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New Recording & Fail-safe Features for Matrox Maevex

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Matrox Maevex

Matrox Graphics Inc. brings three important features to Matrox Maevex 5100 Series H.264 encoders/decoders that will be demonstrated for the first time at ISE 2014.

Maevex encoders will soon support high quality H.264 video recording to a network-shared drive or NAS at resolutions up to Full HD 1080p60 with zero-latency pass-through of the video and audio signals, making it ideal for medical, transportation, military and surveillance applications.

Maevex decoders will soon provide a built-in fail-safe mode to ensure that pre-recorded digital signage content will automatically play on screen in the event of a lost network connection that interrupts streaming from a Maevex encoder. Clients can store the pre-recorded image or video clip in the decoder’s internal flash memory. When network connectivity is restored, the Maevex decoder reverts to the streaming content.


Extron Announces 4K and Ultra HD Solutions

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4K and Ultra HD

Extron Electronics announces support of 4K and Ultra HD – UHD video systems that solve emerging design challenges by offering solutions for high-performance signal processing and distribution products.

Solutions include extending 4K and UHD video over a single twisted pair cable, videowall processors to leverage the high pixel density of the newest generation of displays, streaming encoders and decoders to extend 4K video over traditional network infrastructure, media players for playback of 4K content, and fiber optic distribution systems when pixel-for-pixel signal extension and switching are required in mission critical environments.

"New displays and projectors that provide 4K and UHD resolutions are being introduced every day, and AV system designers and integrators are looking for methods to support these systems," says Casey Hall, VP Sales and Marketing for Extron. "Extron has a broad range of products that provide high-performance signal extension, routing, and distribution solutions for transporting 4K and UHD digital video today and in the future."


Meet the “Willie” Bus

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Ever seen a streamlined bus? Nope, I haven’t either. Generally, they are built like boxes on wheels and have less design appeal than semi trucks and 18-wheelers.

Hang a sign or advertisement on a bus and it looks like, well, a flat sign on a boxy bus. And it’s a static message on a moving object…

So what if you could turn buses into moving real-time digital signage?

Tad Orlowski has a concept, the Willie Bus, which does just that. OK, go ahead and laugh at the name. All over?


Worldwide Distribution of 4K Moving Murals

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NanoTech Entertainment signs a worldwide distribution agreement with Epic Eye.

Under the agreement, UltraFlix (NanoTech’s streaming 4K Ultra HD service) gets 4K rights to distribute Epic Eye's Moving Murals gallery of 500 murals captured at 4K resolution-- along with any future 4K

NanoTech Entertainment is a pioneer in making 4K Ultra HD players (Nuvola brand) for consumers and businesses. Epic Eye is the parent company of Moving Murals.


Leyard Does the Frankfurt Auto Show

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Frankfurt Auto Show

Top automobile companies around the world gather together at the Frankfurt Auto Show to show the changes their latest technologies and design have brought to people's lives.

Now China display maker Leyard joins in by aiding the SMART Mercedes-Benz in the Frankfurt Auto Show.

In traditional auto shows, celebrations or stage performances, people often chose the P6 display screen, says Leyard. In recent years, high-end rental companies were choosing P4 to enhance the screen resolution because of the development of industrial technology in LED screens. But P4 is still governed by the fact that the screen is limited by the size and high resolution of the screen.

Says Leyard. “Leyard’s 1.9 HD screens have broken through the technical bottleneck, making full HD and 4K possible. Under the drive of the 4K concept within the video industry around the globe and giants in the global distribution leasing industry, the German LANG company has purchased one 4K P1.9 screen from Leyard for a top international event, and Mercedes-Benz used it at the Frankfurt Auto Show.”