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Wavetec: BCI Bank Revamps Customer Experience

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Based in Chile, BCI is a financial institution with a workforce of 10,500 people and more than 300 banking centers.

BCI logoWith the goal of implementing new strategies to enhance customers’ and clients’ experience (and in turn BCI’s interaction with its stakeholders), the banker opted for Donatello, Wavetec’s digital signage solution.

Within the project’s framework, a number of 32 and 55 inches screens were set up in different BCI branches. Each of these TVs is now wired to a Donatello through an HDMI cable that allows HD content reception. A central web server wired to every device through a LAN or WiFi connection is responsible for the screens’ administrative operations.

Content programming and management are carried out from Donatello Suite software, easily installed and executed in any Windows laptop. The screens content is then customized combining a variety a modules such as date and time, the weather, TV programmes, and even social networks.

The project includes the set-up of 260 screens during the first stage (until July 2014) to progressively reach all the institution's offices.  

BCI branch


Engagement opportunities. BCI has now a new tool to devise an enjoyable experience for its customers and clients in a physical environment, one used to build customer relations and to impact business outcomes.   

Easy installation and maintenance. If a Donatello Player needs replacement, any company representative is in a position to plug in the new equipment. The application starts working automatically.

Central management.  The system of central management  controls all screens from one point and allows the creation of user profiles (and the granting of content uploading as well as content approval permissions).

Ideal customizing options. The content modules are designed on a flexible canvas, so there is room to add BCI's own regular content institution information, the weather, date and time, social network postings, and live TV)  as well as the inclusion of BCI's ad hoc communication needs (unanticpated announcements, breaking news etc) as well. This tool can additionally be integrated to the waiting line management system.

BCI barnch2

Advantages in costs. Donatello has been developed on the Android platform for significant savings in acquisition as well as software license updating. As well, the solution does not call for heavy hardware investment, thus enabling scalable project execution.

Working in more than 60 countries, Wavetec has a track record on providing solutions aimed at building valuable experiences within the service area, not only for consumers but also for organizations such as Interbank, Barclays, Emirates Airlines, Tesco, LIDL Germany, and Chilexpress

Their distinction in the development of digital signage is their merger of waiting line management systems, and experience measurement to make a full solution in industries such as retail, banking, or health.

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Digital Signage at Christie Wins Silver DSE Apex Award

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West Wing

Christie leaves Digital Signage Expo on a high note, with a Silver Apex award under the Business, Industry and Government category for its digital signage display of Christie MicroTiles in the company’s own new West Wing building expansion.

The display in its corporate office in Canada intersects technology, architecture and artistic design. Working with Arsenal Media, SRM Architects and rp Visual Solutions, it features sophisticated architectural integration and a unique technology solution to drive the 70Mpx creative canvas created for the company’s Artist-In-Residence Programme and other content development partners.

At the DSE awards ceremony, several Christie products were featured in partners’ winning entries. The Apex awards honour innovation in the development and deployment of technology in the global digital out-of-home networks (DOOH) industry, while the Content awards honour innovative and compelling content created for digital signage in the DOOH networks.


Largest Autobahn Digital Signage Network in Europe

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Scala partner ISS Intelligent Service Solutions GmbH installed more than 3000 screens at the leading provider of restaurant, hotel, retail and fuel services on the German Autobahn, Tank & Rast

For travelers on the German motorway network, the approximate 340 filling stations and 370 service area (including approximately 50 hotels) are a place to relax and recuperate. Around 500 million guests visit Autobahn Tank & Rast’s service facilities each year.

Tank & Rast

To cater for the changing needs of different customers, Tank & Rast recently decided to install more than 3000 screens at several hundred of its rest stations. As a part of this modernization program, service areas have been remodeled and the range of services offered has been extended significantly.

Scala Partner SEEN MEDIA now manages the network, consisting of 980 Scala Players. This digital communication solution empowers Tank & Rast to manage their communication and promotion strategy at their 300 restaurants Tank & Rast much more successful and effective.

“The management team of Tank & Rast made a crucial decision by incorporating digital communication in their remodeling plan from the start,” states Helge Haarig, Sales Manager DACH at Scala. “The companies that worked together on this project are all specialists in their field, resulting in an optimal Scala powered digital communication network that creates extra sales and advertising revenue and therefore has a great return on investment. The Scala software enables the system operators to distribute, adjust and plan top quality messaging and imagery with the utmost flexibility, creating the perfect platform for Tank & Rast to reach their target audience.”

A study of the Association for Consumer Research impressively demonstrated the effectiveness of the advertising messages on the screens of Tank & Rast as the customers were clearly inclined to purchase the displayed product vs. what they had in mind originally. This high association between ads and sales is exactly the desired outcome of marketing.

With more than 3000 digital screen channels, 290 city-lights, 100 travel-boards and many further possibilities for digital advertising opportunities, Tank & Rast stands out as a unique publishing partner. They represent a modern, effective way to reach both their own and other companies` target groups- around the clock, 365 days a year all across Germany.

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On its 100th Anniversary, IBM Wants You to THINK

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100 Years of THINK

THINK. It was 100 years ago that IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr. put this one-word slogan on a nameplate on his own desk to remind his executives what IBM culture required of its executives. Soon signs appeared in IBM offices and factories By the 1920s and in the early 1930s, THINK began to take precedence over other slogans in IBM.

You can still find echoes of Watson's motto in the brand name of IBM's popular notebook computers (now sold-off to Lenovo): the ThinkPad.


Men And Women Look At Naked Women Differently

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Tracking resultsAre there gender specific differences in the way we look at visual content? Eyetrack Shop finally answers quantitatively the question of how men and women might view digital signage messages in different manners.

There were smaller differences than you might expect but check it out for yourself.

We will tell you one fact from the study: by studying one Reebok ad that showed a mostly naked woman wearing only shoes...well, women spent most of their time staring at the shoes and you probably think you know what the men zero'd in on....

Wrong! Men went straight to the face and spent 40% more time there than women did...carefully studying the face before moving on...

Which proves unequivocally this much: men aren’t interested much in shoes. So the money you spend on shoes, girls, is to impress your friends not the sweetheart.

And the money your customers spend on digital signage displays now may be impressive but it’s the eye-tracking software that will catch the looks in the future.

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Getting Started In DS: Part 4

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This is the fourth part in a series about getting started in digital signage for ProAV dealers. Read the first part on our website here, the second part here and the third part here.

Jay Martin, Director of US Sales for X20 Media points out that poised between the technical and the business side there is a paradigm that is often overlooked -- the customer’s content plan. According to Martin, “the integrator has to be the consulting entity that helps them decide that.” He further asserts that before choosing the technology, integrators need to help the client figure who what information they want to put in front of their viewers. “What form is it going to take?” asks Martin. “Will it be PowerPoint? Video? Text? Stills? Is it a retail menu? Is it all of the above, intermixed? Until they determine what this content plan is, you’re taking a stab in the dark!”

For that reason, Martin puts that first and foremost when meeting with integrators and their clients. He explains that once you determine your content and your target audience, that’s how you’ll determine which advertising model will work. Says Martin, “Advertising is a key component and if you’re an ad network, you don’t really want a huge capital expenditure at day one.” He suggests that if you do go down the advertising route, consider leasing to reduce the client’s cost to a monthly revenue model, and if you’re not advertising, talk about setting up and installing as fixed costs. In all cases he advises integrators to talk about technological scalability. “Does the client want ten displays or ten thousand? That will determine the platform you select.”


Getting Started In DS: Part 3 -- Beyond The Technical

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This is the third part in a series about getting started in digital signage for ProAV dealers.

Digital Signage As we’ve progressed along this series about getting started in digital signage, we’ve covered aspects of the technical and business sides of the category. In this installment, we’ll examine the need to find the right vendor partners.

Dave Haynes, Digital Signage expert, pundit, and owner of Sixteen:Nine explains that part numbers and lengths of cable and electrical are the easy part. It’s Haynes’ position when he coaches integrators that before they look at any technology they have to go through the exercise of figuring out what the objectives of both their clients and themselves are. Haynes says, “Until you have that really clearly defined, you can’t go to the next step, which is building a strategy.”


Getting Started In DS: Part 2. The Creative Challenge

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This is the second part in a series about getting started in digital signage for ProAV dealers. Read the first part on our website here.

DUHIn our initial installment, we began by discussing some of the technical considerations, and the need to partner with the right technology vendors. While that’s a large subject that we’ll revisit again, even more important is learning how to effectively sell the end product.

What Dave Haynes, digital signage expert, pundit, and owner of Sixteen:Nine hears over and over from people who are on the vendor side is that when working with the AV channel, education is the huge issue. “It’s not so much a question of training with regard to ‘How do we do this?’”, he says. “It’s more to do with ‘How do we sell this?’”

Haynes’ point is that rather than lacking technical know-how, AV integrators need to learn how to frame the business opportunity, and express to prospective clients the value of digital signage and its applications, such as sales, awareness, and safety. The bottom line, says Haynes is what can be done with it that will generate real ROI, both for the dealer, and for their client.


Auto Dealership Goes for Sunlight-Readable Display

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It’s no secret that auto dealerships need digital signage—and that their needs can be both outside as well as inside the dealership.

The power of display is its ability to share information is a consistent, understandable methodology (that a potential customer can even control if a touchscreen is involved.) That's why customers for BMW Approved Used Cars in the UK are now able to engage more closely with authorised dealer product offerings thanks to a combo of interactive screens and Touch247 interactive software being offered by Flipside Group and their AV arm, Visionpoint Technologies Ltd.

Let’s take Vines Group’s authorised dealerships in Guildford, UK as an example.