Google Takes Another Look at Google Glass

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Google Glass

Google Glass is back and this time it will be foldable (shown in a filing published with America’s FCC) and all business.

Google “retired the original Google Glass” for consumers in early 2015 but promised to rework its smart eyeglasses for businesses. While they had a chic appeal, many people felt the product to be an intrusion in public privacy.

The research and development of this commercial version of Google Glass is under Project Aura, run by Tony Fadell, the co-founder of connected home device company Nest (bought by Google in 2014).

While it is said to have been improved as well as made foldable, the Google Glass “enterprise” version sure looks like the same glasses Google founder Sergey Brin wore when he was drumming up publicity for his consumer prototype.

There is a bigger difference, though. Through the Glass at Work program, Google is recruiting developers to design commercial applications for the device.

And here is where we come in: certified partners will be authorized to distribute Glass (along with these new applications) when the re-designed Google Glass technology becomes commercially available. Eyeglasses may be a window on the world, but these eyeglasses could be your in-road into AR and VR applications for your customers.

Watch Fortune’s Video Showing the Folding-Up Google Glass Version

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