MEDIA MEA Totems Juggle Art and Ruggedness

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MEDi Digital Totem

Beautiful things aren’t always fragile. (Think WWF’s Stacy Ann-Marie Keible.)

The MEDi Digital Totem looks like a work of art, but has an industrial heart. It’s designed, engineered and manufactured to handle the bumps, knocks and spills that are part of busy public settings like malls, larger retailers, airports, campuses and convention centers.

With a full HD 47-inch or 55-inch interactive display totems in the middle of the action, any public place can help people find their way, look up info information, get directions and learn about promotions and offers.

MEDi totem can be custom-branded and color-keyed to your exacting specifications.

With a Corning Gorilla Glass protective face, IP66 waterproofing, and rugged structural materials, MEDi Digital Totems are sturdy and built to last--and yet-- like “Super Stacey”-- will stay beautiful.

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