OVAB Europe Becomes DSF Europe

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Digital Signage Federation

OVAB Europe signs a working relationship with Digital Signage Federation (DSF) and will soon start operating as DSF Europe, an independent affiliate of the Digital Signage Federation.

By unifying efforts in USA with Europe, both organizations hope to benefit from an enlarged sphere of influence.

DSF Europe will maintain its own budget and annual agenda, participate in worldwide event and initiative planning, and have a seat on the DSF Board of Directors. This implicitly means the relationship is not an acquisition or merger but rather a cooperation (hence, the “working relationship” identified in the press release.)

This affiliation acknowledges the global nature of digital signage activity and the need for an industry association on a similar scale. It is expected to help drive DSF membership and participation in both No. America and Europe where many multi-national companies already do business, provide education, professional development and programming support for those organizations seeking to invest in or become more active in the digital signage sector.

Dirk Huelsermann

Dirk Huelsermann, president of OVAB Europe, who has chaired the association since its inception said, “Our Board of Directors believes strongly that working closely with the Digital Signage Federation will allow us to build on a strong foundation to expedite the growth of DSF Europe. This affiliation will allow us to offer members additional educational and professional development opportunities and become a much more inclusive trade organization.”

Ken Goldberg, CEO, Real Digital Media, and immediate past chairman of the Digital Signage Federation said, “Just as DSF filled a void with its inception six years ago, now is the right time to unify industry advocacy and advancement around the world. Establishing DSF Europe is just the start. Our objective is to increase opportunities and visibility for members doing business in the digital signage space, regardless of geographic location.”

Goldberg also said DSF and DSF Europe have no plans to start additional trade shows at the moment, with Digital Signage Expo continuing to serve as the primary trade show of both organizations. DSE 2016 is held in Las Vegas.

The key phrase might be “at the moment.” Obviously ISE serves the European market (as well as many other expos like Viscom, FESPA, Retail Digital Signage Expo etc) and it also has the successful Digital Signage Summit with invidis consulting. (The OVAB is a sponsor of the yearly Digital Signage Summit Europe.)

It’s pretty tough going to launch an event when there is no vacuum… and yet, with a strong show in USA, for how long could a non-profit association resist the siren call to duplicate their most significant USA success? In this case, one stumbling block is the independent nature of the two associations… yet-- for ISE-- two separate associations (three if you count the original third partner, NSCA) managed to come together when there was a big enough common goal.

We’re not expecting a trade show initiative soon, especially as the “working relationship” between Europe and USA needs some time to see if the relationship actually works. But we are indeed commenting on the judicious use by Mr. Goldberg of the phrase, “at this moment.”

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