InfoComm, this modular G4 range (Blizzard, Whispr, Typhoon, Cyclone and Tacit product families), lets your customers tackle any projector environment-- from harsh outdoor environments to whisper quiet indoor spaces.

“The G4 range highlights why we lead the way in projector enclosure technology,” says Tim Burnham, Tempest’s President. “Through seven years of development, we have constructed thousands of enclosures which have been employed in all climates across the globe, and we’ve learned a huge amount in the process. G4 enclosures are the product of that learning experience – a reliable modular solution, developed to replace all our existing enclosure types and deal with every customer application. Whatever the requirement – portrait or landscape, outdoor or indoor, rental or fixed, freezing or hot temperatures, standard or custom enclosure sizes….”

Featuring Goldilocks OS technology to prevent overheating and deadly condensation, the G4 enclosures are now smarter than ever. The latest models have been upgraded across the range, with features including variable speed AC fan control, USB diagnostics and firmware update capabilities, and optional RS485 and Ethernet connectivity, web-based remote monitoring coming soon.

The Tempest G4 range of protective projector enclosures:

Blizzard G4 outdoor enclosures are now fully stackable, with three sizes capable of housing projectors up to 15k lumens. Blizzard houses 5-7k, 7-10k, and 10-15k lumens projectors.

Whispr is the choice for when you need to kill intrusive noise. Whispr features noise attenuation, making it perfect for quiet indoor environments, such as educational spaces. Whispr is also available in 5-7k, 7-10k and 10-15k sizes.

Tacit builds on Whispr, for projectors from 20k-45k lumens, with the same unrivalled noise attenuation as Whispr. Tacit models are projector-specific, and feature front or rear projector slide access for easy installation and maintenance.

Typhoon G4 is the premium rental and staging projector enclosure for outdoor events, tours and shows. Typhoon models cover most popular rental projectors, including Christie M-Series, Roadster and Boxer, Barco HDX and HDF, and Panasonic PT-D21K. The stackable Typhoon boasts many rigging options for installation flexibility, as well as optional thermal insulation for additional protection in extreme outdoor environments.

Cyclone G4 outdoor enclosures are also projector-specific, with models available for all business and cinema projectors up to 45K. The hugely popular model now offers salt fog filtering as standard, with additional optional features including Ethernet connectivity and remote monitoring service.

We began this article with a comment about salt fog filtering to get your attention. Let’s end it the same way. Think about World Cup time around Europe when hundreds (maybe thousands) of projectors are set up at seaside in outdoor bars, bistros and special venues

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