V-Towers, Portable LED Screen Support

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The V-Tower is a four-legged, insect-looking video tower --and when completely erected, the bottom of the screen can reach as high as 3 meters (10 feet).


At almost 2 meters (6.5 ft) high and 78.7cm (31 inches) wide in its stowed position, the V-Tower’s small footprint allows for standard doorway entries and can even fit the ride on elevators. It probably fits into spaces you probably never thought of putting an LED screen.

Designed for easy set up (about 8 minutes), it’s used in USA mainly for the rental and staging industry. “It’s important to remember V-Towers were not created to replace mega screens. It’s a portable LED screen support system that opens up new possibilities,” says the maker, Upstage Video.

The maker suggests you use it at concerts and festivals, parades and rallies, TV broadcasting, experiential marketing events—and outdoor events. For example, in Europe when World Cup season comes and everyone is rolling out screens.

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