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Flypaper Intros Cloud CMS

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Flypaper Studio‘s latest version of its CMS now includes everything from content creation to scheduled delivery. 

Flypaper CMSFlypaper CMS resides in the Cloud, so it can be accessed through any standard web browser without the need to install or maintain expensive servers or infrastructure. 

It enables users to manage, schedule and monitor multiple digital display screens and networks from a single workstation.

Flypaper CMS consists of a three parts:

  •  Scheduler lets you specify when, where and which of your content will appear. It does all the scheduling and can be prioritized for specified periods of time, allowing short-term promotions to take precedence over regularly scheduled content.
  •  The Dashboard is “control central.” From a single screen, you can control all your displays in a unified manner. You can also instantly see if any screens are experiencing abnormal conditions such as a loss of Internet connectivity or low disk space.
  • FlyPlayer is installed on each of your screens and processes information sent from the scheduler. If the display loses its Internet connection, the player will continue to run the current content until the connection is restored. Then it will automatically check for updated schedules and content. The FlyPlayer is available in single or dual-screen format.

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Screenly “Reinvents” Digital Signage

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WireLoad is a software developer with a taste for Raspberry Pi, the tiny credit card-sized computer capable of displaying full 1080p videos and images. Their website tells their story:

“When we analyzed this market we noticed most of the products fell into one of two buckets:

  • Bloated and overpriced embedded solutions with decent functionality.
  • Home-made solutions (that were often buggy and reliant on Adobe Flash).

What we wanted was an affordable, modern and lightweight solution, but there weren’t any around. When the Raspberry Pi was announced, we had an ‘aha’ moment. This was what was needed to reinvent the industry. At only $35 it was accessible for everyone. Not only that, the hardware was powerful enough to support full-HD playback.

Screenly Monitors Status

After spending a few months on the waitlist, we got our Rasperry Pi last summer and got busy cranking out a prototype. The result is a product that we call Screenly – a turn-key digital signage solution. All you need to manage it is your web-browser.”

That’s their story or at least the beginning of it. They’ve developed two versions. Screenly OSE is Open Source (Raspbian, a Debian-derived Linux) so anyone can install, modify and use it free of charge. 

All you need to install Screenly OSE is a Raspberry Pi and a TV. Screenly OSE works only for a stand-alone setup. 

Screenly Pro is their commercial solution designed for users who want to manage multiple nodes (or screens). It runs on the same hardware as Screenly OSE, but it provides you with a central interface. Screenly Pro also provides other benefits such as system hardening, node alarm/health and more. 

Screenly Pro is in Beta. And wireless is not supported yet on either version (users need a wired DHCP Internet connection). So there’s more work to be done.

Will low-cost hardware and a per month SaaS service cause the market disruption that makes your eyes water? 

You can practically hear the chuckles from the incumbents. Big players in the industry will hardly notice Screenly. For the same reasons big business shunned Macintosh computers for decades. The Screenly revolution, if there is one, will come from the usual hotbeds of Open Source: education, non-profits, community organizations and wily small business.

Their competition for this grass roots business will be low cost Android solutions in this entry-level market. No matter which wins—both will funnel growth into the bottom tier of the user base. As those users get more sophisticated, they will want to move up to the next tier, creating a bigger and bigger sales pyramid that represents the digital signage marketplace.

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IntuiFace Version 4: Creativity for Non-Programmers

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IntuiFace Version 4

IntuiFace - the new name for IntuiFace Presentation - has already established itself as a digital signage and presentation software option for those who wishes to create interactive experiences without writing one line of code

More than 200 customers in more than 45 countries use this software to build multi-touch, remote gesture and input tag-driven applications for the tablet, kiosk, table-top and wall-mounted device.

For the boardroom and the classroom, the tradeshow and the showroom, the museum, the store, and even the sales call …Version 4.0 capabilities include:

Works with external data: Connect visual elements in your IntuiFace experience with ever-changing cloud-based data. Always display the latest graphics and info. Make content changes without requiring a restart.


Omnitapps Indoor Way Finding & Interactive Whiteboard Software

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Besides its Omnitapps Multi Touch Suite and the Cloud Brochure selector, Omnivision adds two new multi-touch applications: Indoor Way Finding and Interactive Whiteboard software.

OmniTapps Way finding

The Indoor Way Finding multi-touch software had its introduction at ISE 2013 where more than 44,000 visitors used this software to find their way.

To make this software affordable, Omnivision designed it so users can create their own way finding solution (for shopping walls, trade centers, hospitals, etc.) by importing a high resolution floor plan and by importing their own CSV or Excel database.

The user-friendly Omnitapps Interactive Whiteboard software has all the function of a normal whiteboard with markers/pens. With one touch, users can choose the color and line thickness. It’s simple and as Omnivision says “as simple as it should be.”

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“Give Me a Job@ Key Systems”

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Experts that take their own advice to heart are preferred. That’s why out of home media software specialist Key Systems advertises its own job vacancies on digital posters.

Signature Outdoor CityVision Birmingham

Using Signature Outdoor’s CityVision digital screens in Birmingham centre, Key Systems broadcasted its own job offers to thousands of passers-by.


Mike Dillon, Key Systems CEO says: “In meeting the demand for global expansion, Key Systems has built its team of highly skilled and committed developers over many years. By using the out –of-home medium, and digital signage in particular, we will attract the right candidates. We also want to demonstrate that we believe in the reach and power of outdoor media.”


Signature Outdoor CityVision’s digital screens network was launched only last year. The 4m x 6m billboard with 10mm definition is located on the approach to the Bullring Shopping Centre. CityVision Southside is a landscape 6m x 3m 10mm LED located in the heart of Birmingham, which has only recently gone live.


Ingram Micro Europe Gets Scala for All Europe

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More vendors are lining up to join the giant of IT distribution as it pushes into AV and digital signage. Scala will now expand its relationship with Ingram Micro Europe (for Scala's digital signage software including SaaS offerings) from just Nordics to all of Europe.


Nathalie Andersen, Director ProAV Digital Signage, Ingram Micro Europe, says, “…We look forward to extending Scala’s reach within the European market whilst offering to our channel partners Scala cutting edge software and recurring revenue streams .” 

“It is great to see the world’s largest technology distributor focusing on delivering a leading digital signage SaaS solution such as Scala Enterprise. Our retail solutions are a key component of the retailer’s omnichannel strategy and our corporate propositions such as the Scala CxO Board and iS solutions are the advanced tools that give business leaders the ability to communicate effectively with insight and real time business stats,” says Harry Horn, VP Marketing, Scala Inc.

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BroadSign Celebrates 10th Anniverary with New SaaS

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BroadSign celebrates its 10th anniversary with the release of a new version of its SaaS platform: BroadSign X offers enriched functionality with more simplified workflows and a greater degree of network automation.

BroadSign X

OK, you read it “X”. BroadSign would like you to pronounce it as TEN (as the X is in Roman numerals.)

The BroadSign X (TEN) software version follows the introduction of BroadSign Xpress, the company’s first Android media player hardware.

BroadSign Xpress matches the full functionality of PC playback devices at a fraction of the price, reducing the cost of network deployment.

Networks that wish to use the Android player must upgrade to the BroadSign X network management platform, available to existing client networks free of charge.

Among other significant enhancements, advertisers can now spend budgets more efficiently using BroadSign X’s “campaign goal” feature, which allows for a campaign to stop automatically once the desired number of ad runs, impressions or viewer interactions have been achieved.

The new BroadSign X platform also boasts features such as simple screen control, RS 232 device control API, export package check-sum, day part API and TCP triggers, as well as broadcast-like video transitions.

New features and enhancements include:

  •     Display unit geopositioning using Google Maps
  •     Campaign goals and goal-based targeting
  •     Transition animations between videos
  •     Simple screen control via DPMS
  •     Extra integrity verification on export packages
  •     Option to broadcast triggers via TCP instead of UDP
  •     RS 232 device control command Player API
  •     Day part active query Player API

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Cyberstream Adds to DSplay’s Features

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CyberStream showcased fresh features of its digital signage platform, DSplay, along with several user interface enhancements at ISE 2013. DSplay is a software platform that offers extension and customization features to facilitate interactive applications and dynamic content.

The newest addition to DSplay features has been on display, implementing retrieval, processing and presentation from live data feeds. The ability to capture real-time information and create live dashboards can enhance the value of business intelligence infrastructures and create applications in corporate boardrooms, executive offices, operations rooms, and more.

Additionally, DSplay’s newest version now exploits HTML5 technology.

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Yesco Signs on with SmarterSign

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YESCO recently announces a partnership with SmarterSign digital signage software.

Las Vegas-based YESCO, a provider of custom signs to the world, has been creating and building some of the most recognizable signs for over 90 years. YESCO's specific requirements demanded a software solution that was flexible, scalable and easy to use.

"The simplicity of the user interface coupled together with powerful features of SmarterSign have enabled YESCO to open up digital outdoor signage opportunities around the world for companies use to using conventional paper advertising systems," comments Manuel Lynch, General Manager of YESCO Outdoor LCD. "We have seen international acceptance of our SmarterSign software and how much value it can bring to advertising companies".


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