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Absen Flying High with Airport Solutions

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Clear Channel Norway

Absen European Managing Director Ruben Rengel calls it "one of the most accomplished digital signage solutions in a European Airport to-date.”

The three large-scale airport screens in Norway (Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim) fortify the relationship between Absen Europe and Clear Channel Norway (CCN), a leading Scandinavian out-of-home advertising company, who have opted for Absen solutions on several other installations in Norway.

Utilising Absen’s AI03 3.9mm pixel pitch panels, an impressive 57 square metre screen was recently installed in the luggage arrival hall in Stavanger airport (Sola) on the west coast; another 20 square metre screen was deployed in Bergen (Flesland) in the departure lounge, while a seven square metre screen was fitted in the luggage arrival zone in Trondheim airport, Værnes.

Content on each screen is run by a computer and a special graphic card with four DVI outputs.

“The Stavanger installation in particular was a wish from CCN to install a high resolution, high impact screen for the end user, in an attempt to satisfy and attract high profile advertisers,” commented Rengel. “The 57 square metre screen not only gives a great opportunity for advertisers to get their message across, it serves as a fantastic reference for CCN expertise in providing state of the art digital signage solutions.”

Although CCN has contracts with seven airports in Norway for digital signage solutions, LCD has traditionally been the panel of choice for the installers. That is, until CCN discovered the potential of Absen’s LED panels. “Image quality on the screen is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve seen in the world,” says Jonas Michael, Head of Digital Development and Operations at Clear Channel Norway.

“We have tested a lot of brands and we realised that Absen had one of the best quality LED panels on the market at a price that is competitive, so the decision to deploy LED screens of various sizes for these airport projects was a no brainer.”

As several car manufacturers and oil industry companies had already lined up to advertise on the large 57sqm screen in Stavanger Airport, the pressure was on CCN to find a panel of the highest quality within its budget constraints.

Just as important for CCN, however, was reliability. One of the methods with which Absen has enabled CCN to enjoy such peace of mind is by developing a SNMP (single network management protocol) monitoring solution. The monitoring protocol - which counts 3500 digital assets in Norway (switches routers, internet connectors, panels, screens) - gives information about LED panel failure, heat emission, and other such panel statistics which are then sent to the CCN remote monitoring server.

“The Absen LED panels are not just well performing, they offer reliability as standard - and we can prove it with Absen’s SNMP system,” commented Michael. “Because we can see that the failure rate of the LED panels are extremely low, its makes CCN even more confident in investing in the Absen brand. The SNMP is a great example of Absen’s capacity to listen to feedback and come back with even better solutions. To be able to count on such a level of performance and reliability gives us peace of mind.”

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Banking on Digital Signage Solutions

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BCI Bank

The leading bank in Chile recently opted for a Wavetec digital signage solution to improve corporate communication at their training academy.

BCI Bank, Chile is a prestigious bank with over 300 branches across the country. As part of continuous employee training, learning and development, BCI Bank Academy was established.

For the bank’s Academy, it’s a daily challenge to promote corporate values and disseminate BCI leadership culture to employees. BCI requested a versatile and flexible solution for collaboration that could allow its employees to modify and update the canvas data displayed on the installed displays.

Wavetec installed several digital signage solutions: stepping into the Bank Academy, employees see a 4×1 video wall consisting of four 46” professional displays with 5mm thick frames, where daily and weekly activities and time schedule can be viewed.

The solution allows information to be updated by the BCI Bank’s employees when required. An entire wall displays a large timeline graphic, which presents the bank’s history in a creative and illustrative way.

BCI Bank wall

Wavetec also installed an ultra short-throw projector to screen media content at a distance of 11.8” from the wall, and with a projection size of 100 inches. This installation will broadcast the ongoing projects and people involved with BCI Bank in the form of changeable content on a daily basis.

To enable management to get an easy and direct access to feedback from those attending BCI Bank Academy, Wavetec added two 55” touch displays. Employees can digitally type their comments and opinions about the training experience on each screen.

Lastly, Wavetec installed three professional 40” displays for continuous use, all across the academy, where a combination of media content are broadcast such as the Bank’s corporate channel.

Due to the Academy’s specific need, the Digital Signage solution is centrally managed by Wavetec’s Donatello Suite* software, which refers to specialized technical support service that remains attentive to Academia BCI’s demands.

Headquartered in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, Wavetec has other offices in in Barcelona, Karachi, Lima, London, Nairobi, Riyadh & Santiago. After more than two decades of innovation, Wavetec enjoys a presence in over 70 countries with its information display solutions installed at 22 leading financial markets around the world.

Wavetec is ISO 9001:2008 certified, a Microsoft Gold certified partner, and a business partner for IBM and Cisco. Wavetec offers customized solutions, especially in transforming customer service areas in diverse industries such as stock exchanges, brokerage houses, airlines, mass transit, retail, banks, entertainment, and healthcare. Customers include BCI Bank, Interbank, Barclays, Emirates Airlines, Tesco, and LIDL Germany.

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ONELAN Breaks the Ice at GoSaariselkä

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GoSaariselkä saw a need to display information relating to its tourist services and activities. Located in northern Lapland, Saariselkä in Finland is a popular tourist destination, providing activities such as skiing, hiking and spa.

ONELAN at GoSaariselka

Why digital signage

GoSaariselkä wanted a display solution capable of operating in very challenging conditions where artic temperatures may drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Avek Esitysratkaisut Ltd. was chosen to provide a kiosk solution that could be callled "the most northern touch info screen in the world." 

What is installed

Two ONELAN Net top box (NTB) 630 media players are installed driving two 46" portrait screens on a two-sided kiosk (one side features a touch screen).

Benefits of installing digital signage

By ordering both the equipment and configured software from the same provider, the risk of any problems occurring has been minimised. It has also enabled the system to be installed very quickly, essential when the temperatures are so cold. The kiosk worked instantly-- eliminating any need to restart the system in freezing conditions.


As ONELAN has a large customer base, GoSaariselkä knows software will be kept regularly updated. ONELAN's system is easy to deploy and Go Saariselkä also wanted the ability to divide the content into many different zones. The client also apperciates  the automatic software updates.

The result

"The kiosk has now been in operation for a year. On the few occasions we have needed ONELAN technical support, we have been helped at short notice. If we could improve anything, the user interface could be modified to be even easier to use. Overall, I can recommend ONELAN to everyone who needs a digital signage solution. In our opinion, ONELAN is the best software for such kiosk information systems," says GoSaariselkä.

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Wavetec: BCI Bank Revamps Customer Experience

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Based in Chile, BCI is a financial institution with a workforce of 10,500 people and more than 300 banking centers.

BCI logoWith the goal of implementing new strategies to enhance customers’ and clients’ experience (and in turn BCI’s interaction with its stakeholders), the banker opted for Donatello, Wavetec’s digital signage solution.

Within the project’s framework, a number of 32 and 55 inches screens were set up in different BCI branches. Each of these TVs is now wired to a Donatello through an HDMI cable that allows HD content reception. A central web server wired to every device through a LAN or WiFi connection is responsible for the screens’ administrative operations.

Content programming and management are carried out from Donatello Suite software, easily installed and executed in any Windows laptop. The screens content is then customized combining a variety a modules such as date and time, the weather, TV programmes, and even social networks.

The project includes the set-up of 260 screens during the first stage (until July 2014) to progressively reach all the institution's offices.  

BCI branch


Engagement opportunities. BCI has now a new tool to devise an enjoyable experience for its customers and clients in a physical environment, one used to build customer relations and to impact business outcomes.   

Easy installation and maintenance. If a Donatello Player needs replacement, any company representative is in a position to plug in the new equipment. The application starts working automatically.

Central management.  The system of central management  controls all screens from one point and allows the creation of user profiles (and the granting of content uploading as well as content approval permissions).

Ideal customizing options. The content modules are designed on a flexible canvas, so there is room to add BCI's own regular content institution information, the weather, date and time, social network postings, and live TV)  as well as the inclusion of BCI's ad hoc communication needs (unanticpated announcements, breaking news etc) as well. This tool can additionally be integrated to the waiting line management system.

BCI barnch2

Advantages in costs. Donatello has been developed on the Android platform for significant savings in acquisition as well as software license updating. As well, the solution does not call for heavy hardware investment, thus enabling scalable project execution.

Working in more than 60 countries, Wavetec has a track record on providing solutions aimed at building valuable experiences within the service area, not only for consumers but also for organizations such as Interbank, Barclays, Emirates Airlines, Tesco, LIDL Germany, and Chilexpress

Their distinction in the development of digital signage is their merger of waiting line management systems, and experience measurement to make a full solution in industries such as retail, banking, or health.

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Digital Signage at Christie Wins Silver DSE Apex Award

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West Wing

Christie leaves Digital Signage Expo on a high note, with a Silver Apex award under the Business, Industry and Government category for its digital signage display of Christie MicroTiles in the company’s own new West Wing building expansion.

The display in its corporate office in Canada intersects technology, architecture and artistic design. Working with Arsenal Media, SRM Architects and rp Visual Solutions, it features sophisticated architectural integration and a unique technology solution to drive the 70Mpx creative canvas created for the company’s Artist-In-Residence Programme and other content development partners.

At the DSE awards ceremony, several Christie products were featured in partners’ winning entries. The Apex awards honour innovation in the development and deployment of technology in the global digital out-of-home networks (DOOH) industry, while the Content awards honour innovative and compelling content created for digital signage in the DOOH networks.