AOPEN Reveals Engine Core 650

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Engine Core 650

AOPEN Engine Core 650 is a 19" enclosure which accommodates multiple Digital Engine systems for better and more secure storage-- and it can also accommodate Digital Engine-sized KVM switch and RDM.

The Engine Core 650 supports up to 7 systems, 6 if an RDM is included. Incorporating the RDM secures the power supply to all systems within a single Engine Core, while also handling cooling and reporting if an error occurs. The construction allows for integration into any cabinet following the industrial 19” standard.

Stephen Borg, Corporate Director at AOPEN, says it’s ideal for heavy duty surveillance and digital signage control.

Its size (only 4U high), dust filter, two heavy duty fans and universal sliding rail mount make it easy to incorporate in most server environments. It also features a lockable front door and a securable top lid, enhancing the tamper-proof design.

The Engine Core 650 is also part of the AOPEN Digital Security Platform (DSP), using the Milestone Xprotect VMS.

Milestone, a leader in open platform IP video management software, has partnered with AOPEN to offer its XProtect VMS product suite to customers. AOPEN’s compact, industrial grade hardware has enabled Milestone to offer a flexible, modular solution for professional video surveillance.

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