Who Here Is Still Wiring With Cat5e?

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by Lee Distad, rAVe USA Columnist

Who among you is still wiring your networks with Cat5e? That’s an excellent question. While I would like to think that amongst savvy rAVe readers the answer would be “nobody,” the fact that I still see Cat5e stocked at supply companies and offered in stock lists for online distributors tells me that, statistically speaking, the real answer is “some of you.”

Well, if you are, please stop.


It is now time to be wiring all of your networks, whether data or video distribution, with Cat6. And I’m going to tell you why -- bandwidth.

Cat5e allows transmission of up to 100 megahertz (MHz) with an impedance of 100 ohm. Cat6, however, allows a transmission of up to 250 MHz, and is certified for use at gigabit (1,000 megabits) speeds.

That difference didn’t matter a whole lot a year or two ago, but now it matters a lot.

The bottom line is that Cat5e and Cat6 are structurally different cables, with each suited to different tasks. While Cat5e is sufficient for distributing component video, AV pros need to move up to Cat6 in order to accommodate the necessary bandwidth and packet size to handle digital HD.


Peerless-AV: Ultra Thin Flat Video Wall Mount

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Peerless-AV DS-VW650

Peerless-AV offers a mount solution that gets large screens (40”-50”) tight to the wall, while making it simple to create ultra-sleek video walls in any configuration.

The ultra-thin 17.5mm (0.69") design provides a streamlined video wall profile. This Peerless-AV DS-VW650 modular system provides many possibilities for video wall arrangement by providing simple horizontal adjustment and custom pre-sized spacers. By eliminating the need for extra measuring or guesswork, it saves valuable time during installation.

This mount includes a wall plate and easy attachment rails that simplify getting the screen on the wall, while a sturdy locking rail affixes to the top to maximize safety and security.

Maximum load capacity 34kg (75lbs)

Go Peerless-AV DS-VW650

Peerless-AV Rolls Out Mobile Video Trolleys

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Peerless-AV 2x2

At ISE, Peerless-AV will show for the first time their improved portfolio of flat panel stands, kiosks and trolleys to cater for the widest variety of applications and requirements. Products range from multi screen video wall trolleys, for mobile digital signage applications, and single screen stands, ideal for education and video conferencing, to secure kiosks designed for way-finding and public information points.

In addition to their regular stand at ISE 2012, Peerless-AV has created a dedicated digital signage stand in Hall 11, Stand E64 to specifically showcase these solutions and their other innovations they think will distinguish the brand on its push into European markets.

Video Wall Trolleys. The Peerless-AV mobile, multi screen video wall display stands are engineered to accommodate screen sizes from 40” to 60” with universal mounting in either 2x2 or 3x3 landscape configurations. These models are easy to install, configure and maneuver.

Peerless-AV DS-VWC560


Peerless-AV Short Throw Mounts

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PSTA 600

Peerless-AV supports the popular trend for short throw projectors with a new range of short throw projector mounts (PSTA models and PSTK mounts).

How important are short throw projector mounts? Pacific Media Associates has released their findings on the current use and future purchase intentions of organizational projector users. Says Dr. William Coggshall, President of PMA. “Respondents showed a high interest in short-throw projection, and 40% of future fixed projector purchases


Peerless Shows Digital Signage Stand at DSE

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Peerless Stand

Later this year Peerless will ship a movable cart/stand product for digital signage displays that’s designed to display up to four digital screens simultaneously. Constructed of welded steel, it’s made with gusseted uprights in its tubular frame to avoid tipping and a horizontal rail system allows users to adjust side-by-side displays. Peerless even says even at full capacity, the cart can be easily moved by one individual.

The product can accommodate screen sizes from 40” to 60” through staggered hole patterns on the vertical supports. Conversion to a stand is quickly accomplished by replacing the wheels with the available Peerless leg accessory leveler.

Go see the Peerless video shot by rAVe USA at DSE

Audipack’s Eye-Point Enclosure

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Audipack’s Eye-Point is a flexible mobile presentation display that can communicate from showroom to supermarket.

An “Eye-catcher” for all applications, the latest development in the Eye-Point range is an outdoor version for 46” screens (even suitable for the high brightness 46” LCD screens, e.g., the popular NEC X461HB or Samsung 460DRn-- both 1500cd/m20).

New Age in design, Eye-Point’s weather-proof enclosure both conceals and protects equipment. Integrated cooling, ventilation and heating facilities allow any weather environment.

The Eye-Point series is designed with full attention to service convenience and easy installation. All models feature a standard integrated quick installation swiveling arm for the flat panel, which leaves plenty of space for installing PCs and other equipment.

The flat panel display can be mounted with Audipack’s universal AV mounting system, Lock&Secure, which allows you to install or swap any brand and type of flat panel without using tools.

Go Audipack’s Eye-Point

Vogel’s Professional: Short Throw Projector Mounts

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Short-throw projectors (STPs) grow in popularity as they squeeze into offices and rooms that once-upon-a-time couldn't fit a projector.

Mounting specialists Vogel's Professional now offers mounts exactly for those STPs. One universal model (PPA 40) offers a solution for all while a second model (PPW 406) is dedicated to the Sanyo PLC XL50.

Features include flexible adjustment in all directions, adjustment fine-tuning, and stylish design.

Vogel's Professional will send RAVE EUROPE readers a brochure if you reply at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or take a look first. Go Vogel's Short Throw

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