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Microsoft Details HoloLens (Limited) Battery

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Microsoft evangelist Bruce Harris gives a few details on the HoloLens augmented reality headset at a Tel Aviv event-- including the fact the device battery lasts for 5.5 hours of regular use. As reported by Petri, "heavy loads" slash battery life to just 2.5 hours.

The power issue also limits the display capabilities of the headset, leading to a field of view "similar" to a 15-inch monitor close to the viewer's face.

Such fact might make the Hololens look limited, but Microsoft does have a few tricks up its sleeve-- the device runs any universal Windows 10 application and is "totally wireless," with no wired option available.

Connectivity comes through wifi and Bluetooth, and the users can pair Hololens headsets together to share AR experiences.

Microsoft is still to provide a Hololens consumer release date, but shipments to developers should start from Q1 2016.

Go Microsoft Shares New Details on HoloLens (Petri)

Next Step in Flat Screens? It’s Optical Laser Panels

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dnp LaserPanels

At ISE 2016, dnp denmark will present what it calls “the next step in the evolution of flat screens:” optical laser panels.

The new generation of dnp LaserPanels offers 100” high-contrast images at around 50% of the cost per screen area square inch of LED-backlit LCD screens.

And as the dnp LaserPanel uses a laser projector, low running costs and no lamp changes should drive down the total cost of ownership.

The highly attractive size-cost-quality ratio of the display provides a compelling combination, believes Soeren Kraemmergaard, VP of Global Sales and Marketing, dnp. “If the market is clear about one thing, it’s that big is truly beautiful when it comes to display technology,” he says. “The problem is that when you take ordinary flat screens over 80” in size, there is a disproportionate price increase.”

dnp LaserPanels overcome this restriction by combining optical screen technology with Ultra Short Throw Laser projection. The result is a display that can be mounted on the wall, with the projector above or below the screen shooting from a steep angle. This makes installation easy, and users never need to worry about stepping into the beam while presenting.

The new display package is the first all-in-one bundled solution from dnp. And dnp hope to meet new potential sales partners at ISE.

“We see a huge potential for 100” dnp LaserPanels particularly in the presentation and education markets, and we are looking for channel partners who can move bundled solutions in these segments,” says Kraemmergaard

The dnp LaserPanel is also available in a Touch version, which has a rigid screen, interactive camera and IR pens for interactive presentations. Both variants come with everything required for set up, including screen, projector and wall mounts.

dnp will also perform a shoot-out between a dnp Supernova Blade Screen, with both 08-85 and 23-23 screen material and a standard white screen, to demonstrate how optical screen technology can dramatically enhance the quality of projected images in a high ambient light environment.

Visitors will also be able to experience a new and improved version of the retractable dnp Supernova Flex Classic Screen.

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RGB Spectrum's “MediaWall V” Video Wall Processor Ships

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Model 550 MediaWall V

RGB Spectrum calls its MediaWall V Display Processor “the world’s first true 4K video wall processor, offering up to 4K resolution I/O, single wire connectivity and fully scalable windows.”

A new MediaWall V display processor now includes a second, larger chassis and expanded features bringing more flexibility and capability to the product line.

This new Model 550 MediaWall V wall processor offers more inputs and outputs in HD and 4K Ultra UHD) formats (but, no specification for color bit depth). Input capacity has been doubled to 36 direct sources plus IP inputs. Increased output capacity supports wall arrays of up to 24 HD/2K displays or up to 12 4K/UHD displays.

Functionality is further expanded with new switched output modules. These can take the place of an external matrix switcher, providing up to 18 additional outputs, a convenient, cost-effective way to route sources to other displays, operator control stations, conference rooms, or other downstream devices such as digital video recorders. Any input can be routed to any number of outputs, providing significant switching flexibility built right into the display processor.

These expanded input and output capabilities enhance RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint Control Room Management System (MCMS) which adds arbitrated KVM control over system resources for the ultimate in control room management.

An optional Application Processor decodes incoming IP streams. IP camera and other H.264 streams at resolutions up to 4K/UHD (3840×2160/30) are decoded on a separate processor embedded in the MediaWall V chassis. This unique dual-processor architecture guarantees adequate CPU resources to video wall operations while the second processor handles IP decoding.

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Specktron with Latest Interactive LED Displays at ISE 2016

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Les Saisons de Meaux

At ISE in February, Specktron will unveil its latest interactive LED displays designed for education and corporate environments.

Offering a sleek appearance and designed with a brushed aluminum frame and anti-glare tempered glass, the SDX series is available in 55" and 65" Full HD models, The direct lit LED panels improves the products’ reliability while Specktron displays are also equipped with a very responsive infra-red touch technology that enables fluent writing and content manipulation.

Including an integrated Android system, optional detachable PC module, built-in speakers and multi-language Interactive software, Specktron's SDX series displays are cost effective tools for the learning environment.


Also available in the same category are larger-sized panels from the Specktron TDX series--including 55”, 65” & 70” Full HD displays, and 84” & 98” 4K displays. This series also features a responsive touch technology with an easy-to-use interface and dual operating system platform (Android embedded and optional slot–in Windows PC).

Combined with a significantly lighter design, the SDX series builds on Specktron’s broad range of products for interactive learning/ presentation and the educational sector.

Also on display will be Specktron’s Interactive Laser projector, the WDL3500i and an example of their Interactive White Boards (available in 82”, 92” and 110”).

Specktron offers an extensive range of products including interactive LED displays, interactive laser projectors, scanners, interactive whiteboards, AV equipment and accessories for corporate, education, government, and home users.

Go Specktron to Unveil Latest Interactive LED Displays at BETT and ISE 2016

Elevator Gets a Lift from Projection Film

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A Scottish centre for entrepreneurship, Elevator choses Pro Display’s Ultra Black rear projection film for its new cutting edge Aberdeen headquarters.

The Scottish company Elevator took up residence in new premises in Aberdeen in October 2014-- a cutting edge, £1 million office fit-out included converting a large glass partition in the welcome area into a large rear projection screen.

Elevator selected Pro Display’s Ultra Black rear projection film, a new product designed to deliver deep blacks, exceptional contrast and rich colours. Previously only available as a rigid projection screen, this self-adhesive film option brings the benefits of Ultra Black to a much wider range of audio-visual installations.

The projection film is supplied complete with a self-adhesive layer ready for application to existing windows, office partitions, or purpose-made glass or acrylic screens. Elevator contracted experienced signage firm Autograph Signs to install the film.

The finished screen measures a huge 3.5m by 2m with the image projected on the rear of the glass panel.

Andy Campbell, Elevator’s Accelerator Project Manager, says “Our new Centre for Entrepreneurship was created with the intention of encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration and to boost creativity. The aim of the projection screen is to engage visitors with our latest projects, initiatives, events and guidance. It also acts as an educational tool for our seminars, and to add visual interest to the meeting space between times. The screen continues to be a very impactful welcome to our visitors, from school pupils to entrepreneurs with established businesses.”

Andrew Boyle of Autograph Signs adds, “Installing high-end projection film onto glass needs patience, accuracy, and a lot of experience. We’re very happy with the results and hope that Elevator gets many years of use from its new projection screen.”

Go Pro Display’s Ultra Black Rear Projection Film

Christie Improves M Series

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Christie M Series

The upgraded line of Christie M Series 3DLP projectors (including Roadster and Mirage models) boast enhanced performance, portrait capabilities and a 500 hour increase in the 450W lamp.

Building on seven years of success, the updated Christie M Series models continue to be ideal for flat or curved screens in rental staging applications as well as large auditoriums, board and conference rooms, houses of worship, and post production in either single or multiple projector setups.

All enhanced Christie M Series 3DLP projectors are 3D upgradable and deliver "clean, crisp images" on large screens.

Rental stagers will continue to enjoy Christie M Series’ ability to cut through show lighting while both rental staging and permanent installation applications will benefit from the improved high-efficiency 450W dual-mercury lamp, ensuring bright, brilliant images for 1750 hours before a lamp change.

“Christie M Series has long been considered an industry workhorse and with portrait mode, an improved 450W lamp that adds 500 hours, as well as a new, easier to use remote featuring a greater range, Christie M Series is better than before,” says Mike Garrido, senior product manager, Christie. “There is also a dual input DisplayPort module allowing greater digital connectivity for the enhanced models.”

Christie M Series at a glance:

  • Eighteen Christie M Series projectors are now portrait-capable.
  • Extended life on 450W lamp models.
  • More user-friendly remote control.
  • Dual input DisplayPort module allows for greater digital connectivity on the product when shipped.
  • Dual mercury lamp operational in single lamp mode for built-in redundancy.
  • Deliver high brightness on large screens, cutting through ‘show lighting.’
  • Hot swappable lamps can be changed while projectors are in use.
  • 3DLP image quality for lifelike images.
  • 3D capabilities operate in either active or passive stereoscopic modes in the Mirage models, and include triple flash capability for smooth images when displaying Blu-ray content.
  • Embedded Christie Twist image warping and blending, and optional Christie AutoStack software to align Christie projectors in minutes.
  • Multi-window processing for small tiled and blended arrays means no external processors.
  • Patented embedded LiteLOC technology monitors and manages brightness levels, saving time and money.

The Christie M Series is now shipping with a 3-year parts and labour warranty.

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Epson Expands Ultra-Bright Pro Cinema Projector Line

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Epson Pro Cinema

In USA, Epson unveils an expanded line of full HD 1080p Ultra-Bright Pro Cinema Projectors, the Pro Cinema G6970WU, Pro Cinema G6570WU, Pro Cinema 4855WU, and wireless Pro Cinema 1985.

Featuring up to 6000 lumens of color brightness and 6000 lumens of white brightness1, Epson's aims its latest projectors to provide custom installers, sports and AV enthusiasts with versatile solutions specifically designed to provide exceptional image quality and wireless connectivity in large, open ambient light environments… yes, direct competition for traditional flat panels.

Designed with custom installers in mind, the Pro Cinema G6970WU, G6570WU and 4855WU are equipped with a suite of advanced features for easy installation and flexible setup, including vertical and horizontal lens shift, centered lens design and Arc Correction. In addition, Faroudja DCDi Cinema technology produces state-of-the-art image quality without introducing artifacts.

These models can even project content from two HD connections, side by side, with the Split Screen3 function. For added value and customization, the three models include a ceiling mount and extra lamp.

Epson Pro Cinema

The Pro Cinema G6970WU and G6570WU offer a total of 6 lenses each – standard, rear, two middle and one long-throw – enabling installers to choose the lens best suited for the space. A quick-release lever provides fast, easy lens exchange. HDBaseT connectivity, ideal for large home installations, integrates full HD video, audio, network and control commands into a single CAT 5/6 cable that may be extended up to 328 feet – significantly reducing installation costs by eliminating additional cables, signal repeaters and labor.

Pro Cinema G6970WU adds HD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) connectivity to extend the signal 300 feet supporting high frame rates and color depth.

The Pro Cinema 1985 wireless projector lets users can stream media from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop using wireless projection with Miracast and Intel WiDi. The projector features built-in sound and two HDMI ports to connect cable and satellite boxes, gaming consoles and more. In addition, the Pro Cinema 1985 supports MHL-enabled devices, including Chromecast, Roku 4 and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Go Epson Ultra-Bright Pro Cinema Projectors

World's Narrowest Bezel Video Wall by LG

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LG Electronics launched the world's narrowest bezel UHD video wall at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

With its super slim bezel size, the VH7B Direct Backlit LED Display video wall measures 0.9 mm and caters to sectors including airports, shopping centres and hotels.

The ground breaking video wall display features LG's webOS for Signage smart platform, which takes advantage of the built-in high-performance system-on-a-chip (SoC) sync playback that eliminates the need for an external PC or media player to play contents for daisy chain, helping to reduce the total cost of ownership.

LG's webOS for Signage enables a variety of web-based applications across multiple platforms, as well as the ability to write applications using HTML 5. The advantage of this platform is the ease of management and customisation for third party solution providers which makes lives easier for all stakeholders.

In addition to the global debut, LG showcased the 98" ULTRA HD 4K premium signage display, 84" 10-point touch white board, the new ultra-stretched 86" display, and the innovative LG beacon solution demonstrated on 10" compact touch screens.

Also on display was the UHD premium Hospitality TV UX960H designed to provide a connected guest in-room experience. These solutions cater to a range of vertical industries including retail, education and hospitality.

Go LG’s VH7B Direct Backlit LED Display Video Wall

New Christie Flat Panels Include 98-Inch

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Christie FHQ981-L

Christie launches its Christie FHQ552-T, Christie FHQ842-T and Christie FHQ981-L flat panels in three sizes (55”, 84”, and 98”).

All three are ideal for meeting rooms, offices, lobbies and architectural displays, and can be banded with Christie Brio, Christie Spyder and the Christie Pandoras Box media server.

The Christie FHQ552-T features 10-point touch capabilities, built-in speakers and an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot.

Replacing the FHQ841-T is the Christie FHQ842-T -- a versatile 84-inch display, perfect for large-format presentation and collaboration applications. With built-in 10-point multi-touch capability, the Christie FHQ842-T can be used in interactive applications or whiteboard and meeting room scenarios.

“For an affordable LCD solution with multi-touch capabilities, end users should look no further than the Christie FHQ552-T and FHQ842-T,” says Andy Clipsham, senior product manager, Christie. “Both models are plug-and-play, offer professional-grade durability for peace of mind and are compatible with Crestron or similar systems.”

UHD, premium performance, low cost of ownership…the Christie FHQ981-L 98-inch flat panel suits business, education, houses of worship, small control rooms and digital signage applications. Providing a seamless canvas and an alternative to traditional 2 x 2 tiled 46-inch displays, the 98-inch flat panel is compatible with digital signage devices and media players including Christie Spyder and Christie Pandoras Box. The FHQ981-L is equipped with built-in speakers, multi-window capability, along with an OPS slot for compatibility with digital signage devices and pluggable media players.

“The Christie FHQ981-L delivers premium performance and image quality for commercial applications at a low cost of ownership,” Clipsham added. “This versatile ultra-HD flat panel display offers plug and play simplicity and manages up to four feeds simultaneously.”

All three Christie flat panels have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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