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ComQi Gives Hardware to Kramer in License-Only Deal

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Make up your mind, really… should hardware and software be bundled under a single brand to create more effective digital solutions-- or not?

Most software developers and most hardware companies form alliances with one another to build a strategic network of complementary suppliers to chase the Holy Grail of digital signage: a seamless end-to-end solution instead of today’s mishmash.

When, last June, EnQii Holdings and Minicom Digital Signage (MDS) merged their respective software and hardware companies to create ComQi, the aim was “to provide integrators with an end-to-end solution encompassing media distribution, network management, content management and proof-of-performance.” While reducing their individual capital and operational costs, of course.

Their vision, “to create a seamless platform to allow targeted consumer messages to be delivered with pinpoint accuracy to digital signage, mobile and computer screens,” sounded worthy and achievable.

But somewhere along the path, in less than a year, something went astray.


Who Had the Most Stand Space at ISE 2013?

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ISE 2013

The race for space at ISE 2014 has already begun with the on-site exhibitor rebooking process for ISE 2014. More than 500 companies have for 2014 already reserved more than 30,000 sq. m—that’s nearly 93% of the show’s 2013 footprint.

Many of the companies committing themselves to larger stands for 2014 are smaller to medium-sized exhibitors who are relatively new to ISE.

“What we clearly see emerging now at ISE is a fresh wave of exhibitors that are building their businesses on the back of their ability to inspire new connections, greater collaboration and, perhaps above all, wonderful content,” notes Mike Blackman, MD of Integrated Systems Events.

The 10th annual ISE drew a record attendance of 44,151 registered attendees (an 8% increase). That attendance growth was fueled by the presence of 200 new exhibitors, an increase to 900 total exhibitors who filled up the halls of the RAI convention center in Amsterdam.


Mood Media's Technomedia Acquisition

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Mood Media purchases the assets of Technomedia Solutions, a Florida-based integration firm for approximately U.S. $23-million in cash. Mood Media may also make an additional payment in 2014, depending on the profitable growth of the operations.

Technomedia designs advanced audio-visual systems for venues such as theme parks, restaurants and retail clients. Among Technomedia’s customers is clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch, the Hard Rock Cafe and Cirque du Soleil.

Mood Media, formerly Fluid Music Canada, has been on an acquisition spree since 2011 with the purchase the famous Muzak and the 2012 purchase of DMX, a provider of multi-sensory branding services...

The acquisition of Technomedia—including subsidiary Go Convergence, a customer engagement marketing firm—continues Mood Media’s expansion into video, digital signage, and interactivity.

Did we mention Mood Media has European offices?

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Musion: An Open Response to Arena 3D

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Holograhic TP

by Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion

Following the publishing of this story, it is with great pleasure, Ian O’Connell, on behalf of Musion and its parent companies, have the opportunity to reply in defence of the truth.

Perhaps the best place to begin is with technical simplification. Arena 3D discusses at length the foils it uses and how Musion is misleading the industry about its own patented foil. This is false for many reasons.

The first step is to imagine polymers, like those that make up DuPont’s product, in line with the term ‘mobile phone’. Foil and polymers are simply a catch-all generic term in the same way mobile phone is the device, but Apple, Samsung and Nokia are brands, or manufacturers of phones.


Huawei Launches eSpace Industry TV Solution

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 Huawei eSpace

Huawei launches its eSpace industry TV solution, a suite of streaming media solutions, including digital signage and enterprise streaming media, to help businesses build more intelligent and efficient information distribution platforms and develop effective information strategies.

Commenting on how businesses can capitalize on this trend, Yunhao Zhang, Director of Huawei’s Industry Business eSpace Industry TV Solution said: "With the new Huawei eSpace industry TV solution, enterprises can now leverage digital signage to enable multimedia information distribution through the Internet, while the enterprise streaming media solution creates the ability to build an integrated media platform that offers live streaming, Video-on-Demand (VOD) and interactive entertainment. Key features of the Huawei eSpace industry TV solution include high interoperability, easy deployment and maintenance, low bandwidth requirements and high quality. The Huawei eSpace industry TV solution is designed to cater for a wide range of industry verticals, including finance, hospitality, retail, education and the enterprise campus."

"Huawei is able to offer end-to-end digital signage solutions that help enterprises build open and integrated information distribution platforms with high reliability and easy maintenance. The solution delivers superior user experience and helps enterprises enhance work efficiency and lower operating cost," adds Yunhao Zhang.


Avitech’s Seneca All-in-One Converter

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Seneca C-A

Avitech International Corporation introduces the Seneca C-A all-in-one converter box with scaler.

The Seneca C-A Converter box allows users to convert the signal source from HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/CVBS and SDI (3G/HD/SD) to HDMI/DVI/VGA and SDI (3G/HD/SD) output. A compact, stand-alone video converter, it is designed for many professional video conversion applications, including video production, conferencing, and presentation.

It provides automatic video input format detection and supports a wide variety of video resolutions.

Features include automatic sensing of various input signals, DVI-D loop output for additional monitoring, HDMI compliant and more…

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EIKI Enters Switcher Market

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Eiki ProSwitch 400S

Projector maker EIKI enters the switcher market with its ProSwitch 400S aimed at the house of worship, broadcast, education and ProAV markets.

ProSwitch 400S features 8 inputs (SDI, two video, s-video, HDMI, VGA, DVI and RGBS) and two outputs (one VGA and one DVI). It's LAN- or RS232-controllable and includes seamless switching with last-frame-hold or fade through black transitions (for scaling and switching live video and IMAG). It also supports PIP/POP/PAP with a video and computer image sources.

EIKI says the 1U rack-mountable ProSwitch 400S can scale sources up to 1080p and WUXGA (1920x1200) resolutions, uses the Reon HQV video processing chip and is based on Calibre's HQView platform. (Calibre and EIKI are partners, with EIKI acting as the North American distributor for Calibre products.)

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Get a Copy: AV Systems Performance Verification Checklist

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How do you determine if the AV system achieves the client's objectives and is performing in accordance with the system design?

InfoComm International launches The Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Checklist features 162 criteria developed by a global panel of AV experts.

This checklist is a valuable service but you can access it without cost at the InfoComm link below.

A featured requirement of InfoComm's Certified AV Solutions Provider (CAVSP) program, Diamond CAVSPs must show a completed Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Checklist for at least one AV installation. Emerald CAVSPs need to commit to adopt this checklist for future AV installations.

InfoComm has convened a Standards Task Group to publish an InfoComm standard based on this list. That will then be submitted to ANSI for consideration of adoption by the Q2 2013. In the coming months InfoComm will offer a draft standard open for public review and comment.

Go See the New Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification Checklist

rAVe’s ISE 2013 Portal is Up!

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For the third year in a row, rave [publications] will be covering the world's largest AV show LIVE: ISE 2013 in Amsterdam.

Led by Gary Kayye, rAVe will be taking 15 reporters to the show - some from our USA office and some from our rAVe Europe. So, we'll have the show covered

“In 2012, we shot over 1000 new product videos, wrote over 30 blogs from the show floor, tweeted live and even posted over 300 product stories to our ISE 2012 microsite,” says Gary.

So whether or not you are attending, you can follow along with the LIVE coverage, if you wish, by simply bookmarking the link below.

Or, you can download our rAVe NOW iPad App that is dedicated to the ISE 2013 show here.

We're already posting new product news, plus we have a few blogs already posted. We've also aggregated all the ISE 2013 tweets there, too!

Go See the Most Extensive ISE coverage on the rAVe Portal