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Wize Airport

With their range of mounting solutions for audio-video installations, Wize is flying high with success in the airport vertical.

What does it take to crack the airport market? According to Eric Backus, Sales & Marketing Director at Wize, “Quality, reliability, pleasant appearance, safety of application in crowded places… and the ability to install displays and panels at any height and angle, with the possibility of combining them into video walls of various configurations and the ability to create almost unlimited digital signage systems.”

The range of solutions is one of the more important factors.

For the equipment of arrivals and departures, Wize offers wall multi-display Menu Board systems (WMP47/WML47, WMP55/WML55, WMP65/WML65). These mounts are used with 40” to 65” diagonals displays and panels in landscape or portrait orientation. The mounts provide possibility of post-installation 15° forth and 5° back tilt. Securing screws locks release latch ensure safety and theft protection.

The check-in area is the most important area in the airport. This is the place where passenger starts his journey and it is important to give him the correct information from the very first minute at the airport. The information should be as easy for access as possible from any point in the room. As a solution for these purposes Wize offers CML and ?MP series ceiling in-line multi-display systems* for 26” to 65” diagonal displays with back-to-back configuration.

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Check-in desks are usually equipped with small single displays that can be both wall- or ceiling-mounted. For the wall method of installation it is supposed to use Wize T37 tilting mounts for 13" to 37" displays. If the installation of a larger display is needed, Wize T46 tilting mount would be in point.

Low-profile Wize T37 and Wize T46 mounts can to be mounted at 4 cm distance from the wall and adjusted of 15° forward and 5° back for a variety of viewing angles. Makes a secure installation quick and easy, simply hang the screen and turn the pre-assembled securing screw to lock in place.

For the ceiling installation, Wize offers C3760A, C3736A, C37XT, C6360A mounting kits for 13” to 63” diagonal displays. These kits include VESA screen adapter, adjustable extension column and structural ceiling adapter for mounting on a single joist. Continuous tilt of 20° forward, 360° rotation, possibility of landscape or portrait orientation provide perfect screen positioning. Ceiling mount kit Wize C37XT also has possibility of 90° extreme tilt which allows to mount the display perpendicular to floor. Wize C37XT can mount the display to the false ceiling.

In meeting points, lounge areas, QSR and restaurants, shops it is convenient to use ceiling mount systems for 2 to 4 displays. In this case Wize product line offers DS63, DSD63 and DSM63 premium mounts as a solution. Despite the flight information, these mount systems are also useful for advertisement.

Wize DS63 is a dual screen ceiling mounted monitor system for 37 to 63" displays in portrait and landscape orientation. Smooth tilt adjustment of 15° forward and 5° back for a variety of viewing angles. Ceiling mounted monitor system DSD63 for 4 32"–63" displays consists of two dual back to back universal assemblies mounted vertically above one another. Kit includes extension column and heavy duty structural ceiling interface. Each assembly of DS63 and DSD63 may be rotated 360º about the extension column and tilted up to 15°, to achieve any required angle.

DM63 is a ceiling kit for mounting 4 37"-63" displays. Includes four mounting modules, pipe drop and heavy duty ceiling adapter.DSM63 provides a perfect view from any point in the room.

Duty free shops, bars and restaurants often use video walls for advertising which contribute to airport profit.

Flexible Wize solutions can be used as any existing type of video wall: ceiling mounted (VWC47, VWC60), wall mounted (VW46G2, VWP46G2), floor to wall mounted (VWFW47, VWFW60), floor to ceiling mounted (VWFC47, VWFC60). Premium quality modular video wall constructions for 40” – 60” make selection of video wall solution quick and easy. To complete the solution you just have to know diagonal of the displays.

Floor to wall (VWFW47, VWFW60) and floor to ceiling (VWFC47, VWFC60) video wall systems give a possibility to mount almost unlimited quantity of displays. Constructions are flexible to adjust (vertically, horizontally, forth and back). VWC, VWFC and VWFW also have a possibility of lateral shift with the help of adjustable length extension columns which makes the installation easier and allows using one video wall in different installations with displays of different sizes.

Multifunctional wall systems VW46G2 and VWP46G2 can be used for video walls of any configuration, even irregular ones. They are usually used for creative design purposes, for example, as art objects, that more often can be found in airports. The unique Push in – Pop out™ technology allows a single display to be accessed without any disruption to the rest of the matrix.

When installation on the wall or ceiling is not possible (or for informing passengers about goods and services in small restaurants and shops), Wize offers airports its heavy duty mobile cart Wize M90 for LCD displays larger than 60”. Due to an advanced adjustment system, Wize M90 provides optimum view and moves easily on any surface.

All the Wize mounts and kits include pre-sorted hardware pack, integrated cable management and provide easy installation and possibilities of post-installation adjustments without the use of tools.

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