ONELAN's New Range of 4K Players

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ONELAN adds a range of new 4K media players. The 4K players are true multi-zone players and can support mixed screen orientations making them ideal for feature video walls and retail applications.

The players support IP streaming of Full HD video, MPEG and audio streams and can also serve video streams from local storage. Other additional features include Wi-Fi and touch options and zone transparency.

ONELAN's new range of 4K players is capable of supporting the ultra-high resolution displays that are becoming widely available. Powered by 4th Generation Intel Core processors and HD 5000 graphics, they can bring 4K content at the Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160. Native 4K content can be played in H.264 at 30/60 fps and can support up to 16 HD video zones. Fanless solid state options are also available.

As with all ONELAN products, the 4K players are Linux-based and ideal for 24/7 applications.

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