Easescreen Presents the Upgrade V9

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easescreen digital door sign

Easescreen will present more than 100 new functions and extensions with the latest version of its digital signage software easescreen V9.

One of the innovations is frame-accurate synchronization of multiple media players with an unlimited number of displays so content can be displayed on high-resolution screens without loss of quality. The Screen Manager (editing tool) features a new design and extended functions, such as data offset for creating tabular layouts easily. The additional web based user interface WebCMS allows the user to change content quickly and easily.

Numerous applications include digital door signs which help users to orient themselves quickly in buildings with many rooms. easescreen has developed an innovative door sign solution consisting of the software eSign and individual door signs. Room bookings, visitor information, paging and upcoming events are digitally displayed. Content is updated simply, automatically and in real time. The digital orientation system provides optimum guidance. At ISE easescreen presents pioneering systems, which guide people directly from A to B. “With the help of digital door sings and orientation systems organisations are able to considerably increase the quality of services for customers and employees,” says Gerhard Pichler, sales director at easescreen.

Another highlight of easescreen’s V9 is  the easescreen Video Client function. By pressing a button, customers can decide spontaneously whether they want to talk to an adviser by video conference.This is a reliable and fully equipped software client solution, which has been developed to enable high performance video communication. It can, for example, be used in the area of customer service in the form of an information terminal as a “digital adviser” and in office buildings as a “digital concierge”.

Easescreen has been translated into eight languages.

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