NanoLumens Adds Intelligent Display Platform

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AWARE diagram

NanoLumens' AWARE is a cloud-based digital display platform that combines real-time diagnostics, media playback, and a variety of internal and third party-developed apps into one integrated system-- accessible through a single portal from anywhere in the world.

It’s a software-as-a-service enabled hardware platform that seamlessly combines your diagnostics and support functions with the ability to choose a variety of apps, services, and content source—and it’s accessible through one portal from anywhere in the world by leveraging Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Google Android OS, and Amazon Web Services.

According to NanoLumens VP Corporate Development Nate Remmes, AWARE addresses the growing industry need for a simpler solution that eliminates hardware within a complex eco-system while allowing third party developers to create the next generation apps that will make displays more engaging, useful, and accountable.

“NanoLumens is doing for digital signage what Apple did for the smartphone,” Remmes says. “AWARE marks the debut of the industry’s first complete eco-system that instantly makes displays a more compelling investment by addressing some of the major challenges we have faced as an industry — accountability, reliability, and simplicity.”

At the same time, AWARE constitutes a strategic move by NanoLumens to differentiate itself from of its LED competitors.

“Our software-enabled hardware creates a path that gives customers and partners a more useful solution for the entire lifecycle of their displays,” Remmes continues. “AWARE is a win-win for the entire industry — customers, developers, marketers, and consumers. Everyone benefits from the development of this platform.”

According to Vishu Rao, NanoLumens Director of Software Services and Platforms, “AWARE has a one-of-kind IoT product design built for the information display world. It brings together high-powered cutting-edge processing, the most popular operating platform, best-in-class cloud services, remote access, mobility sensors, content media services, and a handpicked third party app marketplace into an intelligent visualization portal.”

Rao added, “With AWARE’s architecture, display interfaces across the world can now quickly deploy interactive and connected experiences that were extremely difficult to deploy before, due to the fragmented nature of currently available technology.”

AWARE combines hardware, services, and software into one integrated solution that can be purchased and embedded in a display or as a stand-alone add-on to an existing display. The core applications available at launch include a built-in media, weather, sports, news, HTML 5, social media, and audience measurement.

Although agnostic and continuing to look for premier partners throughout the industry, today’s applications have been developed through NanoLumens’ partnerships with Admobilize, Gimbal, Navori, and Screenfeed.

NanoLumens insists AWARE’s API based remote diagnostic capabilities are the most robust ever developed for the industry. “We built our system on APIs because we want to make sure that we are adaptable to existing AV eco-systems while giving our AV integrator and service providers a wholly useful tool,” Remmes emphasizes.

“We understand that our partners have a greater opportunity for choice in LED and we want to make sure we are providing them with a solution that is easier to manage, easier to deploy, and provides more value to the end user.”

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