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OVAB Europe Becomes DSF Europe

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Digital Signage Federation

OVAB Europe signs a working relationship with Digital Signage Federation (DSF) and will soon start operating as DSF Europe, an independent affiliate of the Digital Signage Federation.

By unifying efforts in USA with Europe, both organizations hope to benefit from an enlarged sphere of influence.

DSF Europe will maintain its own budget and annual agenda, participate in worldwide event and initiative planning, and have a seat on the DSF Board of Directors. This implicitly means the relationship is not an acquisition or merger but rather a cooperation (hence, the “working relationship” identified in the press release.)

This affiliation acknowledges the global nature of digital signage activity and the need for an industry association on a similar scale. It is expected to help drive DSF membership and participation in both No. America and Europe where many multi-national companies already do business, provide education, professional development and programming support for those organizations seeking to invest in or become more active in the digital signage sector.

Dirk Huelsermann

Dirk Huelsermann, president of OVAB Europe, who has chaired the association since its inception said, “Our Board of Directors believes strongly that working closely with the Digital Signage Federation will allow us to build on a strong foundation to expedite the growth of DSF Europe. This affiliation will allow us to offer members additional educational and professional development opportunities and become a much more inclusive trade organization.”

Ken Goldberg, CEO, Real Digital Media, and immediate past chairman of the Digital Signage Federation said, “Just as DSF filled a void with its inception six years ago, now is the right time to unify industry advocacy and advancement around the world. Establishing DSF Europe is just the start. Our objective is to increase opportunities and visibility for members doing business in the digital signage space, regardless of geographic location.”

Goldberg also said DSF and DSF Europe have no plans to start additional trade shows at the moment, with Digital Signage Expo continuing to serve as the primary trade show of both organizations. DSE 2016 is held in Las Vegas.

The key phrase might be “at the moment.” Obviously ISE serves the European market (as well as many other expos like Viscom, FESPA, Retail Digital Signage Expo etc) and it also has the successful Digital Signage Summit with invidis consulting. (The OVAB is a sponsor of the yearly Digital Signage Summit Europe.)

It’s pretty tough going to launch an event when there is no vacuum… and yet, with a strong show in USA, for how long could a non-profit association resist the siren call to duplicate their most significant USA success? In this case, one stumbling block is the independent nature of the two associations… yet-- for ISE-- two separate associations (three if you count the original third partner, NSCA) managed to come together when there was a big enough common goal.

We’re not expecting a trade show initiative soon, especially as the “working relationship” between Europe and USA needs some time to see if the relationship actually works. But we are indeed commenting on the judicious use by Mr. Goldberg of the phrase, “at this moment.”

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FrontFace for Touch Kiosks

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FrontFace for Touch Kiosks

The kiosk software "FrontFace for Touch Kiosks" by mirabyte helps users to create professional multimedia touch screen applications and presentation systems for use in museums and exhibitions.

mirabyte software is what is known in IT parlance as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that specializes in digital signage and kiosk software. Its standard software FrontFace for Touch Kiosks offers a software solution that allows users to easily create multimedia experiences.

The software is designed to enable users without any programming knowledge to create attractive touch screen interfaces and menus for visitor use with minimal effort. Virtually anything can be used as content without further adaptation, from videos, photos and images to PDF files and even websites. FrontFace's unique Print2Screen function even allows users to take over content from any Windows application that supports printing with just one click.

FrontFace also offers maximum flexibility with regards to hardware since the software can be run on every Windows-operated system and supports any screen resolution as well as nearly all touch screen hardware (including tablets). FrontFace automatically protects the underlying Windows OS against manipulation and damage with the integrated FrontFace Lockdown Tool.

FrontFace also offers a solid basis for complex applications and installations: Additional functions such as plug-ins can be added easily. Available plug-ins such as a quiz module or a live TV interface, plug-ins can also be developed individually. Furthermore, external systems such as lighting control, audio systems and even sensors can be integrated without difficulty; this way, models and exhibits can be incorporated to create a self-contained world of experience.

Thanks to multi-screen support, even external flat screens and projectors can easily be integrated, allowing the realization of comfortable multimedia presentation systems, also for larger visitor groups.

"FrontFace for Touch Kiosks" is available for download as a fully functional trial version on the mirabyte Website free of charge. The full version can be purchased at a cost of EUR 499.95 (plus VAT) as a permanent license with temporally unlimited use and no recurring costs. This price also includes free updates and support for one year.

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Easescreen Presents the Upgrade V9

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easescreen digital door sign

Easescreen will present more than 100 new functions and extensions with the latest version of its digital signage software easescreen V9.

One of the innovations is frame-accurate synchronization of multiple media players with an unlimited number of displays so content can be displayed on high-resolution screens without loss of quality. The Screen Manager (editing tool) features a new design and extended functions, such as data offset for creating tabular layouts easily. The additional web based user interface WebCMS allows the user to change content quickly and easily.

Numerous applications include digital door signs which help users to orient themselves quickly in buildings with many rooms. easescreen has developed an innovative door sign solution consisting of the software eSign and individual door signs. Room bookings, visitor information, paging and upcoming events are digitally displayed. Content is updated simply, automatically and in real time. The digital orientation system provides optimum guidance. At ISE easescreen presents pioneering systems, which guide people directly from A to B. “With the help of digital door sings and orientation systems organisations are able to considerably increase the quality of services for customers and employees,” says Gerhard Pichler, sales director at easescreen.

Another highlight of easescreen’s V9 is  the easescreen Video Client function. By pressing a button, customers can decide spontaneously whether they want to talk to an adviser by video conference.This is a reliable and fully equipped software client solution, which has been developed to enable high performance video communication. It can, for example, be used in the area of customer service in the form of an information terminal as a “digital adviser” and in office buildings as a “digital concierge”.

Easescreen has been translated into eight languages.

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Enplug's Digital Signage App Marketplace

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Apps, the future of software! They drive the Apple eco system... They make Google a powerhouse... And they are coveted by every smartphone, tablet and Smart TV maker.

Now there's the Enplug App Marketplace for digital signage developers and businesses.

Englug Apps Marketplace

Any developer or business can now create and integrate fully customizable apps to run on Enplug's open software network of public displays without cost or commitment. Enplug's App Marketplace also provides businesses with a suite of real-time social media, weather, news and a variety of other apps to easily and affordably drive real-time customer engagement and interactions.

"What sets Enplug apart, and what none of our competitors currently offer, is that we're intentionally built as an open platform," says Tina Denuit-Wojcik, CTO of Los Angeles-based Enplug. "Other digital signage options try to build functionality for every use case. We provide the tools to customize and build for individual business needs. By operating as an open platform, Enplug can focus less on app development and more on creating an awesome platform for others to build upon."

Currently, if a developer or business wants to build an app for any type of digital display, it requires a significant investment in time and money. Enplug's open SDK makes it so that developers only have to think about the app's functionality — not about delivering and updating it for multiple devices. Independent developers can create apps with the potential to gain exposure on public displays on thousands of Enplug screens across the world. According to the company, online services (e.g., private social networks, traffic updates, staff ratings, transportation options, loyalty programs, etc.) can easily integrate existing apps into real-time customer engagement tools and promote services, without the hassle of handling all the complexities related to the set-up and configuration process.

Waitlist Me, the fastest-growing waitlist service, is the first developer to build for the Enplug App Marketplace. Waitlist Me has helped businesses across all industries serve more than 60 million people through its cross-platform service for managing waitlists and reservations. The integration brings a powerful new benefit to restaurants and other businesses with a digital signage network. Customers can now simply glance at a screen to see their place in line instead of constantly wondering or asking how much longer they need to wait. Businesses can also access Enplug's growing number of exclusive apps to unlock real-time customer engagement on premises.

"Working with Enplug to develop and integrate Waitlist Me into its platform has been simple and intuitive," said Brian Hutchins, head of product, Waitlist Me. "This is a major milestone for both companies, as we're the first company to integrate on Enplug's open SDK and this marks the first major extension of Waitlist Me onto television screens. We're excited to offer this innovative technology to our current customers and look forward to working with Enplug to bring the app to its wide network of screens across the globe."

Existing Enplug users will be able to take advantage of the App Marketplace through access to potentially unlimited integrations. As more and more developers create apps for the platform, users and their customers will have the opportunity to use their favorite apps on premises. Any business using Enplug can create custom apps to display on screens that match its own unique branding, vision and marketing campaigns.

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ONELAN Shortlisted for InAVation 2015 Award

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ONELAN was named as a finalist for an InAVation Award in the Technology category with its Content Management System (CMS).

The CMS simplifies the creation, publication and management of digital signage content. It enables multiple users to create and release content concurrently and supports simultaneous publication of numerous channels to 1000+ devices worldwide.

With a browser-based user interface, the system is fully multilingual, including all main European and other languages.

Advanced features of the CMS include Player Local Information (PLI),Ad Hoc, drag and drop design, Scheduling, a thumbnail view of content including video in the correct orientation and Time Validity.

Winners will be selected by a public vote that is open now to all professionals working in the AV industry.

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