Signagelive Launches Global Training Programme

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Signagelive announces a formal training programme, with general and specific aspects.

With their questionnaire form, they can ensure every individual training session is tailored to specific needs. What’s more, it will be recorded so you can share internally within the organization-- or re-use for new starters.

The programme includes:

-120 minutes of dedicated time for you and up to 9 individuals in your organisation, carried out on the web.

-Your personal questionnaire to tailor the session specifically to you

-A recording of the training will be sent to all requested individuals

Typical questions that can be asked and answered:

  • How do I create a menu board layout in Signagelive?
  • Can I give access to a store manager for them to change part of the content?
  • How do I set up an IPTV stream to work with Signagelive and my other digital signage content?

This web-based training is now available at MSRP £280 / $400 / €360 for 120 minute tailored session.

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