Mounting Interest Drives Edbak into New Markets

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DIGITAL SIGNAGE interviewed Edbak's Sales Director Grzegorz Bak after the occasion of their 10th anniversary of exhibiting at ISE. Ater success in their native market of Poland, Edbak now finds itself pulled into to new markets by an expanding international interest. 

Edbak at their 10th ISE

Q. In Poland, your display & videowall mounts, kiosks and other AV products are found in airports, in sports stadiums, in shopping malls, in railway & underground stations, in power stations---even the office of the President. Tell us about your ambitions for the rest of Europe...

A. True. Although we work in a very competitive market, other mounting solutions manufacturers can't match us in Poland. Our record of great great customer service, product quality and delivery terms create more partner loyalty than anything else. 

In the last two years, we have noticed significant increase of interest in our solutions from number of pro AV partners across the world. Some of which we have decided to sign distribution agreement with us.

You can see and buy our products in over 40 countries across the world through different channels (web stores, distributors, dealers).

Only recently Edbak has teamed up with such well recognized pro AV companies as Charmex (Spain), EAVS (France), Four Traders (Germany), Senetic (UK) or our newest partner – One Display Solution (Netherlands)  and its charismatic COO, Sebastiaan van Tongeren.

Q. What products in your range would most likely be of international interest?

Amongst our products you can find video wall mounts, monitor trolleys and stands, tv  brackets, desk mounts, indoor and outdoor enclosures and info kiosks, and our latest product group – POS mounts, dedicated to retail chains. But the three main groups of products that stand out the most are video wall mounts with our best selling VWPOP mount [see photo below], our trolleys with most popular TR5 model, and our indoor totems setting new sales records every month.

Also our POS mounts are gathering great feedback and interest but it is still too early to say if they will be as successful as we think they should become.  

Q. You are in a very competitive part of the AV business. How does your factory differentiate?

If I was to name only three things that make the difference I would need to say “people… people… and... people.” We have a great team of professionals who really do care about our partner’s businesses and about our good Edbak name. 

AV world is rather small and we cannot afford to disappoint our partners if we want to stay in this business.

As we produce everything in our premises in Poland we can ensure really good delivery terms and production flexibility, which is really important when working with custom projects.  Our very modern, constantly modernized machine park and skilled personnel is what give us the necessary edge.


Q. How important is customization in digital signage and other areas you compete in?

I think we can all agree digital signage is mostly about customization and differentiation. Almost every project is a somehow different that the other. Dimensions, design, color schemes are really important when talking about enclosures and totems.

With video wall mounts it is very often that we need to adapt our product according to integrators or installers request and the situation they meet on-site. It is not always cost efficient, but we do want to solve those issues for our partners. Having all production and design work done from our Polish headquarters in the cdenter of Europe allows us to be more flexible than our competitors. 

Q. What new developments do you have in the international arena?

We are currently in talks with some UAE, UK and US companies. And those directions are extremely important in our business development plan.

That does not mean that we are not looking to other markets as well and we are open for new propositions. So if I may, I would like to encourage any interested partners to give us a shout.

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