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BrightSign Demonstrates 4K Advances at NAB 2014

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BrightSign XD123

BrightSign used NAB 2014 as the occasion to reveal its 4K players will support MPEG-DASH which enables high-quality streaming of media content over the Internet.

"4K opens up so many possibilities in digital signage and other industry applications, but it’s important to understand how to deploy these new 4K technologies properly," says Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO. “As BrightSign continues to expand into the 4K market, we are working with a wider range of partners and demonstrating new technology for supporting the 4K ecosystem at NAB.”

MPEG-DASH is critical when it comes to broadcasting 4K content via the Internet. The protocol takes content from standard HTTP servers and separates that content into individual segments, enabling network bandwidth optimization in real time for maximum streaming efficiency. Efficiencies are maximized because the highest possible bit rate segment will be streamed at any given time, depending on the network resources available at that time.


We Are Projection Artworks

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Projection Artworks

Projection Advertising changes its name to Projection Artworks to reflects the work they now do surpasses just advertising: event production, creative services, custom software development, custom app development …and more.

“We’re the largest video-mapping studio in London,” says Tom Burch, Managing Director. “We’ve won awards for our creative studio and worked all over the world; right now we’re working on shows in Saudi Arabia, Germany and the UK. Projection advertising is still one our services, but it doesn’t define us anymore.”


World's Largest HD LED Video Displays

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Shad Khan

The owner of the English Premier League team Fulham F.C. is Shahid "Shad" Khan, a Pakistani-born billionaire and automobile parts manufacturer (Flex-N-Gate) who lives and works in USA.

Khan's net worth is over $3.8 billion and earns him the 490th wealthiest person in the world as well as the richest person of Pakistani origin. Khan was once featured on the front cover of Forbes Magazine as “the face of the American Dream” (going from rags to riches by your own efforts).

Khan apparently enjoys the American dictum, “Think Big.”

In America, where he owns the National Football League's Jacksonville Jaguars he will partner with Daktronics to manufacture and install what it says will be the largest HD LED video displays in the world at each end zone of EverBank sports field in Florida.


For Google, Digital Signage is Another Sandbox

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Asus Chromebox

At DSE 2014, Intel's Jose Avalos, director of digital signage, embedded and communications group, told an audience that—after the release of Google's newest Chromeboxes-- the search giant will be zeroing in on digital signage.

It’s no big surprise that the Chromeboxes could be very inexpensive digital signage media players and the Chrome platform could make the back-end cheaper as well.

The trick for Chromebox is that cost is dropping lower and lower, now approaching $150. With Chrome, one web-based management console cab be used to push the content to the Chromesboxes so it can be shown on displays, which should help bring down the IT and support costs of digital signage networks.


Peerless-AV Enclosures at ISE 2014

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Peerless-AV Kiosk

Peerless-AV brought to ISE a sleek digital signage kiosk range, designed to support the latest ultra-thin LCD displays and touchscreen panels from 40” to 55”.

Whether it’s advertising, a digital directory or wayfinding, these kiosk enclosures solutions fit corporate, public transport, hospitality, education, hospital, retail store, shopping centre and other applications.

This range includes solutions for single and back-to-back floor standing portrait screens, floor standing landscape kiosks and a secure desktop mount for iPad tablets. This is further complemented by a selection of discreet on-wall and in-wall kiosks for 40” to 47” ultra-thin displays up to 57mm depth.