Barix SoundScape for Business Music & Advertising

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Let’s call it audio digital signage.

Audio over IP pioneer Barix is now shipping SoundScape, its live and scheduled streaming service that allows audio content providers to centrally manage and distribute branded music and advertising over IP networks.

Barix Managing Director Frank Frederiksen is bullish on the benefits that an integrated Audio over IP platform can bring to in-store radio, which has long been plagued by complex, computer-based architectures or highly expensive satellite platforms

SoundScape lets businesses dump these more complex and expensive systems used for in-store radio. Service providers can quickly launch a SoundScape service with a subscription and IP audio players at each end location, and immediately start reliably delivering music and advertising to restaurants, stores, hotels and public facilities.

The upfront “pay as you go” price model, along with SoundScape’s scalability, also ensures attainable long-term expansion goals are reachable while maintaining overall low total cost of ownership. Advanced features (which include dynamic ad insertion for each location) enable new revenue generating streams and can accelerate return on investment.

SoundScape eliminates the complex integration of many different components to deliver branded audio to customers. The quick and easy deployment is a win for systems integrators, who can now singularly focus on a centralized integration strategy for in-store radio and other audio over IP delivery platforms. SoundScape brings together integrated audio distribution, remote device management, dynamic content scheduling, system-wide reporting and monitoring, hierarchical user management and high-quality, multi-format audio playout using Barix’s rock-solid Exstreamer SoundScape IP audio players.

“With nearly two decades of experience designing professional IP audio decoders, we observed the challenges that systems integrators experienced when combining many disparate components from multiple vendors—and how costly these systems were to maintain over the long term,” says Joan Anton Parilla, product manager, Barix. “We also saw a potential for new features to ease maintenance efforts and related costs, which are a major problem in the industry. We have worked diligently on these enhancements to ensure a fully developed, integrated solution for integrators and service providers.”

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