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Smallest Embedded DS, Says Mdina Media

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Calling itself “the only Scala platform partner in Europe with an embedded certified player,” Mdina Media came all the way from Holland to ISE with a trio of embedded solutions that featured small size, plug & play and lower power.

One example is their Nano-ITX embedded system powered by an Intel Duo Core processor. with the world’s first Nvidia NMP9 embedded ION Chipset 9400m graphics onboard. This system features Green PC standards at 20w under normal operating conditions. An SSD drive, a wireless card, and a Compact Card reader (for loading data & software) complete the special features.

Or maybe you would prefer the world’s first low power embedded board with AMD Embedded G-Series Platform? This mini-ITX (17.7 x 17.7 x 5 cm high) is low-powered optimized (9 and 18 watt versions). The system can be deployed in computer intensive areas where high end graphics are key....with advanced interfaces such as 6Gb/s SATA, second generation PCI and HD audio. An integrated DDR3 memory running at 1066MHz is standard.

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SpinetiX Goes Full HD with an InfoComm Asia Debut

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Making its global debut at InfoComm Asia, SpinetiX launches the HMP200 Hyper Media Player, a high-end digital signage media player capable of publishing information, video, pictures and text in 1080p Full HD to any screen or display device.

Ultra-compact, lightweight and with max. power consumption of 7W, the HMP200 can be concealed behind a screen, installed with ‘zero config’ network integration, and then, says the manufacturer, "simply forgotten about." There are no moving parts, the device has no vulnerability to PC viruses or OS issues, so SpinetiX offers a lifetime warranty for every Hyper Media Player it sells.

As well as decoding HD video, the HMP200 can publish data, audio, and dynamic content from RSS feeds, widgets and instant messaging using SpinetiX’s own Fusion software, which resides inside the unit and is part of the package.

The creation of bespoke applications such as multi-screen videowalls, interactive kiosks and touchscreens is also possible as theHMP200 is based on open protocols such as SVG and JavaScript. There are comprehensive scheduling options and the unit’s standard 8GB of solid-state memory can be expanded via USB 2.0.

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Digital View Launches “Digital Signage in a Box”

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Digital View releases an easy-install digital signage kit, with a pre-configured media control server and a number of networkable, low cost ViewStream HD digital media players.

Designed to operate within an office, retail or public environment, for a ready-made digital signage network, all the user need do is plug the server and media players into their existing local area network. The media server runs Digital View’s free DV-SYNC software, which is scalable and can be configured to run as many ViewStream media players as required, with no additional license costs or monthly fees.

The DV-SYNC application controls the distribution of digital signage media content across the network. It uses FTP technology to deliver media scheduling and to collect content play-out and compliance information.

The Digital Signage in a Box solution is offered with two compact ViewStream media player options-- both of which provide professional digital content presentation with crystal-clear media playback, Linux reliability and 3 year warranty.

The ViewStream VS-520 is a full HD 1080p, gapless track-to-track playback and a range of outputs to drive any LCD display, projector or video wall. ViewStream VS-320 is a compact, low cost player that offers 720p HD playback.

The Digital Signage in a Box package includes a Content Management Server pre-loaded with DV-SYNC, a user-defined quantity of ViewStream media players and a copy of the DV-Studio playlist list creation tool.

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AMX's Linux Digital Signage Solution

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At InfoComm, AMX debuted a LINUX-based digital signage player, called the IS-SPX-1000, that’s small enough to mount anywhere (1” x 6” x 3”).

It manages originally-created content, RSS feeds, all sorts of graphics file formats, MPEG or H.264 video and outputs all on either VGA or HDMI ports.

Watch the rAVe NOW Video from InfoComm

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SpinetiX and Scala Can Integrate

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Shown to partners at Scala's EMEA Connected Signage Conference in Netherlands, Scala's Content Manager 5 software platform can now deliver content to the dedicated open-platform SpinetiX HMP100 hardware.

The HMP100 uses the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) family of open-standard specifications that allows XML-based file formats to describe static, dynamic and animated information.

Serge Konter, Marketing Manager, SpinetiX, comments: "Our Hyper Media Player technology turns any digital display into an autonomous and networked device. The very small footprint and the minimal energy consumption of our HMP100 have very low installation and operational costs. Until now, many Scala users were obliged to use PC-based players to display dynamic content and were not able to deploy the HMP100 in their systems. We are delighted that our new integration with Scala technology is now being made available."

Gerard Bucas, CEO, Scala, adds: "The use of hardware appliances such as the SpinetiX HMP100 has a number of advantages for our customers. Compared to PC-based player solutions they offer lower running costs, and with no fan or other moving parts, reliability in the field can expected to be much higher. We're excited to be able to offer our customers more flexibility when specifying their systems, and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with SpinetiX."

The integration (Scala's software platforms and SpinetiX hardware) will make its international debut at InfoComm.

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Carousel Coming to Europe

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Following international interest in their products at NAB, Tightrope will now reach out to international markets, especially for Zeplay (4 in/4 out instant replay machine that constantly records four 100Mbps HD-SDI streams while simultaneously playing out any or all of the streams) and Carousel (digital signage).

Steve Israelsky, VP of Domestic Sales and Chief Marketing Officer, has been named Executive Director of International Sales.

Carousel is Tightrope's easy to use, browser based, digital signage system. It is deployed at over a thousand organizations throughout the United States, with many customers in the K-12 schools, higher education, municipal, hospital, and corporate markets.

Users can use existing flash, video and graphics or enter messages directly with Carousel's template driven system. Carousel also pulls in weather reports, RSS feeds, traffic cams, video feeds and more.

Carousel is an intelligent digital signage system that is designed with simplicity, security, scalability and economy in mind. Start with a single display and expand to nearly limitless channels of digital signage in multiple buildings.

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Extron Steps Into DS High-End Media Player Market

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Extron introduces a line of HD and 2K Video Players for single and multi-channel applications including digital signage.

The MMP 9500 is an HD MPEG video player that supports ATSC-compliant formats for single or multi-site digital signage applications. The JMP 9600 Two-Channel JPEG2000 Players are ideal for entertainment applications.

The MMP 9500 is a player that supports ATSC-compliant formats, HDV, and MPEG-2 in resolutions of 1920x1080i, 1280x720p, and 720x576/480p.

Utilizing a 10/100 Base T Ethernet network infrastructure, the MMP 9500 is an intelligent device in that can live anywhere on the network and it can be triggered to play out HD video as part of an elaborate multimedia show and even operates in sync with lighting, music, and environmental effects.

Two models of JMP 9600 Video Players, the JMP 9600 HD and JMP 9600 2K, can be used to provide 2D, 3D, and stereoscopic playback of JPEG2000 format files at up to 250Mbps. JPEG2000 compression is the superior choice for high resolution image playback. 4:4:4 color sampling and 12-bit color depth provide better granularity and less contouring.

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Dune HD Network System

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"Dune," of course is the title of the famous series of sci-fi novels by Frank Herbert. And those sci-fi fans will "grok" the Dune HD Network system.

Dune HD Network is designed for easy, less complex digital signage. Automating the HD demonstration of media on monitors and TVs sets, it can cycle video in a show with the possibility to add scrolling text lines and logos (and schedule those to appear in specified intervals).

It also allows you to operate all of processes in system devices remotely.

With up to 1080P of video playback and HDMI v1.3, it does all the things you want from a basic digital signage system with an easy-to-use GUI.

With a special "HDNetwork"-enabled license installed, you can download firmware and use any Dune player models as a presenter in the Dune HD Network system: Dune HD Mini, Dune HD Base, Dune HD Base 2.0

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VIA Demos at Digital Signage Expo 2010

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At Digital Signage Expo, VIA brought its S3 Graphics Chrome 5400E x2, a dual GPU add-in-board aimed at advanced, multi-display digital signage applications..

Able to accelerate the latest HD video codecs, it uses PanoChrome technology to provide up to four independent HD video streams at resolutions of 1080p on up to 8 displays, employing various display modes and configurations.

VIA also demonstrated its growing range of board and system-level digital signage products, like VIA VB8003, the first Mini-ITX board to feature a dedicated graphics processor and support for dual HDMI, DVI and VGA ports.

And the durable VIA VIPRO panel series, a comprehensive range of features in an industrial-grade LCD panel.

Or the VIA vmpc…a fanless, ultra-thin system featuring an industry-first: a thru-chassis VESA mounting design that can turn any standard display into a digital signage device in moments.

VIA Technologies says their single chip VIA VX900 media system processor "…represents the most complete solution for HD digital content consumption on the market today." In other words, you put the VIA VX900 in your systems to bring a smoother 1080p HD video without those annoying shakes.

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