Sell Your IntuiFace Experiences in The Marketplace

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IntuiFace Marketplace

The IntuiFace Marketplace contains fully functional interactive experiences that can be downloaded, run and reused for free. These experiences are listed on the Marketplace tab of the Experiences panel in IntuiFace Player or Composer.

Marketplace samples can be used as inspiration or as a starting point for building your own projects. They are fully customizable, illustrating various application domains and multiple ways of using IntuiFace features.

The IntuiFace Marketplace enables content creators to either sell or give away for free their content to the IntuiFace community.

As a seller, you choose the price and earn 70% each time an experience is sold.

IntuiFace users come from all over the world (more than 120 countries), and you can reach new potential customers by promoting your IntuiFace Marketplace experiences and winning new contracts.

Whether to use the free(mium) model to attract more users or to sell to earn revenue - that's up to you…

To list your IntuiFace experiences on the Marketplace, you must be logged into your IntuiFace account and a paid IntuiFace customer.

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