Pyramid's polytouch Improves Traveller Experience at Fraport

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Interactive Airport Desks

Fraport AG, the operator of Frankfurt Airport, now makes full use of Interactive Airport Desks by by Cosalux GmbH and based on the integrated polytouch solution* from Pyramid Computer GmbH.

For travellers, customer-specific and personalised information drawn from six guidance databases in real time can be easily retrieved from any of the Interactive Airport Desks. Users simply scan their paper flight ticket or the ticket QR code displayed on their smartphone to receive travel information regarding itinerary changes, flight delays and gate changes, in addition to direct guidance to their departure gate.

A key practical benefit of the personalised information transfer is the automatic language detection feature, whereby passengers are automatically greeted and receive relevant information in their own language.

The software embedded in the solution was made by infsoft - a specialist in indoor navigation and positioning system services. It is based on an existing digital 2D/3D map that the company created previously for the Frankfurt Airport app, which digitally covers an area of over one million square meters, some 1,000 points of interest and 30 km of routes.

Aside from the immediate traveller benefits, each 46-inch interactive display also creates opportunities for digital signage and retail advertising.

polytouch’s modular design enables seamless integration of peripherals such as printers, scanners and payment devices. Based on projected capacitive touch (PCT) technology that allows surface-flush installation, polytouch is highly user-friendly and offers numerous customised solutions possibilities.

When pilot operation is complete, a double-digit number of additional Interactive Airport Desks will be installed at central points. Cosalux is working on an interface with a mobile app that provides coupons, among other things, and is intelligently linked to points/awards schemes by referencing passengers' scanned-in personal data. Customer groups can also be clustered together based on gender and age data to deliver highly targeted advertising to specific audiences.


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