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Getting Started In DS: Part 2. The Creative Challenge

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This is the second part in a series about getting started in digital signage for ProAV dealers. Read the first part on our website here.

DUHIn our initial installment, we began by discussing some of the technical considerations, and the need to partner with the right technology vendors. While that’s a large subject that we’ll revisit again, even more important is learning how to effectively sell the end product.

What Dave Haynes, digital signage expert, pundit, and owner of Sixteen:Nine hears over and over from people who are on the vendor side is that when working with the AV channel, education is the huge issue. “It’s not so much a question of training with regard to ‘How do we do this?’”, he says. “It’s more to do with ‘How do we sell this?’”

Haynes’ point is that rather than lacking technical know-how, AV integrators need to learn how to frame the business opportunity, and express to prospective clients the value of digital signage and its applications, such as sales, awareness, and safety. The bottom line, says Haynes is what can be done with it that will generate real ROI, both for the dealer, and for their client.


Auto Dealership Goes for Sunlight-Readable Display

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It’s no secret that auto dealerships need digital signage—and that their needs can be both outside as well as inside the dealership.

The power of display is its ability to share information is a consistent, understandable methodology (that a potential customer can even control if a touchscreen is involved.) That's why customers for BMW Approved Used Cars in the UK are now able to engage more closely with authorised dealer product offerings thanks to a combo of interactive screens and Touch247 interactive software being offered by Flipside Group and their AV arm, Visionpoint Technologies Ltd.

Let’s take Vines Group’s authorised dealerships in Guildford, UK as an example.


Happjo Handles EEX Corporate TV

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happjoEEX uses Happjo's Digital Signage software for its Corporate TV. The channel runs on a screen at the entrance hall and features news, market data and events.

EEX Corporate TV uses a number of Happjo's modules (Happlets). It displays news and a market data ticker tape in real-time using a news Happlet streaming from live RSS feeds. The pdf and movie Happlets show further company information directly from pdf and video files.

Katrin Berken, EEX Communications Manager, says since Happjo works with layers presented content is easily adjustable and switches quickly between different presentations and news.

Go Digital View Launches “Digital Signage in a Box”

Four new screens at the Eiffel Tower

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Customer Profile:

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most visited monuments in the world and attracts around seven million visitors each year.

With an increasing number of visitors, the SETE wanted to improve the digital signage and provide better services to its customers.