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How Good is the ColorSpark HLD LED?

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Coming soon to a projector near you… HLD (High Lumen Density), a new LED solid state light source developed by Philips Lighting and branded under the trade name of ColorSpark.

A new digital projection technology that removes the need to turn off lights or close curtains, Philips ColorSpark is 3X brighter than existing LED projector technologies

This technology breaks through the Etendue limitation of current LED projectors that have limited their light output. HLD technology now allows projectors to reach the 3000 ANSI lumen level with the prospect to reach beyond 4000 lumens in the future.

In early 2016, the first announced projector brands, Optoma and Hitachi, will bring HLD-enabled projectors to market with more than 3000 ANSI lumens.

Philips ColorSpark High Lumen Density (HLD) LED is a user friendly technology that powers up and down instantly, requiring no start-up or cool-down time, and provides the ideal color representation for home entertainment, as well as classrooms, conference rooms, entertainment venues, retail stores and malls. The scalability, ease of installation and maintenance, energy use, cost and overall performance should prove highly appealing to the digital projector market.

“Until now the projection market has not seen projectors capable of exceeding 2500 Alm with LED technology,” said Leo Schouten from Philips Digital Projection Lighting. “Now, for the first time, LED based projectors will also be able to compete with non-projection display technology in any environment with the lights on and curtains open.”

In a new white paper, Insight Media explains some of the limitations with solid state projection technology and then details how the HLD technology solves these problems and the benefits that this breakthrough enables.

Insight Media also made a survey of 300 people to compare the images of four different unmarked projectors using different solid state lighting technology. The survey examined if a new LED-based light source developed by Philips Lighting would be bright and colorful in a normally lit room and if the images might be preferred by the survey participants.

Details of the test set up, calibration, test images, survey questions and results are all contained in a white paper prepared by Insight Media.

Insight Media says, “We believe this truly is a game changer for the projection industry that will reshape product development plans for all, so understanding how this technology works and its potential impact is important. That is why this white paper has been written.”

Go White Paper on the ColorSpark HLD LED Solution

InFocus Buys Jupiter Systems

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Many industry observers will tell you that InFocus created the market for projectors by developing and selling the first digital projector. Yet, isn’t it a little ironic that "the inventor of the modern day projector" has had to spend the last 10 years diversifying (as the projector market matured into a huge competition distinguished by dwindling margins.)

Of course, InFocus still sells projectors, lots of projectors. But new InFocus products and services now focus on bringing people and teams closer: from MVP100 video phones to Mondopad (the first-ever large-format, touchscreen), to all-in-one video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

Continuing that trend, the company recently announced LightCast Technology, which allows users to display content from laptops, smartphones and tablets on a variety of InFocus devices, including Mondopads, JTouch Whiteboards, and the new DigiEasel smart displays.

And now the transformation of InFocus may be complete: new CEO Mark Housley (a long-time board member promoted at the end of September 2015 to CEO) announces the acquisition of Jupiter Systems, adding video wall, control room, and smartphone solutions for end-to-end collaboration.

Jupiter Systems

InFocus Corporation has acquired video wall and enterprise collaboration innovator Jupiter Systems.The acquisition expands InFocus’ offering to include display wall processor technology and "bringing a 360-degree view of operations to any control room, conference room, and mobile device."

This acquisition says the company, enables InFocus to provide end-to-end collaboration solutions and become the single provider for customers’ collaboration technology needs.

“We know our customers need collaboration technology on their smartphones and tablets, at their desks, in their conference rooms and in their control rooms. With one provider offering simple, enterprise-ready solutions that work together seamlessly, we can serve the full set of our customers’ requirements with powerful, integrated solutions. The convergence is inevitable and we intend to lead it,” says Housley. “Now InFocus can be that one-stop-shop for complete end-to-end solutions.”

Effective immediately, Jupiter Systems, which operates and manufactures in Hayward, CA, becomes an InFocus’ branded product line for control room and enterprise collaboration solutions. All Jupiter employees are now InFocus team members and both the Jupiter product line office in Hayward, and InFocus corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon will operate business as usual.

No word yet of the significance for European distributors: but one can assume the current distributors of each company will stay in place while the company explores any possibility of synergy.

Go InFocus Buys Jupiter Systems

EIKI Debuts 12K Lumen EK-800U DLP Projector

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Eiki International launches its EK-800U single chip DLP projector which can be installed in any vertical angle (360 degree vertical configuration).

It’s specified at 12,000 ANSI Lumen brightness and a 5000:1 (DA:ON) contrast ratio. The WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution EK-800U inputs include VGA, HDMI, HDBaseT and 3G HD-SDI.

Integrated with powered zoom and focus as well as vertical and horizontal lens shift (V: +- 60%, H: +/- 25%), the new model also has image blending, warping, color matching.

It’s a high quality, top-of-the-range installation projector but despite the good specs, the most interesting feature is its ability to meet any configuration angle when installing. For example, it can even be mounted to show content in portrait mode.

Go Eiki EK-800U, 360 Degrees Vertical Configuration

Christie Boxer 4K30: Projector of the Year

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AV Awards 2015

Christie picked up the award for Projector of the Year for Boxer 4K30 at the AV Awards in UK.

The Award was given by the panel of judges at the annual event organized by AV Magazine in UK who said, “At last there is a 30,000 lumen projector that isn’t the size of a small car.”

James Belso, senior sales manager for the UK and Nordics, accepted the award on behalf of Christie with enthusiasm, saying, “I can’t say how pleased I am about Boxer being recognized. We had an internal launch at our global headquarters - with the boxer Lennox Lewis as guest of honour. The entire team came back with a buzz; we all knew we were on to a winner as soon as we saw it.”

Belso built on the judges’ tongue-in-cheek observation: “To halve the size of a projector and introduce a host of features at the same time isn’t easy," he commented. "Boxer was the result of vision and over three years of work by Jeevan Vivegananthan, our senior director of product management, who I would really like to mention.”

Vivegananthan worked with some 30 engineers to bring the vision of Boxer to life; and throughout, rental stagers across the world were asked what they wanted in the ideal projector. “We knew we had the technological ability to build a 30,000 lumens projector at 68Kg,” he says. “We went backstage with our customers to see their challenges. For me, being able to see customers’ reactions was one of my greatest rewards. We spend years building their wish-list.”

Go Christie Boxer 4K30: Projector of the Year, Says AV Magazine Awards

Leyard to Buy Planar Systems

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China's Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (provider of LED display products and ancillary systems) will buy America's Planar Systems, Inc. (display and digital signage technology).

Leyard at ISE 2015

Leyard will acquire all of the common stock of Planar for a purchase price of $6.58 per share or a total value of approximately $156.8 million.

While the deal may be done, the transaction is subject to specified closing conditions, including approval by the shareholders of both Planar and Leyard, and antitrust and other government clearance.

The pending acquisition augments Leyard’s existing range of LED display products and enables Leyard to expand its position outside its Chinese home market. As far as we know at this point, the intention is that Planar staff retain their positions.

Victor Li, Chairman of Leyard, says, “We believe that Planar and Leyard complement each other and that this acquisition will create significant synergies. We intend to strongly support the continued growth of the Planar business, with standalone management, under the broader Leyard umbrella. This acquisition demonstrates Leyard’s ongoing commitment to expanding its global presence. The combination of Planar's strong customer relationships, respected product offerings, and history of innovation across the organization, together with Leyard's market leading position in emerging video wall technologies create inspiring solutions for customers.”

We told you this was coming: Chinese companies that have grown exponentially based on a huge home market will eventually buy their way into US and European markets.  Planar has experienced a solid year, and it's on track to boost this year's overall revenue by 17.6%. Meanwhile, the China home market is weaker with the yuan devaluing and other domestic issues. This is the time when China turns outward-- when the home market stalls.

Expect more deals by end of 2015 as Leyard's Chinese competitors react, not willing to let Leyard get too big a headstart in overseas markets (because Leyard will turn any overseas profit to financing attacks to take more domestic market share).

Go Leyard to Buy Planar

World’s Fastest LED Video Wall Scaling, Says Calibre

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Tim Brooksbank

Calibre launches its range of scaler-switchers (HQView625 and Calibre HQView770) built from its own HQUltra, the world’s fastest single-channel 4K presentation switching performance technology.

Calibre’s own virtual-ASIC video processing technology provides these scaler-switchers with three functions in one product. The more powerful in the range, HQView770 scaler-switcher, offers…

In Projection Mode, HQUltraWarp provides real-time adjustable 4K warp & blend for fast and easy screen calibration.

In LED Mode, HQUltra provides LED-optimized 4K scaling with a pixel-accurate algorithm that preserves image detail even with significant downscale, a key requirement for driving LED videowalls with good quality images.

In Presentation Mode, HQUltraFast gives the user unprecedented switching speeds, changing visually instantly between input channels in 0.25 seconds.


The 11 video inputs and four identical video outputs include 4K HDMI with 4K50 & 4K60 4:2:0 support, HDBaseT and 3G HD-SDI.

Tim Brooksbank, Chairman at Calibre says: “The HQView770…It’s the ultimate live events scaler-switcher.”

Go Calibre Launches HQUltra, World’s Fastest Single-channel 4K Presentation Switching

A Good Bet on the Horse Track & Digital Signage

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Following the largest single sponsorship deal for the benefit of UK horse racing, The Qatar Goodwood Festival witnessed a first in UK horse racing with more than 120 linear metres of high res digital signage along the final furlong and finish post.

If that signage looked familiar, you might have recognized ADI’s digiBOARD from Premier League football grounds, rugby stadiums and arenas. (digiBOARD features in 13 of 20 Premier League grounds)

The specific digital solution for the Qatar Goodwood Festival, created by LED specialists ADI as the exclusive screen supplier to the Goodwood Estate features 8 staggered 8 metre digiBOARD panels along the final furlong and a 60 metre long digiBOARD strip at the finish post-- all with outdoor 10mm SMD.

The digiBOARD solution is complemented by some of ADI’s other products, including the iCONIC 100+ screens (cited by the company as “the world’s largest, highest resolution mobile LED displays”).

Nick Robinson, Screen Rental Director at ADI comments, “We’ve taken one of our proven technologies and created a bespoke digital platform that met the unique requirements of the event sponsor and the venue. The result is visually spectacular, creating outstanding brand exposure that engages race-goers at the Festival and TV audiences. It has also created an attractive aesthetic in horse racing that’s never been seen before in the UK.”

Headline partner Qatar-- as well as sponsors Jaguar Land Rover, Neptune Funds and NatWest-- improved their sponsorship via full motion advertising in an audience engagement solution that surpassed the traditional audience engagement of static boards. And the signage operator gained the flexibility to change content depending on the race and the time of day (maximizing commercial opportunities as well live information (like race winners) for spectators to enjoy.

Go ADI LED Screen Solutions

Desktop Monitors Join the (Video) Revolution

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ViewSonic designs a 24’’ Full HD integrated webcam LED monitor around the corporate and personal use of the latest videoconferencing and collaboration solutions.

ViewSonic VG2437Smc

It’s about time somebody reinvented the desktop monitor. After all, for years, we have insisted upon referring to the desktop screen that enables our computers as a “monitor,” or “display.”  Both words—however, useful-- convey passivity, an inertness of being.

That’s as archaic as referring to digital cinema as “film” or to what you sometimes hear on your smartphone as a “dial tone.”

In a world where 560+ million people use Skype (50% with video on, says Microsoft) and 100 million people use Microsoft Lync to communicate for work (79% of U.S. enterprises currently use or plan to deploy Lync for telephony as it metamorphoses into Skype for Business), the screen on your desktop needs to match up to today’s age of professional (and personal) collaboration.

It can no longer afford to be solely the stolid purveyor of spreadsheets and Word docs… the monitor needs to stop being a wallflower and join in the real conversation-- the new web, video and voice collaboration that defines modern work (as well as social life).

That’s why ViewSonic brings out the VG2437Smc, a 24’’ Full HD integrated webcam LED monitor.

With a 2 megapixel Full HD webcam, integrated echo cancelling microphone, stereo speakers, and advanced SuperClear MVA wide-viewing angle display technology, the VG2437Smc enables desktop video conferencing-- from any desktop PC running the most popular web or video conferencing applications.

It’s designed to be an active enabler of today’s collaborative work, That is, it’s designed —from the initial concept— for use with Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business), Skype, Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber and Webex, Citrix Gotomeeting and Viber.

Viewsonic VG2437Smc is TiltableThis is not your father’s “monitor” or “display;” this is the eyes and ears and voice of your digital world, the way to convert a desktop PC to a personal web and video conferencing solution. It enables any user to connect to other desktop users, to group conferencing solutions in meeting rooms and to smartphone users.

“…Statistics indicate that there are 560 million registered skype users who spend a total of 2 billion minutes every day on skype. In 2013, skype-to-skype calls represented 40% of the total telecom traffic worldwide,” says Claire Chuang, Product Manager for Monitors at ViewSonic Europe Ltd.

The way we work is changing so fast, we hardly have time to reflect on how different we work today than even 5 years ago, let alone 10 years ago. To give you just one European example, the Norwegian Health Network (Norsk Helsenett) now improves patient care for 5 million people with 200-250 videoconferences per day and is said to have 130,000 Lync users in its network.

Chuang adds, “The low cost of videoconferencing solutions has become one of the key considerations for end-users in European markets, which are still recovering from the economic downturn, when choosing enterprise monitors. With the VG2437Smc all-in-one video conferencing solution, business customers can now save time and travel expenses while enjoying a seamless connectivity, as well as a collaborative and productive working environment.”

Good for both business users and consumers, the VG2437Smc also solves the problem of the “rigid” monitor—it features and a height-adjustable, ergonomic stand so users can adjust the angle and placement of the screen. Pivot the screen 90 degrees for portrait mode or swivel 360 degrees. Adjust the height or tile it as much as 25 degrees. If you know this feature to be useful for any ordinary display, think about how necessary and essential it is for frequent “videoconferencers.”

Viewsonic for Collaboration

VG2437Smc also packs dual 2-watt speakers and echo cancelling microphone, as well as 2 USB and mic/headphone ports for connecting headsets. Using Viewsonic’s SuperClear MVA technology means display performance with 178° wide viewing angles offers 95% sRGB coverage and 20M: dynamic contrast ratio.

Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.2a, DVI, VGA and. A Blue Light Filter setting allows users to adjust the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, enabling longer viewing times and increased eye comfort for work and multimedia applications.

With ViewSonic energy-saving Eco-modes, EnergyStar Compliance and EPEAT Silver certification, the VG2437Smc is as green as St. Patrick’s Day.

All commercial end users can register online for a 4 year warranty when buying ViewSonic’s VG2437Smc.

And the best news: the VG2437Smc won’t break the company bank. At a SRRP of £199/ €299 (ex VAT), it’s the most affordable way to encourage all employees to collaborate more often and more successfully.

It’s about time the desktop monitor joined the (video) conversation.

Go ViewSonic VG2437Smc

Watch the Video of the ViewSonic VG2437Smc in action

Daktronics for Largest Video Display in Spain

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The largest video display in Spain – and one of the largest video displays in all of Europe – is a Daktronics that measures 194 square meters and wraps around the El Corté Ingles building façade at their Callao location in Madrid. Now a second display, measuring 137 square meters, is installed in Mágala.

El Corte Ingles

The installation at Callao measures 18.29 meters high by 10.61 meters wide and features SMD (Surface-Mount Device) technology at a 10 millimeter line spacing. The display includes a seamless angle that provides impressive viewing angles as it shows vibrant images with excellent contrast.

The Mágala installation measures 9.88 meters high by 13.9 meters wide and features a 13HD pixel layout, prime technology for cutting through direct sunlight.

With this new system, El Corté Ingles will project their distinctive image and provide a new experience to their customers. Much of the information shown on the display will include fashion and beauty trends, home décor, electronics, food, tourism and more. 

A total of 25.5 million people annually pass through the Madrid square where the Daktronics display is located giving it a great amount of reach and impact as it can be seen from more than 100 meters away.

Both displays incorporate industry-leading environmental protection for longer lifetimes in outdoor environments. The variable content zoning capabilities of each display allow them to highlight one piece of content across the entire display or to organize the display into different sections to show multiple pieces of content at the same time.

Go Daktronics and El Corté Ingles