World's Largest Stationary Projection Diorama

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World's Largest Stationary Projection Diorama

Boris Yeltsin

The life of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, the first President of the Russian Federation, is celebrated by the opening of The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center in Ekaterinburg—with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev taking part in the opening ceremony

More than 30,000 exhibits and 13,000 photos are on display (and a lot of AV equipment) went into this $76 million project that started in 2011.

Since 2012, AV systems integrator AudioVideoSystems LLC has been designing the Multimedia section of the project.

The project for equipping Yeltsin Centre became not just a part of their daily business, but a world-class challenge with an unprecedented level of technical complexity of the project.

Together with Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center representatives and project team members, AudioVideoSystems experts designed a package of technical documentation. They demonstrated the solution for media screen using projectors of different manufacturers right on the site. In addition to the meetings and consultations there were organized business trips to Japan and China.

Yeltsin Center2

Yeltsin Center project includes a number of subject areas, with each area distinguished not only by functional, but also by aesthetic characteristics and technical requirements.

AudioVideoSystems installed the technical equipment for the “Atrium” and the “Temporary Exhibitions Gallery.”

In the Atrium, they installed the world's largest stationary projection diorama—created by 30 crosslinked projectors producing an image on a curved surface 61.2 meters long and 9.7 meters high. The video is accompanied by sound: L-acoustics loud sound system is used during events, Bose speakers broadcast background music and voice announcements on floors 1-3.

Video projection is made from 6 points by groups of 5 Panasonic projectors fitted at the second floor. Background sound system is intended for playback of audio tracks to the video demonstrated at the screen and also for music broadcasting and voice announcements while the screen isn’t used. The speakers’ volume is adjusted separately for each floor. Amplifiers allow to use the system during performance taking place on the mobile stage. The system is built on Bose acoustics.

Video surveillance system in the Atrium is built on special Panasonic cameras. Installed software enables the operator to use many functions managing cameras and processing the resulting video.

Sound amplifying equipment is installed behind the screen. Sound amplifiers and 6 groups of L-Acoustics speakers are evenly placed along the wall. 12 speakers from the same manufacturer are installed under the screen.

For the purposes of event organizers a mobile stage can be mounted. The stage consists of aluminum catwalks. The stage is equipped with concert sound, light and control systems from leading manufacturers: Yamaha, L'Acoustics, Martin.

The switching system is based on professional equipment. All connecting points for sound and light equipment on the mobile stage can be completely dismantled and stored in special cases, thus preserving the aesthetics of the interior.

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