JOAN Board and the Coffee Cup

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Joan Board

The latest in the line of JOAN solutions, the JOAN Board is an ePaper display that provides an at-a-glance overview of meeting room availability--and can be powered for a whole year by the energy you would use to make a single cup of coffee.  

Unveiled at InfoComm 2017, JOAN Board is the newest member of the JOAN family of meeting room solutions.

Easily installed at the reception or in the common room, the JOAN Board shows at a single glance which meeting rooms in the building are taken and which are still available to use, eliminating any meeting confusion. For visitors, the Board plays an important part in making them feel welcome, reducing the stress of finding the way to a particular meeting room, similar to the role played by information displays at an airport. 

Even more, companies can easily upload custom messages and images to the JOAN Board’s screen, displaying their logo, the thought of the day, or an important milestone coming up. The custom message feature can be used to welcome office guests and communicate the company’s vision in a readily accessible way, with a simple click of a button. 

JOAN helps companies manage their meetings and meeting spaces more efficiently, supporting flexible and dynamic ways of working with paperlike displays that blend into the office design. While the smaller, touchscreen JOAN displays outside each meeting room help employees by displaying meeting information, the question of providing an overview of room availability when not at the meeting room door remained. 

Encouraged by the needs of JOAN’s users, the JOAN Board was developed to further improve office interaction by displaying the status of all meeting rooms on a single screen. Like all products in the JOAN family, the Board runs on parent company Visionect’s ultra low power electronic paper, creating the greenest and most sustainable in office tech.

Visionect is the world leader in deploying digital signs in environments impossible before, leading the global revolution with greener and better displays. Setting a new standard in versatile, ultra energy-efficient signage, Visionect electronic paper products and solutions are conquering the globe, from New York to Tokyo.

JOAN is an epaper door display and meeting room scheduling solution developed by Visionect, world leader in deploying electronic paper in environments impossible before. It is marked by unparalleled energy-efficiency and mainstream affordability, is simple to install and use and above all helps people do more and work better.