75” Outdoor Displays Star In Croatian DOOH Network

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Infinitus delivered its first batch (18 double-sided and 5 single-sided) of 2500 nit imotion digital Citylight displays to Go2Digital, a Croatian DOOH network.

DOOH display

This enhances Go2Digital’s DOOH reach, complementing screens placed at 20 shopping malls across the region. Together with 5 additional units (to be deployed in Q1 2016), this network will reach 85% of the Croatian viewers-- more than the first online portal and the most watched television channel in the country. Rollout of these 28 total imotion units will cover premium city center locations in 8 of largest Croatian towns, with 7 cities joining near the end of the 2016.

Go2Digital went for three different outdoor LCD types to cover the different locations in Croatia, with continental climate in the east of the country and the larger area with Mediterranean weather on the western side.

Most of the units are based on imotionG6 technology, made to align to Go2Digital brand. Choice was made because of visual performance, ability to deploy units at any area included coastal, security in operation, warranty conditions and longevity. These advantages can be achieved because of imotion’s G6 thermal management technology which keeps temperature constant and stable within the enclosure.

Four out of eighteen imotionG6 units have additional two 32” side touch screens. These special signs with interactive tourist applications were made for deployments at popular travel destinations such as Split and Zagreb.

Five full front glass imotionFLOW 75” displays were made in this stage to cover single display locations, less demanding environments and walls.

All imotion all-weather are programmable, with automatic functionalities including adaptation to ambient light and system safety functionalities. Remote diagnostics will minimize time spent on-site.

Go Infinitus Outdoor

Zytronic Raises the Bar on Interactive Signage at ISE 2016

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Zytronic TTable

At ISE 2016, Zytronic will show an 85” 4K touch screen, an innovative curved multi-touch kiosk-- and demonstrate a new object recognition function for touch tables.

Retailers and other users are increasingly seeking larger and larger screens to create an exciting customer experience, and demand for touch screens of 55” diagonal and above is growing very quickly. Zytronic can now create bespoke touch screens of up to 85” diagonal, with 4K resolution, able to detecting over 40 simultaneous touch points, and proven in the harshest environments.

Also on show at ISE for the first time is the Zytronic curved multi-touch kiosk. This proof of concept unit features a single edge to edge printed, toughened and curved glass multi-touch interface combining a 40 inch main screen and a 19 inch waist-height, button deck. Demonstrating the incredible level of customisation possible with Zytronic technology, the twin display/single glass surface is managed by two ZXY200® multi-touch controllers.

Zytronic also shows a demo of object recognition functionality, an unusual development aimed at touch tables in retail applications and based on its Multi-touch Projected Capacitive (MPCT™) touch technology.

Commenting, Ian Crosby, Sales and Marketing Director says, “For many applications, the fact that projected capacitive touch technology ignores non-conductive objects contacting the surface is a definite advantage. However, some retail uses, would benefit from the touchscreen recognising specific objects placed upon its surface - and this is something that we are now able to offer.”

Go Zytronic at ISE

Bespoke Kiosks Help Float The Boat

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Protouch Solutions recently installed six bespoke touchscreen kiosks on MV Britannia operated by P&O Cruises.

Britannia is the newest and largest of eight ships in service with P&O Cruises. She has a total of 1837 cabins, 13 bars and restaurants, a 936-seat theatre and a capacity for 4324 passengers. During the summer season, Britannia visits the Mediterranean, Norwegian fjords, the Baltic, Canary Islands and Atlantic islands. In the winter, she will sail 14-night Caribbean cruises.

The client requested Protouch supply and fit an innovative and more intuitive method for booking on-shore excursions for passengers during these trips. The solution was to install six bespoke touchscreen kiosks in a venue dedicated to on-shore activity.

“The P&O Cruises team was very specific about what was required,” saysTom Quarry, MD of Protouch Solutions. “The kiosk needed to match the refined interior design of the ship, as well as providing an easy-to-use interface to book shore excursions”.

As well as printers, the kiosks are fitted with a 19-inch touchscreen, a barcode reader and a special directional speaker bar (channels all the sound directly at the user without disturbing the other guests in the vicinity).

The Protouch kiosks will help reduce queues and free up the on-board Shore Excursion team so that they can spend more time talking to passengers and giving them advice. It will also allow P&O Cruises passengers more chance to soak up the sights and enjoy their time on board and ashore.

Go ProTouch Solutions Sets Sail with P&O

Edbak: There's a Growing Need for Indoor Information

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Edbak Infokiosks

It’s no secret the growth of the “new way of working” (authored mainly by those always-on millennials), smart buildings and internet has created the perfect storm for the sales growth of infokiosks, those indoor totems that supply visitors and staff with the necessary information. In addition to “digital directories,” these infokiosks are used for wayfinding, weather and security news, commercial messages, digital signage, and even advice on local transport.

The trend will only accelerate as we see the unfolding of the Internet of Everything, with new buildings like the Edge in Amsterdam sporting 23,000 sensors in its ceiling alone. More and more information will be there, ready to share.

"Our indoor totems are setting new internal sales records each month," notes Gregory Bak, international sales director at Edbak.

Edbak, from its base in Central Europe, in Poland, provides a wide range of infokiosks for integrators who serve corporate and vertical markets.

"I think we can all agree that digital signage is mostly about customization and differentiation. Almost every project is a somehow different that the other. Dimensions, design, color schemes are really important when talking about totems and enclosures," adds Bak.

"As we produce everything in our premises in Poland we can ensure really good delivery terms and production flexibility, which is really important when working with custom projects. Our very modern, constantly modernized machine park and skilled personnel is what give us the necessary edge."

Edbak also makes video wall mounts, monitor trolleys and stands, display brackets, desk mounts, indoor and outdoor enclosures, and their latest product group – POS mounts, designed for use by retail chains.

Go Edbak Infokiosks & Enclosures

Seoul Solution: Rugged, Touch Screen Technology

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Seoul BIT

Zytronic will provide hundreds of state of the art 46” ZYBRID touch sensors for use in bus shelters all over Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul’s Bus Information Terminal (BIT) project replaces existing non-interactive digital signage to offers commuters touch screen real time information about traffic, transit routes and local amenities.

Working with local partners (DTH Co. Ltd. and Sane Co. Ltd.), the project will install 300 46” ZYBRID touch sensors based on Zytronic’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT).

Sane Co. selected Zytronic’s PCT technology for the Bus Information Terminal project after examining other options, including Infrared (IR) touch sensing. They determined Zytronic offered the best, most reliable solution for the high levels of durability and impact resistance required in this outdoor public environment. In this application, the PCT touch sensor, coupled with Zytronic’s single/dual touch ZXY100 controller, is mounted behind and functions through an additional 8mm protection glass and continues to deliver an excellent user experience while enduring hot, humid Seoul summers and freezing winters.

Furthermore, the touch sensors are unaffected by scratches, heavy rain, ice, dirt and dust.

Sales & marketing director at Zytronic, Ian Crosby commented: “Working closely with our South Korean partners, DTH Co. Ltd. and Sane Co. Ltd., has given us a fantastic opportunity to put Zytronic’s proven, rugged, touch screen technology to widespread public use in the capital city of one of the world’s most dynamic economies. The general public increasingly expects similar levels of interactivity from displays they encounter in everyday life, as they enjoy with their smartphones and tablets, and this is a perfect example of how Zytronic’s touch technology enables this to happen.”

Go ZYBRID Touch Sensors for Seoul Bus Terminals

Visionect’s Room Booking System: “Joan”

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Visionect’s new product is an electronic paper conference room booking system, most unusually called Joan.

Joan is a digital door sign system that allows for meeting room booking at the door, while also showing updates on meetings already scheduled.

It features E Ink’s 6-inch electronic paper display with 16 level grayscale and a 800×600 screen resolution with full capacitive touch screen interface.

The device has Wi-Fi connectivity, communicating with the existing meeting scheduling software wirelessly, and can be mounted without cables.

Already well-received among early reviewers, Joan makes scheduling meetings easier, decrease interruptions and allow more time to focus on what is important-- the meeting itself.

OK, now here’s a joke that we just made up: What do you call this booking system when the lights are off? Joan D’Arc, of course!

Go Visionect’s Joan, An E-Paper Conference Room Booking System

Cell Phone Charging Kiosks with Digital Signage

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NV3 kiosk

With conference and trade show season quickly approaching, Cell Phone Charging Kiosks with Digital Signage from NV3 Technologies might hold the key to successfully obtaining new leads and clients, developing relationships with existing clients, and maximizing return on investment in both money and time.

A tabletop NTC-1912 (photo left) customized with colors and logos is an inexpensive, effective method to expand the reach of a company's presence. There are great customizable floor-standing options as well, depending on the amount of available space.

An NV3 kiosk [photo below right] holds trade show attendees captive and provides the perfect networking opportunity for an average of fifteen minutes. When that time is used for pitching products and company information, new contacts and lead generation come naturally.

NV3 Technologies recently entered into a multi-year business venture with Digital Conventions in Washington DC. Ten Cell Phone Charging Kiosks (eight with 32-inch HD LED screens and two with 46-inch HD LED screens) are now available for trade show booths to sponsor.

NV3 provides the kiosks and any needed service, and Digital Conventions ensures sponsorship of kiosks for trade shows and events. Each unit displays information supporting the active show and has the capacity to charge nine mobile devices simultaneously with NV3's safe charging technology. NV3 is looking to close similar deals with other companies interested in providing cell phone charging and digital signage.

NV3 trailer

A major cell phone carrier representative and client of NV3 Technologies says, "Mobile device batteries tend to expire more quickly in the trade show setting than most patrons expect." She owns over a dozen portable tabletop units for use at events and trade shows, and is a major proponent of the importance of charging kiosks in convention centers. "Necessary information is kept on smartphones and tablets; a lost connection can be devastating to the productivity of trade show participants."

When a trade show booth features an NV3 Cell Phone Charging Kiosk and uses the unique digital signage screen to display relevant company or product information, that booth has the potential to see more traffic than it would have otherwise.

Go NV3 Cell Phone Charging Kiosk

The Transparent "Cooler" Door as Signage

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It's a classic digital signage solution: turning the large-standing commercial drinks coolers, with their huge front doors, into a signage opportunity. Turning the previously untapped potential of a ubiquitous (but inert) box into a valuable display...

The ThruVu Digital Cooler from MRI is a transparent digital cooler product-- the first fully integrated and complete solution of its kind according to MRI.

The free-standing cooler solution allows for Full HD images, graphics and videos to be displayed on the front door assembly of the cooler, while simultaneously allowing clear viewing of the product within the cooler. A 55” transparent LCD replaces the traditional front cooler glass, and a customized electronics assembly provides the necessary technology backbone.

The ThruVu product is a complete digital cooler solution that includes the free standing cooler, LCD front door assembly, media player, and all required software integration. The design provides superior visual image quality on the LCD itself through a backlighting enhancement that MRI calls TransVu.

This feature, they claim, provides 78 percent color saturation and allows for viewing the image on the screen when the door is both open and closed. The product has also met U.S. Department of Energy compliance standards for commercial coolers. Additions such as a 4G cellular modem allow for remote content uploading and back-end hardware monitoring.

Go ThruVu Digital Cooler from MRI

Engage Production Builds “Virtual Changing Room”

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Virtual Style Pod

Commissioned by Avantgarde Middle East, Engage Production Ltd built a ‘virtual changing room’, or Virtual Style Pod, showcased at luxury retail destination The Galleria, on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi.

A new retail experience, the Virtual Style Pod enables visitors to click through a range of clothing – with the world’s first “accurate cloth simulation” – and accessories while a 3D virtual styling expert assists with fit and colour.

Built by Engage Production (with Space3D supplying its Fashion3D application under licence as the core software) and Avantgarde Middle East (responsible for concept creation, project management, and hosting), the Virtual Style Pod brings together the virtual and physical worlds. Utilising a life-size screen mirror, augmented reality software overlays the user’s image with realistic 3D renders of clothing. It enables users to quickly create outfits by mixing and matching a wide range of garments from the host’s inventory.