PESA Debuts Xstream, its Video Over IP Matrix

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PESA launches Xstream, a multi-port HD-IP streaming system: a 1U rack-mountable box that simultaneously encodes up to 5 independent video sources and 8 audio sources concurrently from live or recorded video for multi-path H.264 IP distribution over 6 independent video streams.

PESA Xstream captures H.264 IP camera streams, NTSC/PAL or SDI video up to 1080p resolution, video playback and even computer-based content such as PowerPoint slides, then prepares high-bandwidth MPEG-4/H.264 broadcast streams for enterprise distribution and archive. When multiple sources are captured simultaneously, the streams remain associated and synchronized during the event. Storage options include a PESA internal 2.5-inch SATA drive.


Fiber Optic DisplayPort Extender for Signals up to 2560x1600

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Extron Electronics introduces the FOX II DP, a transmitter and receiver set for long haul transmission of HDCP-compliant DisplayPort video, multi-channel audio, RS-232 control, and IR control signals over fiber optic cabling.

The FOX II DP is designed for a wide range of applications requiring long distance transmission of high resolution content with the highest quality. It brings support for higher resolutions up to 2560x1600, multi-channel audio, an audio return channel, and IR support to the FOX Series. It uses Extron all-digital technology to deliver pixel-for-pixel DisplayPort computer-video images up to 2560x1600.


ZeeVee Adds HDMI Modulation

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ZeeVee launches four new ZvPro models all built on the HDbridge 2000 Series backbone.

The first two are the ZvPro 820 and 810 both of which can encode and modulate (and send) unencrypted HDMI signals via coax (RF). The other two, the 620 and 610, only do component and VGA inputs. All of them claim to accept and broadcast 1080p/i, 720p and/or 480p/i video.

New ZvPro models are compliant with QAM and DVB-C standards and they are frequency-agile. They include 45 dBmV of output power plus integrated closed-captioning support, MPEG2 video and AC3 or MPEG 1 layer 2 audio encoding (varies by region), full color front-panel LCD with local and/or web-based configuration and fan cooling. Tuning is simple via an HDTV’s own built-in tuner, requiring nothing at each HDTV nor any home-run wiring.


Taking a Profitable Seat: Selling AV Furniture

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Haim Elallouf

It’s always amazed us at rAVe how many integrators overlook the simplest of profit-makers…the seats, supports, stands, tables, trolleys and other “furniture” that is designed to complement pro AV/IT technology.

One of the company’s setting an example in the field is Modul IT, a young European company with a growing business. We recently interviewed Haim Elallouf, Sales Director, to talk about Cordica Limited, the challenges, and how furniture might be the missing link in the product chain of many integrators.

Please tell us about Modul IT? How did it start?

We were already in the business of professional AV for more than 15 years, experiencing a lot of excitement, opportunities and success. This drove us to expend our activities to new markets and more opportunities. About two years ago, we decided to establish Modul IT as our professional AV furniture activity in Europe.


Extron's VNR 100 VN-Matrix Single Channel Recorder

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VNR 100

Extron Electronics announces the immediate availability of the VNR 100, a single channel recorder that digitally records and plays back high-definition computer graphics, video, audio, and data streamed in VN-Matrix systems.

It can simultaneously record and play back streaming content. This provides flexibility for recording and playback workflows, and can help increase the duty cycle of expensive source and presentation equipment. The VNR 100 presents a scalable solution that can be deployed in single source or multi-source applications.


FSR to Intro Compact Table Boxes, iPad Table Mounts

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FSR is going to use InfoComm to launch new compact table boxes for conference and classrooms, an iPad table mount aimed at digital signage applications and very cool, very thin HDMI cables.

Power Coaster Mini Table Box Series: FSR’s new so-called Power Coaster mini table boxes are designed for meeting, conference and classroom applications and include covers that protect and conceal the connectors below. They resemble a high-end coaster (yes, a coaster) when closed. A variety of connector options are available, including Universal AC power receptacles and dual USB charging ports. The decorative covers are available with either black or aluminum anodized finishes.

iPad Table Mounts: Designed for digital signage applications, for tradeshow booths or even retail applications, FSR's new iPad Table Mounts lock and use mounting holes in the base, and can therefore be permanently and securely mounted to a desk, tabletop or other surface as a mini billboard. It allows for rotating the iPad as well as repositioning between portrait and landscape orientation, and it can swivel too.


If You Know What a Cage Nut Is, You’ll Need This

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PAS Clip Nuts

Everybody in the digital signage industry who is involved daily in installing equipment into 19” rack mounting systems knows exactly what we are talking about: NUTS. Cage nuts to be more precise.

If traditional cage nuts drive you nuts, then PAS (Pro Audio Stash) launches an innovative captive nut design – the *Threaded Rack Rail Clip Nut*—to relieve your frustration and stress.

The contain a threaded extrusion which slides over the square rack rails and clips closed. That saves a lot of time as well as the pain, bruises, stabbings … (and complete and utter frustration) that you may have suffered while  attempting to grapple cage nuts into place. 

Once in place, the retaining bolt is then screwed through the Clip Nut in a civilised manner to secure the rack device or panel into place. 


Extron’s VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software

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VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software

Extron Electronics introduces VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software that decodes and presents one or four video sources and one associated stereo audio source streamed from VN-Matrix 225 or 200 Series Encoders and VN-Matrix Recorder.

VNS 104 multi-stream decoding software includes text overlay and status messaging features, which are valuable for distinguishing between AV sources during operation and system commissioning.

"VN-Matrix streaming systems often manage many sources, creating requirements for presenting multiple source streams on display systems," says Casey Hall, VP Sales and Marketing for Extron. "VNS 104 provides an efficient, cost-effective method for decoding and monitoring one or four streams on a single display."

VNS 104 multi-stream decoding software operates on Windows PCs and is managed as a part of a system by a VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller. It offers aspect ratio management for VN-Matrix streams, including FILL, FOLLOW, and a 1:1 mode, which can be applied independently to each decoded source.

VNS 104 provides an effective method for monitoring multiple streaming sources in a variety of environments including command and control, after action review, training and simulation, and medical or geological visualization..

Go Extron VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software

Resi-linx Enters European Market with Encoders

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Australian supplier of structured cabling, RF and video distribution and IR control solutions, resi-linx, enters the EMEA markets with the launch of its digital digi-MOD HD DVB-T/DVB-C encoder modulation system.

The digi-MOD HD digital DVB-T/DVB-C encoder modulation system allows integrators to distribute HD content from any HD device around a home or business.

Initially available in two models – the HD-1000 (single input) and HD-2000 (dual input) – the digi-MOD HD system converts HD sources into HD DVB-T/DVB-C channels for distribution over coaxial cable. Coming in April 2013 are the HD-4000 (four input) and HD-8000 (eight input) models, and the IP encoder range.

All models support signals up to 1080p and ‘auto-sense’ inputs between HDMI, Component and CVBS.