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World’s Largest HD LED Display

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Diamond Vision claims the title of the world’s largest HD LED video display with the opening a $1.1 billion US dollar stadium in USA that includes a $40 million aerial video screen system.

It’s not yet American football season so the first public event was a concert by country music stars George Strait and Reba McEntire.

The Dallas Cowboys now have 4-sided Diamond Vision structure hung in the center of their stadium. A first for an NFL stadium, the structure supports four Diamond Vision video displays (the two main displays facing the sideline measuring 22m high by 49m wide, and the two end-zone facing displays measuring 9m high by 15.5m wide).

Weighing 544 tonnes, the screens hang suspended 27.5m directly over the centre of the playing field and stretches nearly 20 yards (the playing field is marked with lines for each 10 yards as part of the sport’s rules.)

Completing the array of Diamond Vision displays are four, 26m² screens on the lower concourse; an upper level fascia (ribbon) display measuring 1.2m high by approximately 610m; and two Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor displays totaling more than 269m².

In addition to the Diamond Vision displays, Mitsubishi Electric is also providing a fully integrated scoring system, content management and playback system, game timers, delay of game clocks, locker room clocks and ticket window displays. T

The new Cowboys Stadium's Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision LEDerAd ribbon LED boards will be powered by ANC Sports Enterprises patent-pending VisionSOFT operating system. Additionally, ANC Design will create LED animations, graphics, advertisements and statistical templates for the LED fascia system for America’s 2009 National Football League season.

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