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Mitsubishi Play-Out End-to-End Signage Platform

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 Mitsubishi Play-Out

Mitsubishi Electric shows the latest version of its digital signage system, Play-Out,  a complete end-to-end dignage system that "creates a bridge between traditional print-based out-of-home advertising and the new electronic world."

Daniel Quitzau of Mitsubishi Electric Sweden, one of team behind the new product, comments, "Much of the focus among signage display manufacturers to date has been on either software or the display hardware. Our approach has been somewhat different. Instead of starting from the viewpoint of a hardware provider, we looked at the market from the perspective of the existing participants and developed our solution from there."

"What was needed was a solution that encompassed everything, and would give those involved in the industry the confidence to take ownership of the digital delivery channel all the way from inception to deployment. Some of that is hardware; some software. The crucial point is that it is an end-to-end solution, not a series of unknowns joined together."

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InnoVision Adds Network Version of InterAd

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InnoVision Adds Network Version of InterAd

From Taiwan, InterAD adds a network version to their stand-alone hardware/software package for controlling projected content on floor or wall (recommended maximum size is 4x3 meters).

The network version of InterAD will include a content server, management console and player. You edit your contents and schedule these on the management console in your office, then designate when and what content each player should run, and send all data to the content server. All the players will login to the server automatically to download the necessary data to playback.

All the data transmission is automated (receiving files and updating the contents via the Network) so you don't need to renew the content manually one by one.

InnoVision Labs has developed AMIT (Advanced Motion Identification Technology) software that drives their InterAD networked system. The graphic controller is a Windows- based computer.

The company offers up to 20 content templates where the customer can use his own image (but the effect pattern is fixed so in, for example, a Water/Fish template, the water effect is fixed but you can load your image as the top image and/or the background image). All of images inside templates can be replaced with customized images.

You could only purchase the software from InnoVision Labs if you can take care the PC based graphic controller. They will provide the software and the IR sensor to you. But InnoVision Labs recommends either the stand-alone package which includes software, hardware and contents service or the network version (when you need many individual units).

12 months warranty after delivery of product.

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NEC Creates VUKUNET Digital Signage Platform

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NEC Creates VUKUNET Digital Signage Platform

NEC (yes, the display manufacturer) announces a universal advertising platform for digital signage called VUKUNET.

VUKUNET provides a centralized, automated platform designed to connect and distribute ads to digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks.

VUKUNET helps digital signage network owners generate income by making it easier to connect all screens that have time/space available on their networks to advertise. Ideal candidates are networks that have locations with heavy foot traffic, substantial dwell time, strategic monitor placement, numerous locations in key demographic areas, and that are able to run a variety of ads from different advertisers (as opposed to one brand). Some examples of these places are retail stores, hotels, airports, bus and train terminals, universities, hospitals, convention centers, stadiums, museums and restaurants.

So how does this work? Formerly, advertisers and ad agencies had to contact hundreds of different network owners to determine rates and availability. Now, the ADVUKU ad-serving platform, VUKUNET's companion for ad agencies and advertisers, consolidates everything to search for the best networks in any location. Additionally, proof-of-performance automated technology will allow networks to receive a consolidated payment on a monthly basis for the advertising.

The VUKUNET platform is also agnostic. It can run on any manufacturer's display, and works with networks using any CMS (content management system). It consists of the VUKUNET Ad Manager, which enables networks to run ads on their screens, and an optional Vukunet CMS, which is a fully-equipped SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) CMS that's free to VUKUNET Ad Manager participants as well as all NEC Display hardware customers.

Why should you, the integrator, care? Simple -- this is a chance for you to make recurring revenue, via advertising. In the VUKUNET business model, not only the location owners get a percent of the advertising revenue (which will yes, pay for the hardware eventually), but also so do the integrators! And you don't have to sell the advertising - the ad agencies will do that. You just have to sell the DS system.

If you have previously sold DS systems, and the owners either aren't doing advertising, or are struggling with it, this can also be added to their system so both they, and you, will gain recurring revenue.

Read Gary's column on VUKUNET and why he thinks this is a service offering ProAV dealers need to jump on.

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BroadSign Offers Demo for SaaS Solution

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BroadSign offers resellers demo software of their SaaS (Software As A Service) digital signage solutions.

Resellers need to register with the reseller program at this link below but there’s no other obligation, says Broadsign.

This program is free of charge and is not a commitment to buy. Broadsign wanted a fast effective way for the reseller to try their software in their own time and this is the way they chose.

Once you register, BroadSign has training overviews and support. Here’s what you can get:

--New sign up process for resellers that will automatically give them access to the BroadSign reseller portal full of documents and downloads
--5x not for resale FREE demo player software for resellers to use in-house or on laptop for client demo’s
-- A new content channel for resellers to use with the Free NFR players has news weather video flash PowerPoint and pics this will download as a content channel for the reseller to use as part of their demos
--Training videos and focused support free of charge.
--1x Web banner for resellers to use on home page as link to micro site information.

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