Daktronics Partners with Ocean

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Ocean and Newcastle

Daktronics partners with Ocean to provide the first digital roadside screen installed in Newcastle located in the city's highest traffic area. It is also the first installation of an outdoor fully-encapsulated surface mount diode (SMD) video display, featuring 3-in-1 LED technology, in the UK.

Mark Bracey, Development Director at Ocean says, "As a 10 mm encapsulated screen, this latest addition to our portfolio was the first of its kind in the UK and was the perfect fit for expanding our iconic digital footprint across the UK. Both I and our Operations Director, John Kilfeather, visited the factory at Brookings, and were impressed with the operation which helped secure our decision to use this outstanding screen."

The high-resolution 10mm portrait video display was installed in February 2014. It measures 10 metres high by 5.4 metres wide to show crisp, clear imagery. The SMD technology ensures multiple levels of protection from the elements.

"With the first installation of this technology in the UK, Ocean has set the benchmark of the standard of quality that brands should expect when using roadside LED technology. When the display was switched on, all parties were blown away by its sharp uniform image," comments Mark Taylor, Daktronics sales representative.

This is the second high-level installation that Daktronics has done for Ocean, the first one being Liverpool city's media wall at Liverpool Limes Street station, installed in December 2012. The 15mm HD landscape billboard, measuring 6.58 metres high by 30.36 metres wide, is located on the side of one of the city's main stations for the same purpose of advertising to passersby. That display also features high protection from an outdoor environment.

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