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BrightSign’s Bright New Look Costs Less, Works Faster

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BrightSign HD

Well, you can’t say BrightSign isn’t listening to the market. Their new updated HD models have a lower-cost (by 23% on high-end HD1020 model and 12% on entry level HD120), faster performance (2X), better video-to-video performance, and about 20% smaller form factor.

CEO Jeff Hastings [show in photo below] told us: “We wanted BrightSign HD to eliminate virtually all barriers to entry into the digital signage market. So there are no barriers to mass roll-out using a solution that’s a fraction of the cost of alternatives.”

By “alternatives,” we mean PCs that are in situ as digital signage players…that may account for as much as 60-80% of the market today. BrightSign sees the market potential still as a huge opportunity and unit growth is probably only overshadowed by extraordinary exceptions such as iPads.

BrightSign’s family of non-PC, solid-state digital sign controllers come integrated with a next-gen microprocessor to deliver improved media playback performance as well as save on manufacturing costs (and lets BrightSign pass the savings on to its customers. This is not charity; of course, it’s volume stimulus.).


AOpen: Digital Signage’s Warm Touch

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WarmTouch WT22M-RH

AOpen Europe announces the availability of the WarmTouch WT22M-RH, an all-in-one multi-touch panel PC.

With its 21.5” multi-touch display with a LED backlit panel, the WT22M-RH has a built-in PC based on the AOpen Digital Engine technology including the Intel Core i3 Processor.

It supports dual channel DDR3 memory for high performance. The Watchdog functionality can trigger a corrective action to automatically recover from lockups, eliminating IT support or helpdesk calls.

With an aluminium casing with a dust/water resistant panel and body, it is designed to handle intense use in a variety of scenarios.

AOpen also provides two foot stands for direct deployment. Whether in a retail environment, at tradeshows, in hospitality or in a business setting, the WT22M-RH is fully customizable and can serve different needs: e.g., as a digital kiosk with touch functionality, interactive information display, interactive way finding board, digital menu board and others.

Go AOpen WarmTouch WT22M-RH

Watch the WarmTouch YouTube movie

VIA Upgrades Mini-ITX Boards

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VIA launches the VIA EPIA-M720 Mini-ITX board-- upgrading the EPIA-LN with a VX900 MSP and DDR3 and SATA II support. 

VIA Epia-M720It combines a 1GHz C7 processor with as the VX900 into a unfied media system processor handling HD video, audio and HDMI support in a compact power-efficient package measuring 17 x 17cm. 

It supports up to 4GB DDR3 1066 DIMM system memory and features the ChromotionHD 2.0 video processor. 

The rear panel I/O includes x2 PS/2 ports (KB/MS), x1 HDMI, VGA, COM and Gigabit LAN ports, x2 USB 2.0 ports and x3 audio jacks. Together with the PCI slot are x2 SATA II connectors, additional COM port, x3 USB 2.0 pin headers, SPDIF out, x1 LPT pin header and SMBus header. 

The board supports Windows 7, XP/2000, XPe and CE, as well as Linux. 


HD Digital Signage Media Player from Gefen

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Gefen HD DS

Designed to meet every budget, the new HD Digital Signage Media Player from Gefen makes its first appearance at IBC. This simple solution outputs content as 1080p full HD video with audio for HD systems-- and supports HDMI, component, composite and s-video devices with audio.

Calendar-based scheduling comes with Gefen Content Management Software (CMS) accessible through a network that manages all digital signage content.

Content can be pushed to the HD Digital Signage Media Player when connected through a network or pulled based on automated calendar scheduling. The HD Digital Signage Media Player provides ongoing content feedback information such as playback, system status, and uploaded content to more easily manage and control digital signage applications. Its directory and file structure can be managed through any text-based editing program.

Two USB 2.0 ports are accessed by an external flash drive, which can be used to connect an additional hard drive to broaden system storage. Integrated mounting brackets and a small footprint allow the HD Digital Signage Media Player to be mounted discreetly behind the connected display.

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Merged EnQii and MDS Become ComQi

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It might have been EnMDS or MiniQii but EnQii Holdings and Minicom Digital Signage (MDS) needed a new name for the merger of their companies.

Announced at InfoComm, that new name is: ComQi.

Choosing a totally new name means both companies given up some recognition, yet the merger gets a clean slate as a new entity.

ComQi aims to provide integrators with an end-to-end solution encompassing media distribution, network management, content management and proof-of-performance, while reducing capital and operational costs.


SpinetiX Ships 5000 HMP200 Hyper Media Players

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SpinetiXAt the end of March 2011, SpinetiX have sold out of their first batch of 5000 units of HMP200 Hyper Media Players with pre-loaded Fusion Software.

The HMP200 Hyper Media Player uses only 7 watts of power due to its solid state design. The unit has a lifetime guarantee, an attractive offering for integrators, installers and users. The creation of bespoke applications such as multi-screen videowalls, interactive kiosks and touch screens is simplified by the fact that, like all SpinetiX players, the HMP200 is based on open protocols such as SVG and JavaScript.


World’s Smallest x86 Digital Signage Player

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PlayeriBASE Technology introduces the SI-18 Signature Book, an ultra-compact digital signage player that the company calls “the world’s smallest x86 digital signage player.”

Powered by the AMD Embedded G-Series APU that packs two CPU cores and 80 GPU cores on one piece of silicon, the SI-18 measures 4.9” (12.44cm) x 4.9” (12.44cm) x 1.3” (3.3 cm) and features an industrial grade all-metal chassis with integrated mounting brackets.


VIA Displays Embedded Graphics Solutions

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VIA Displays

VIA brings its range of graphics and multi-display solutions to this year's Digital signage Expo, including its latest, the eH1 graphics card.

The VIA eH1 supports DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL ES 2.0 and the stereoscopic 3D technologies, while handling multiple HD content streams. It is a low profile PCI-E add-in board, carrying the 64-bit S3 Chrome 5400E GPU.

The company says it is ideal for embedded applications involving sophisticated graphics and HD video, such as digital signage and advertising, POS, POI and casino gaming.

Also on show is VIA's ARM-based system-on-chip digital signage solutions-- the VIA EPIA Mini-ITX boards. The series includes the latest VIA Nano X2 dual-core processor and boards carrying the multimedia-focused VIA VX900 chipset.

Finally there's the VIA VIPRO panel series (combining a full feature range inside an industrial-grade LCD panel) and the VMPC ultra thin, fanless system-- turning any standard display into a digital signage device via thru-chassis VESA mounting design.

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BrightSign: 20,000 Solid State Players in Europe

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CEO Jeff Hastings stopped by our Web TV show at ISE to tell us the European installations of its BrightSign low cost solid state digital signage player in 2010 totalled more than 20,000.

Of particular note, FNAC took 1500 sign controllers for 80 of their stores in what is presumably the largest digital signage network in France.

The highlight of its ISE participation, explained Hastings, is its new Tabletop Digital Signage Solution, the TD1012. This tabletop is a solid state tower that doesn’t require a PC or external power or wiring.

For use out of box, TD1012 offers a steel enclosure with Wifi inside, 12.1” hi res screen, and 12 hours of battery life. This freestanding tower and be placed anywhere signage is needed and wireless networking lets users keep content fresh.

Go BrightSign freestanding TD1012

Watch our interview BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings on Web TV