Networks and Signal Distribution

World’s Only PoE Gigabit Ethernet Extender

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 Enable-IT 828

Now, for just a few hundred euro, integrators can use an all-in-one Gigabit solution to blow past Ethernet’s 100m distance limit (328 feet). For example in IP security, you can deploy multiple far off HD IP cameras out to 240 m (800 feet) away, through a single unit, or up to 610m (2000 feet)away, in series or tree.

Ethernet Extension Experts brings out the Enable-IT 828 with three built-in PoE Gigabit Ethernet ports and a ruggedized aluminum case, along with options for PoE injection via Midspans, and standalone injectors.


DVDO Ships Wireless HDMI Adapter

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DVDO ships its DVDO Air Wireless HDMI mobile solution that allows users to wirelessly connect a wide range of HDMI devices to their HDTVs – and not just Blu-ray Discs, cable or game consoles, but also smart phones, tablets and computers – all in what DVDO claims is full 1080p and in 7.1 channel sound.

DVDO Air is a wireless hardware solution that enables customers to easily wall-mount or place HDTVs anywhere in the room without visible HDMI cables. Mount the HDTV and wireless receiver on the wall, connect DVDO Mobile or any other HDMI source component to the wireless transmitter, and with plug-and-play simplicity the wireless link is ready to go.

DVDO Mobile utilizes Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) technology to connect to the latest MHL-enabled smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. DVDO claims that the DVDO Air + Mobile combo delivers uncompressed picture and sound from the mobile device to the big screen HDTV wirelessly and keeps your device fully powered at the same time.


Niveo: Networking With You in Mind

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In AV, it's all about the network these days. Yet now that we are ready to engage the digital shift to networked video, it's clear the network infrastructure isn't prepared with video in mind.

We need internet access, WLANs, routers, network storage, uninterrupted power and more--but most of that networking kit was designed in that "data-is-king" days and hasn't changed.

If that sounds like the perfect business opportunity, meet Niveo Professional. An international company with a Dutch and UK headquarters, Niveo launches a range of networking product designed specifically for audio/video installation.

"We're providing an alternative to those traditional networking suppliers who don't specialize and who don’t come from an AV background," says Arthur C.D. de Jager, Niveo’s Managing Director. He doesn't have to name these companies but we know he means HP, Cisco, Netgear... the IT guys.

Niveo range

“Niveo is not a one-size-fits-all IT brand that is sold in the corner shop. Unlike the IT networking business, it's important to the AV business model that the brand is not over-distributed, that you don’t find yourself competing with web shops," continues de Jager.

The Niveo products, says the maker, are built with the AV administrator in mind. The IT administrator, for example, is used to pushing the RE-SET button. But AV requires more stability in the first place as the administrator is not always available on site.


TLS Converter & Scaler AD/D

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The new TLS Converter & Scaler AD/D converts analogue input signals into digital signals and allows for connecting DVI devices such as projectors, TFTs and LCDs to analogue sources such as the VGA output of a graphics card.

The 118 x 42 x 148 mm aluminum TLS Converter & Scaler AD/D with remote control is equipped with an automatic recognition of all common VGA resolutions up to 1920x1200 and allows for scaling the input signals (also DVI) to a selectable format (e.g., to the native resolution of the output device).

Inputs include DVI-I female and Mini USB. Output is DVI-D female. The external power supply is 100-240 VAC; 50-60 Hz / 5 VDC; 3 A. Weighs 450 gm.

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Lightware Launches UMX4x4-Pro

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Lightware develops the UMX4x4-Pro, an all-around universal matrix switcher for small board rooms and classrooms. This supports various analog and digital audio visual formats (such as VGA, YUV, digital DVI, HDMI 1.3 with HDCP, stereo analog and S/PDIF digital audio signals).

Each input port incorporates an individual EDID Manager, a video A/D converter and a Digital/Analog video switch. No frame delay occurs if an analog signal is digitized. Each port contains an auto sync function, but the picture parameters can also be fine-tuned manually. The built in frame detector and graphical signal analyzer helps make adjustments in precision while the company’s Pixel Accurate Reclocking technology provides signal regeneration capability.

To its additional features, such as RS-232 and IP control and a comprehensive software suite, the UMX4x4-Pro can add the ability to input HDMI with embedded audio and DVI with HDCP encryption, VGA, component video and Analog or Digital audio. De-embedding audio from the incoming HDMI stream, re-embedding at output from a different audio source and even routing audio separately from video is easily handled with the UMX switcher. Up to 8 video sources can be connected to the system, 4 digital and 4 analog, with accessible simultaneously.

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