Murideo Shows Prisma for Image Fidelity at ISE 2016

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Murideo’s Prisma is a highly advanced single-in single-out video processor. Other processors might have similar features individually, says the maker… “but none of them can do it all like the Prisma.”

The Prisma’s 17x17x17 3D LUT and PrismaVue technology give the user control over image fidelity.

The Prisma combines two very powerful image processing technologies - a 3D Cube Lookup Table and the PrismaVue.

The PrismaVue is similar to what is found in most image processing applications like Adobe Photoshop. It provides much higher quality sharpening than a simple sharpness control on a television. Through three simple controls, it can enhance edges, give clarity or soften video compression artifacts.


The 3D LUT is widely used both by video professionals and by videophiles to enhance and correct colors in their digital workflow. .

The Prisma implements an industry standard 3D Cube Lookup Table (3D LUT) for accurate color adjustments. The cube can be used for color accuracy, color enhancement, or for color matching. For color accuracy, 3rd party software can be used to create calibration tables that are loaded onto the Prisma. For enhancement, you select one of the pre-installed tables for better movies and sports modes. For video professionals that have libraries of 3D lookup tables, these exact tables can be loaded onto the Prisma.

The Prisma is fully controllable through its built-in web server. This lets you select Cube and USM tables and settings directly from any web browser-- including smart phones and tablets.

For video production, the Prisma can load common 3D LUT tables for reproducing specific looks and adjusting raw footage colors.

For digital signage, the Prisma can accurately match colors between panels.

For control and automation, the Prisma features a modern built-in web server and http API.

Supported by SpectraCal – CalMAN (Ultimate, Professional, ISF, Studio,Enthusiast), Light Illusion - Light Space and Argyle color management software packages.

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