Turn a Wall Into Interactive Multi-Touch Display

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MindBoard Magic

MindBoard Magic is a surface-independent device which turns a wall or any hard or soft surface into an interactive area, especially for large audiences with interactive multi-touch and multi-write.

MindBoard Magic works with any type of projector, short or long range. It features easy and intuitive calibration that takes less than two minutes to be fully operational.

As a portable solution, MindBoard Magic can be placed on any projector or anywhere, since you have a good frame for the interactive space. This solution hopes to eliminate the need for large, complicated and expensive devices.

It weighs, as a complete solution, around 0.3 kg and comes with USB key, carrying case, 2 infrared pens, and 2 years warranty.

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TouchSystems Launches InspiraTouch Tables at DSE

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TouchSystems' InspiraTouch is a new line of interactive touch tables with two models: the InspiraTable and the InspiraPoint.

InspiraTable is the touch table: the display and the enclosure. InspiraPoint includes not only the touch table, but also multi-touch software and an optional PC for a complete multi-touch solution. Both of the 1920x1080 tables are available 42" and a 55" sizes and they company hinted to us that it might have a larger size by InfoComm. They have both HDMI and DVI-D inputs.

The touch tables are integrated with an infrared multi-touch technology that allows up to forty touch points. The tables also boast advanced anti-image sticking technology that eliminates ghosting and SmartPower, an energy-saving feature that can cut energy costs by up to fifty percent.

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Peerless-AV Builds Kiosk Integration Facility

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For building custom-made kiosks, Peerless-AV opens a Kiosk Integration Center within its 320,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in USA.

The center assembles, tests and delivers fully integrated, large format display kiosks incorporating products from leading AV, display and digital content delivery manufacturers, including 32” to 90” screens. In just weeks, Peerless-AV can ship finished kiosks directly to the customer for out-of-the-box installation.

The initiative eliminates the need for system integrators and end customers to source components from multiple vendors, wait for shipments to arrive from manufacturers around the world, and perform complex on-site systems integration and testing. The company’s dedicated sales, product management and engineering teams handle all of those functions for the customer, enabling fully integrated custom kiosk systems without the delays or costs typically associated with custom projects.


Gorilla Glass for Large Cover-Glass Applications

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Perceptive Pixel

At InfoComm, Corning highlighted Gorilla Glass’ possibilities for large-size displays – specifically for advanced multi-touch and digital signage products.

Corning collaborated with Perceptive Pixel, just purchased by Microsoft

To showcase Perceptive Pixel’s 55” advanced multi-touch LCD display featuring Corning Gorilla Glass. The display handles an unlimited number of touch points and works in concert with up to 3 active styluses for a fluid pen and touch experience. The unit is also optically bonded for near-zero parallax, eliminating the air gap that commonly causes inaccurate touches on other displays.

Corning also partnered with Chilin Solutions to exhibit a 55” professional-grade LED edge-lit LCD outdoor monitor. In addition, Chilin Solutions showcased a 70” display featuring Corning Gorilla Glass in its InfoComm suite.

NPD DisplaySearch projects public displays – including digital signage – will reach 3.1 million units in 2012, up 15% from 2011, with a forecasted 10-year compound annual growth rate of approximately 25% to reach 12 million units by 2018.

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A Sense of Multitouch

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Touch is so obvious, yet so little understood that if was ice cream, most people would think it only came in vanilla. And the industry is in desperate need of jargon police to watch over the use and abuse of "multitouch" for the diverse emerging market segments.

Touch can be a single point of contact with a screen, multiple points like several fingers on a hand, full hands-on (with all 10 fingers), and even full hands with multiple parties (more than one person using full hands).

When someone tells you their product is "multitouch," you really need to ask "What kind of multitouch?"


The company MultiTouch Ltd. of Finland lives in the upper end of the touch business; let's call it "hypertouch" for lack of a better word. The world of hypertouch is the world of big touch screens in large, public fixed installations.

It's a world where you need to have more than 5 touch points to claim "multitouch." While other multitouch techniques merely see points of contact where fingers touch, MultiTouch Ltd. technology identifies even the hands. It can even distinguish between your hand and mine on the screen and tell which fingers belong to whom. Now that’s hypertouch.


Now Shipping: Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface

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10 months after introduction, Microsoft is now accepting pre-orders for its next generation of Surface, the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface,from Samsung resellers in 23 countries worldwide.

Automotive, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and retail are just some of the industries targeted to take advantage of the $8400 SUR40 with Samsung’s PixelSense technology, sleeker form factor and horizontal/vertical orientation options.

New and existing customers include Dassault Aviation, Fujifilm Corp. and Royal Bank of Canada, have plans for the Samsung SUR40 and will deploy units in locations early 2012.

The flat-screen panel from Samsung uses 2 million built-in sensors.

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MultiTaction Cell 55, Multi-user LCD Multitouch Display

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MultiTaction Cell

MultiTouch Ltd. introduces what it calls “the world’s largest integrated multi-user LCD multitouch display, the MultiTaction Cell 55.”

The product, a 55” display, is the first to emerge from the company’s new software and hardware platform for large-scale multitouch LCD displays, MultiTaction. Initial customers for the MultiTaction Cell 55 include Intel Corp., Momentum (American digital agency) and One Communication (Norwegian interactive design firm).

MultiTaction builds on MultiTouch’s patented optical imaging technology Computer Vision Through Screen for multitouch displays, and provides “the world’s most advanced set of touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities”.


VISIX Debuts Wayfinding Solution

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WaypointVISIX introduces WayPoint, an interactive wayfinding and communications solution for corporate and college campuses, healthcare facilities, government buildings and other institutions.

A bundled solution, WayPoint combines selected content modules in layouts designed with the client’s logo, colors and branding. Content modules can include digital signage message playlists, auto-updating news, weather and RSS feeds, and Google maps showing places of interest like admissions, dining halls and bookstores with customized icons.


The Next Generation of Surface

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The next generation of Microsoft Surface lets people to collaborate using a large, thin LCD that both senses your touch and sees things set on its screen.

And Samsung is the partner, making available a 40" Full HD 1080p screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920x1080 resolution.

The original surface was clunky, expensive, and had a very limited number of demo programs. Designed for demanding locations such as retail, hospitality and education, the new surface is only 4? thick, can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It can both sense your touch and see things set on it (that's Samsung’s Pixel Sense technology). It costs about $6000 less than the original (manufacturer's suggested price for Samsung SUR40 starts at $7600 in USA).

The Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface will reach business customers later in 2011 in 13 European countries and 10 others including USA and some Middle East markets. Dassault Aviation, Fujifilm, Red Bull GmbH, Royal Bank of Canada and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. announce signed up to deploy the new product.

Microsoft and Samsung worked closely to develop the LCD panel which is being manufactured by Samsung and will be sold to business customers through its distribution network.

"With Samsung's cutting-edge interactive LCD technology and Microsoft's innovation in vision-based systems, together we were able to define a new LCD architecture," said HyungGuel Kim, senior VP Samsung Electronics LCD Business. "This brand-new concept of LCD provides image-sensing technology along with massive multitouch capability and enhanced horizontal durability, which are specialized for the Microsoft Surface experience."

Thin form factor, 4" thin, makes it easy to use horizontally, hang vertically with the VESA mount, or embed in walls or custom enclosures. Standard legs are available or customers can design and attach their own.

If SU40 takes off, you can say that Red Bull "gave it wings."

Red Bull, a producer of energy drinks, and Red Bull Media House, provider of media content from Red Bull extreme sports events, have selected T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, a Surface Strategic Partner, to develop a Surface application in an innovative project for use in bars and clubs.

Red Bull is investing in Surface for its ability to enhance the brand experience in a variety of locations, as well as its presence at worldwide extreme sports events. Using the Microsoft Surface application, fans of Red Bull will be able to interact with the product and multimedia content at the same time. When guests place their tagged Red Bull cans on the display, video content of Red Bull events and current news is shown on the display and can be saved for viewing later by snapping a photo of a QR tag with a smartphone.

Microsoft will also showcase Samsung SUR40 in its Microsoft Stores where they intend to deploy two to four Samsung SUR40 units per location.

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EDITOR's NOTE: Microsoft changed the name in JULY 2012. It's now called "Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense."