Edbak: There's a Growing Need for Indoor Information

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Edbak Infokiosks

It’s no secret the growth of the “new way of working” (authored mainly by those always-on millennials), smart buildings and internet has created the perfect storm for the sales growth of infokiosks, those indoor totems that supply visitors and staff with the necessary information. In addition to “digital directories,” these infokiosks are used for wayfinding, weather and security news, commercial messages, digital signage, and even advice on local transport.

The trend will only accelerate as we see the unfolding of the Internet of Everything, with new buildings like the Edge in Amsterdam sporting 23,000 sensors in its ceiling alone. More and more information will be there, ready to share.

"Our indoor totems are setting new internal sales records each month," notes Gregory Bak, international sales director at Edbak.

Edbak, from its base in Central Europe, in Poland, provides a wide range of infokiosks for integrators who serve corporate and vertical markets.

"I think we can all agree that digital signage is mostly about customization and differentiation. Almost every project is a somehow different that the other. Dimensions, design, color schemes are really important when talking about totems and enclosures," adds Bak.

"As we produce everything in our premises in Poland we can ensure really good delivery terms and production flexibility, which is really important when working with custom projects. Our very modern, constantly modernized machine park and skilled personnel is what give us the necessary edge."

Edbak also makes video wall mounts, monitor trolleys and stands, display brackets, desk mounts, indoor and outdoor enclosures, and their latest product group – POS mounts, designed for use by retail chains.

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